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High school love 2

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Cass thought, all her friends and her boyfriend, and even her ex-boyfriend was going to stay by her side. But she thought wrong. With a new girl changing everything in Cass's life, Cass is determined to win everything back. Since the new girl started it off with a lie, Cass will end it with the truth.

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Picky boy

1 month later...........

" Why do I still love after-school activities,” Annabelle asks as she lay down on the grass.

" Maybe it’s the fact that it's AFTER-school activities” Linda answered for her chuckling.

" One score for you Linda, any other possible answers Cass,” She asked me.

" No” I answered.

" Hm, you're correct also, one score for you too, why are you all so smart my students?” Annabelle teased.

" Maybe it’s because we know our teacher so well” Linda states.

Annabelle nodded and giggled standing up from the grass.

" Mhm" I paused. "It’s 2:30, I think the boys are done basketball practice,” I say looking at the time on my phone. I tucked it back in my pocket.

" When did you start to keep track of time?” Annabelle teased.

" Since I started to want to get home early to eat some snacks” I lied.

Actually, It’s been a month since Jake and I started dating. It still hurts that I haven’t told them yet since Jake still insists we date in secret first after he had broken it off with Tiffany. At first, I insisted then I allowed us to date as a public couple but he thought dating in private was ok. Up till now I still don’t know.

" You could have just bought some candy from the candy cart, it’s always there you know” Linda suggests as we enter back into the school going into the gymnasium.

" Nah, I don’t have money” I lied.

" Oh really, then borrow some” Annabelle suggests.

" No, I’m ok,” I say as we enter the gymnasium, the strong scent of sweat hitting our noses.

" YUCK” Annabelle gags to the strong scent that hits our nose.

" I think you should get used to the smell by now,” I roll my eyes.

" UGH, no, It’s always so strong,” Annebelle groans again taking her perfume from her purse about to spray.

" Um,” A voice says behind us.

We turn around to see the boys who looked like they had just gotten out of the shower. They all had towels on their head trying to dry their head and Jake and Lucas had towels around their neck.

" You girls waiting for us?” Rick asks after he hugged Linda.

" Yes, I was thinking about going to Starbucks afterward,” Linda told Rick.

" oh yeah,” Rick hangs his towel on his neck.” but I think going to Starbucks in the morning is much more fun”

" Too bad, I want Starbucks in the afternoon” Linda stuck out her tongue.

We laughed at Linda’s childish behavior.

" Want to go anywhere?” Lucas asks Annabelle who was still busy with her spray and rejected a hug and a kiss from Lucas.

" No....or yes if you want to go,” Annabelle says as we start to get out of the gymnasium with the boys behind us.

" Where are you going then?” Lucas asks.

" Library, for my essay,” Annabelle sighs sadly.

" I’m out, but I can drop you off tho” Lucas suggests.

"No, I have to go with my sister” Annabelle sighs again.

" Oh well I guess I’m going to be alone this afternoon,” I lied and sighed so they could believe me.

" Seems like it” Jake smirked at me and eyed me from the corner. I smiled and looked forward right away.

" Ya’ll go ahead. I’ll catch up later” Jax starts heading the other way.

" Where are you going?” Jake asks.

" Catherine,” He winks waving us goodbye.

" I guess love does really change people” I sigh again.

" Yup, if you found one, you’ll change too,” Annabelle says.

I turned and take a quick peek at Jake to see his reaction. He smiled my way. I shrugged.

" Hm, Let’s go to Starbucks real quick Linda, I have some business to deal with at home,” Rick states dragging Linda along with him before she could say anything.

" Bye,” She waves following behind Rick like a puppy.

" How much does Linda cost?” Annabelle asks dumbly.

" Dunno, About 1 cent” I played along.

Annabelle laughed.” If Linda costs 1 cent then how much do I cost?

" You’re for free” I laughed.

" HAHA, a good one,” Annabelle said annoyed.

" C’mon I’m joking” I nudge.

Annabelle rolled her eyes.

" To make you feel better, Let’s go right now to your house, you kidnap your sister while I grab some snacks from your mom, then I drop you both at the library,” Lucas says taking away Annabelle to his side.

" Yeah, if you’re hungry just say it,” Annabelle says leaving with Lucas.” See ya Cass...and Jake” She gave Jake and me her crazy look that always freaked me out.

She chuckled a little and exited the school with Lucas.

" So, ” Jake says and looked around to see if anyone was around us.” The coast is clear,” he says before placing a peck on my cheek.

" Wanna come over, I mean my Mom and Dad are at work and Jax heading to Catherine’s” I suggest.

" I was thinking my house, but yours ok, Let me drop you off, then stay at your house in the meantime,” Jake says hugging me from my back.

" Uh no, you go home and change into PROPER clothes” I roll my eyes.

" What do you mean?” Jake pouts.

" I don’t like seeing you in your basketball wear..... for some reason, it’s too tempting,” Jake placed his index finger on my lips.

" Say no more” He winked.

At home........

Done homework, out of the way.

I walk to the kitchen to prepare a snack for Jake and Isince when he comes over he’ll probably be hungry from basketball practice. I looked inside my pantry and just grabbed whatever I saw first which was the veggie sticks.

This one is only for me.

My love for veggie sticks cannot be explained. I am in love.

I decided to give Jake only 4 chocolate cookies and pour him some milk. I know, A child's snack. But you know, Milk is healthy so what's the problem?. I placed the snacks on the table and jumped over to the couch to watch a few episodes of fuller house season 8.

Ring Ring.

" Coming” I called like I hadn't been waiting for it to ring.I skipped to the door.

When I opened the door, Jake stood there in his short-sleeved grayish t-shirt with comfortable navy blue shorts. His hair looked kinda wet but it was cute. He probably just came out of the shower.

Jake broke our gaze and stepped into the house.” Take a picture, I’m sure it lasts longer” He teased.

" Yeah yeah,” I rolled my eyes turning over to lock the door. When I turned around Jake wasn’t there.

I walked over to the kitchen to see Jake already eating the snacks I prepared. I walked closer to see that Jake was eating MY veggie snacks.

Oh no he didn’t.

" Get your hands off MY food” I ordered. Ain't nobody has the right to EAT MY VEGGIE STICKS.

He turned to me and smirked.” You can have the chocolate cookies and milk”

" Ugh, you knew that was for you” I complained sitting down stubbornly. I pushed the chocolate plate in front of me and looked down. The chocolate cookies looked dry.

" Ha, you look cute when you’re angry” He crunched on a veggie stick.

" That’s not the point,” I said angrily and bite the chocolate cookies anyway. It was dry but it was ok.

Jake jumped off the chair and went toward the kitchen and came back wearing my mom’s apron and holding up a plate.


" Do you want more cookies darling” he mimicked trying to tease me.

" Ugh, I hate you” I cried moving the cookies and the milk aside.

" And I love you” He moved closer to kiss me but I turned the other way.

" What should we do next?” I changed the topic walking over to the living room.

"C'mon” He groaned behind me.

Serves him right.

" Before you came, I was watching Fuller house season 8, you want to continue with me,” I say getting exciting.

" Come sit” I patted.

He came and sat down next to me.” Ya, not my type of show” He says.

" Fine,... what do you wanna watch then,... Stranger things” I suggest.

" Is that all you could think of,?" I looked at him annoyed. " Can YOU JUST SHUT UP AND CHOOSE Picky boy?"

He signed"I'll just deal with whatever,”

" Dang, I never knew boys were picky” I sighed pressing play for stranger things season 3.

" It’s not being picky Cass, It’s just a matter of our taste” He corrects me.

" Yes, Mr. Smartypants” I rolled my eyes making him giggle.

While watching Stranger things in season 3, we somehow ended up cuddling. It was so good because, at some parts of the show, I couldn’t watch so all I had to do was press against Jake’s chest, and he smelled so good too. He smelled like fresh roses. I also like how the smell wasn’t too strong also unlike Jax's cologne that you could smell miles away.

Our whole mood was messed up when someone entered the house. Jake and I sat straight up getting the fear that it would be my parents. Thankfully it was not them, It was Jax. I almost forgot that he was out.

" OH NO, You two again” He screamed dramatically covering his eyes and turning around.

" Geez, bro we weren’t doing anything like that” Jake says standing up from the couch walking over to Jax.

" We wouldn’t do it downstairs anyways” I rolled my eyes.

" It's still possible” Jax shrugged.

“We’re not on that stage yet, we’re going slowwwwwww,” I say stretching the part slow.

" Yup, it’s baby steps” Jake adds.

" What were you two watching?” Jax says walking over to the living room trying to look at the tv screen.

" Seriously," he says disappointed.
" Why do you sound disappointed," I asked going back to sitting on the couch.
"I expect you two to be watching something more......I don't know scarier," He stretched.
" Yeah same here, but you know, Cass is so scared about everything," Jake says looking at me like it's my fault we weren't watching anything exciting.
" WHAT, but this IS scary" I cried trying to make a point.
"Is it scary enough to give you nightmares?" Jake asks.
" Maybe" I fidgeted.
" NO WAYYY" Jax teased going over to the counter. He grabbed an orange and cut it in half placing 1/4 in his mouth.
Jake looks at his phone." Shoot, I gotta go home right now" He sighs and kisses me on the forehead and jumps on the couch, and heads to the main door.
" Oh, you have to go already." I sigh pouting.
" Sorry, but it's important, Lizzie's coming today," Jake says.
" Really" I hear Jax say from the couch.
" Yeah man," Jake says waving and walking out of our house.
I lock the door after seeing Jake get into his car and drive back home.
Who's Lizzie?
I walk over to the living room where Jax was trying to find something to watch.
" Who's Lizzie?" I asked kinda worried.
" I don't know, I guess his childhood friend"

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