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"So I suggest you shut the fuck up, and listen before I pin you to this table and ram you till you wont be able to walk, got it?" "Yes." I said breathlessly as he lets my neck go. I remind myself that I was probably only horny because I was going to die and I haven't had some in seven months. Wrong place and the wrong time, that's what happened to Zoey. Her mom sets her up on a blind date only to find out she got the wrong address, but she was too late. She has already seen what she was never supposed to see and ever since, her life changed.

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I do not condone nor support any abusive or toxic relationships.

I do not condone nor support any criminal organization, their activities and the way they do things.

I do not condone nor support ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.


This book is rated 18+ or for Adults for A COUPLE OF REASONS. So please, read at your own risk.

This book is purely fictional and written from my imagination. This book is to be read for entertainment purposes and for fun, and not to be taken seriously, except when it has its teaching moments.

Lastly, if you don't like it, I'm okay with it. People have different tastes, and I'm just here to entertain people and to grow as a writer; but what I do not appreciate or am okay with is when people do bad reviews on my book without giving me constructive criticism. So please, if you're going to give me a bad review, at least write in full detail how I can improve.

If you're going to love this book, thank you for the support and good review. I appreciate all of the support and love.

When you're ready, go ahead and swipe or scroll depending on where you're reading this on, and enjoy :D

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