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Cruel Max

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Megan is a very stubborn she-wolf. She had been able to avoid going to any mating parties since she turned 18. She was convinced she didn't need a mate. You were able to attend a party when you turned 18 and Megan was now 23. Her mother literally forced her to go by locking her out of the house. Dreading the party she went anyway. Half way through the party a fight breaks out. One wolf is almost beat to death the other standing tall in his victory. What do these two men mean to Megan? Read to find out! Trigger Warning: There are violent scenes that include abuse and rape. Please read at your own risk and if it is uncomfortable for you please don't read as I don't want to upset anyone. Thank you for Choosing this book. Enjoy and share your thoughts with me a long the way!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My wolf whimpered in my head as I argued with my mother about going to this pathetic mating party. It was an argument we had every year since I turned 18.
"Mother I am not going to that ridiculous party!" I yelled back.

"Megan you are going to give me more grey hair then I can handle to hide! You can't live here forever!" She growled back.
"Fine! I'll move out if you want me to so bad!"
"Okay ladies enough. Megan your mother has a point. You will go to that party tonight and that's final." My dad said.
"Who even cares!" I shouted.
I threw my hands up walking away. I drug my feet upstairs to my room. This was so stupid. I pulled out my phone sending my friend Abby a text.
Me: Hey Abby count me in for the party. Parents are forcing me to go.
Abby: Yay! Come over! We can get ready together.
Me: Okay.
"I'm going over to Abby's to get ready!"
"Good. I'm locking the door. It won't be unlocked until midnight when the party is over, so don't try sneaking back in!" Mother yelled.
I rolled my eyes slamming the door behind me. I hate that my mother and I were so alike. Both had long brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. We both stood at 5'7 and had an attitude like no other. Both being so stubborn we were always butting heads.
Abby lived one block over from me, so it only took 5 minutes to walk there. My pace however was slow, dragging on what was to come.
"Will you quit lolly gagging and get in here." Abby yelled from her window.
I have her the middle finger and jogged up to her porch. I let myself in as I usually do and made my way up to her room.
"Here take this and this an go shower now. Make it quick."
"Hello to you too." I teased
The look on her face said she wasn't joking. I took the towel and razor in her hand and went to her bathroom. I shaved every hair on my body and scrubbed every nook and cranny. I toweled off in front of the mirror looking myself over. My body had a light tan to it. I was currently working on getting a four pack, but only my little two showed on my toned skin. I walked out to Abby finishing getting herself ready.
"Fine, but please don't over do it." I whined.
She blow dried my hair and then curled it into soft loose curls. Next she did my make up, adding a tiny bit of foundation and highlight to my face. Then she did a light brown eye shadow to my eyes, followed by eyeliner and mascara. She always did my make up better then I could.
"Okay, here you can wear this."
"Thank you."
I didn't own many dresses so whenever something formal came up for me Abby was my go to gal. I took the maroon dress in my hands and went to the bathroom to change. The dress was soft and fell above my knee. Between my boobs was a sheer mesh somewhat hiding my c cup boobs. It was sexy yet tasteful. I refused to wear heels however. I settled for some flats.
"Yay! Now we can go! Aren't you excited! I really hope I find my mate this year!"
"I hope that for you to Abby." I smiled
Abby was the same age as me. We are both 23 and met in high school when her parents transferred to this pack after their's was destroyed. I am from The Legacy Pack. I got my wolf when I first shifted at the age of 16. Then at 18 you become of age to find your mate and that's what these parties were all about. They were held every year on a mutual area.
I put up a stink every year about going with my mother because I don't want some man to have a big sense of power over me. I want to be my own person and think for myself. Not do what some mate bond tells me to do. I finished college last year getting my degree in education. I wanted to teach and help shape the minds of the young wolves. I had applied for several positions, but have yet to hear back.
It was only a thirty minute drive to the mutual building. We were dropped off at the door and my heart beat rapidly picked up. I was so nervous, but my wolf was howling with excitement. She was stubborn like me and didn't want to me bossed around by any male, but she always honed on me for not letting her find her mate.
Abby had my hand in hers as she quickly dragged me inside. The place felt like a high school party. There was dirty dancing on the dance floor, the smell of nervousness, and slutty dresses. The only difference was alcohol was allowed here even though it took a lot to get a werewolf drunk. She drug me over to some of our old friends from high school.
"Megan! It's been ages! How are you?" Jade said hugging me.
"I'm good, how are you?
"I'm okay. Still coming here so obviously haven't found my mate." She said glumly.
"Don't worry maybe this is your lucky year."
We were interrupted by a rupture of clapping. A wolf had found their mate. I rolled my eyes as she fell into his arms like a love sick puppy. After the clapping was over I let Abby drag me to the dance floor. On our way out I swiped two drinks from a waiter. I slammed one and sipped on the other. Drowning out the others around me I let my hips sway to the music and focused on having fun with my best friend. I enjoyed parties when there wasn't pressure to find the love of your life. I actually enjoyed dancing and use to take lessons when I was little.
After a quite a few songs had passed I reach over for Abby letting her know I was going to go outside for a bit. She gave me curt nod and kept dancing. Walking out I grabbed what I think is my 7th drink. Not sure what was in these, but they were fruity and delicious. It felt good to get some air and clear my mind. I sat on the bench sipping my drink as Jade approached me.
"Hey no luck?" I asked.
"Nope not this year I guess. What are you doing out here? No luck either?"
"I just wanted some fresh air. I don't think my mate is here and I think I'm okay with that. I can wait a couple more years."
"Oh well--"
Jade was cut off by a giant crash coming from inside. I ran inside to see a big crowd surrounding three people. One being the man hardly breathing on the ground. The other being a man standing over him radiating anger off his body. Lastly stood Abby screaming for the man to stop hurting her mate. I stood breathless at what she said. I couldn't believe this poor man on the ground was her mate.
Snapping to my senses I rushed to Abby's aide.
"Excuse what the hell are you doing beating people up! Who the fuck do you think you are!"
The room filled with gasps, but I didn't care. I stood my ground keeping my angry face at the man that stood before me. If he wasn't trying to kill my best friend's mate I'd actually think he was good looking. He smelt of pine and berries. He had dark brown hair and chocolate eyes like mine. His shirt couldn't contain the muscle he was hiding. His tattoos were wrapped around his massive arms. I wasn't able to stop staring until he spoke.
"Like what you see mate."

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