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⚠️WARNING ⚠️: Hi everyone, Touch is, in its entirety, on GALATEA. You get to read 3 chapters only. Starting today (September, 23th), you have chapters 4, 5, and 6. (Guess which you can have next week?) 😉 Thank you to those who had the chance to read it here! Thank you for all the likes and comments! You motivated me to continue writing. As a pantser writer, I was able to feel as a reader and, just as much as you, not know exactly where the story was going. Thank you to everyone who had the chance to read it here! All your comments and likes made the writing process a lot more fun! 😘 And thank you to everyone who will give this story a chance on GALATEA! I hope you enjoy reading it! Much love, Ana "Nicole is right. I do need to get laid. I can’t even remember last time that happened. And I’m not talking about a relationship. Nope. That was a year before I moved here five years ago. From then on, I’ve been totally fine with occasionally going out on a few dates and having casual sex for a while. Not that it happens often."

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Chapter 4


“What did Alex say to you before we left? Your face turned into a freaking tomato!” Nicole will never admit to being jealous when it comes to Alex. I could hear it in her voice, though. She was struggling.

“Alex was just being Alex. You know he can be a player. Let’s just say he was boosting my ego.”

“Ugh. I know. But, seriously. I cannot keep fucking him. Him being a player actually turns me on. How is this even possible? I see him coming on to other women and I just want to jump him! He’s that good!”

“You like him.”

“I like his cock.” Nicole says matter-of-factly, letting out a sigh that ends in a chuckle.

As we’re about to leave the restroom at the club, we check if each other’s masks are okay and head to the bar. Alex is leaning against the counter, talking to what I can only describe as his long lost twin. Same height, hair color is slightly darker; he’s got crazy ass lips that wrap a delicious smile. He’s wearing an all white tailored suit with a black tie that matches his mask.

Nicole and I are heading towards them, I keep looking at that man and my tongue slides along my upper lip as we get closer. Alex places his hand on the small of my back and gives me a wink. Yeah, he knows what I’m thinking.

He’d better be working on his wingman skills tonight.

Oh, Alex is helping this girl out! I feel him softly pushing me closer to that handsome pussy magnet.

“This is my friend Emily. Whatever you need in this town, she’s the one with the connections.”

The man takes my hand and lifts it to his lips. His hazel eyes are focused on mine and I struggle not to squirm. “Good to know. I’m Ryan.”

Alex places his arm around Nicole’s waist and introduces her. Ryan, the God of wet panties, greets her the same way.

Here I was thinking I was special.

“What are you ladies drinking tonight?” Ryan asks as he signals the bartender.

“I’ll have a Gin and Tonic and it’s a Jack and Coke for Em” Nicole winks at Dave, the bartender, who already knows there won’t be much Tonic or Coke in those drinks.

We were holding our drinks when “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo started playing. Nicole immediately grabbed my hand and pulled it up. “Hold our drinks, gentlemen, we’re heading to the dancefloor!”

I love dancing and if I’m fuelled by Mr. Daniels, which happens more often than I would like to admit, I’ll dance till the DJ leaves the room. That doesn’t mean I can dance, I just move whatever part of my body the music tells me to.

Nic and I dance our way to a section of the dancefloor which still has room for more people and I don’t really love having a lot of room around me to dance. I just sometimes get the feeling that, if there aren’t more people blocking the view, someone’s watching and probably judging my dance moves.

Or lack thereof.

But that’s just sometimes and tonight is not one of those times. I feel like I’m in the song, getting my DNA tested and all I get is whiskey as a test result and it feels so good that we even dance to the song that plays next.

I’ve danced to two songs and my feet are already complaining. Fucking high heels. I’m getting too old for this.

Thankfully, Nicole signals me to go back to where the guys are and for a second there I question my sobriety because instead of seeing Alex and Ryan, I see two other equally captivating men opposite them. With everyone wearing masks, you can’t really feast on their faces but the way their suits cling to their bodies, letting all the women know they are fit as fuck... Goddamn!

What is this? The Hot Guys Committee?!

“Back so soon? I was quite enjoying watching you two ladies move.” Alex bites his bottom lip and hands us another drink.

“Oh, I know you were. And I also know you weren’t the only one gawking" Nicole’s squint drifted from Alex to the other three men. “I’m Nic and this is Em,” she pointed at me, “and whatever Alex has told you about us is quite possibly true.”

Yep. The Gin is kicking in.

Ryan introduces Ethan, who has a Justin Timberlake vibe and even though he’s the shortest, I still have to tilt my chin up to reach his eyes. He’s definitely the friendliest and has a contagious laugh.

Then the 6′5 Chairman of this Hot Guy Committee is introduced. I’m wearing high heels and my forehead goes up to his chin.

His five o’clock show flawless chin.

I know he’s been watching me since we joined them and even though one would start feeling uncomfortable, I’m totally confused. I actually enjoy having his blue eyes on me; I’m savoring it so much I just want to him to watch me more. It might be the whiskey talking but I want him to see me.

And touch me. How the fuck do I make that happen? I mean, he’s right here, in front of me. How do I make those juicy lips touch my skin?


“How what?”

Fuck. I said that out loud, didn’t I?

He’s got this inquisitive look and he’s biting his bottom lip, making my thighs press against each other. This man is fuckalicious!

I feel like my brain is a race against time to figure out a way to keep talking to him when Alex spins me around, so fast that I feel myself staggering only to have two strong hands behind me holding my waist.

“What the fuck Alex!”

He’s supposed to be my wingman and now he’s pussy blocking the shit out of me. Ugh.

I’m looking at Alex but I have no idea what he’s saying.

Something about Nicole being drunk. Who cares?

All my focus is on those two hands gripping my waist. I can feel his skillful thumbs rubbing the sides of my bare back and I just let myself slowly lean against his body.

I can’t avoid licking my upper lip. I want those hands all over me.

“You owe me.” Alex yells before kissing me on the cheek and spinning me back around.

Alex grabs my hand that now holds the keychain to his office upstairs.

Am I really doing this?

I can still feel the strong hands on my waist, my skin is scorching and I don’t want to look up just yet because right now my face is inches from his collarbone. If you could smell him like I can right now, you’d never want to leave. His hands are sliding up on my dress as slowly as I was tilting my head up. I saw the left corner of his mouth turn up when his thumbs reached the side of my breasts.

His eyes are dark now and I feel like he’s studying me, like he’s trying to figure out whether I’m beautiful without this white mask on or not.

I grab his tie and pull it down so his face is closer to mine, his nose touching mine. Oh damn, I think I really am doing this!

“If I kiss you right now, I won’t be able to stop.” His husky voice warns me so I let go of his tie and slide my hand down till I grab his belt buckle. I have never been this forward with men but I feel like if I don’t do this right now, I’m just one step closer to an eternity of sexual frustration. So I pull the belt buckle closer to my body. I slightly turn to the stairs that lead to Alex’s office, maintaining the grasp.

“Come with me.”

He bits his lower lip and I swear if I weren’t on the pill I’d instantly be pregnant when he says

“Oh, I’m definitely coming with you“.


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