More than Coincidence

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Its been five years since Isabel left Bradhills city.. Five years since she last saw her biggest crush, Aiden. Five years since she chose to forget about all the memories that came with Bradhills middle school, Aiden included. But She couldn't. And just one day, after five years, she suddenly meets Aiden and those feelings she had tried to lock away resurfaces again. It had to be more than a coincidence right?

Ella Gerald
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Isabel's P. O. V

My name is Isabel Montes. I am seventeen years old.

I once lived in a beautiful city called Bradhills city. I grew up there. I had lots of good memories there, but only one bad one for enough for me to flee the city.

Five years ago, I was twelve. I was in seventh grade. I had a big crush on the most popular boy in school, Aiden Miller. He was super cute but unlike the cliche popular boys, he wasn't a jerk. He was friendly with everyone, myself included. That was what got me attracted to him.

I had been crushing on him right from junior school, but I kept it to myself. Not even my best friend Patricia knew about it.

In seventh grade, it became so intense that I always thought about him every second. That was when I told Patricia. She told me to go tell him but ofcourse I couldn't.

I was the shy type. Extremely shy type. Anytime I walked through the hallway, my head was always down. So how could I have told Aiden that I had a big crush on him.

"Sometimes you just have to be confident and fight to get what you want, no matter what it takes" Patricia told me

So I decided I was going to take her advice and tell him. What could possibly go wrong? I thought.

At lunch period, I saw Aiden with his best friend, Liam, in front of their lockers. I took a deep breath and walked up to him. I had mentally prepared for it, I even practiced what to say to him.

"Hi Aiden" I said, my heart pounding against my chest.

"Hi Isabel" He smiled at me and that was all it took to turn me into mush. My brain completely blanked. His blue eyes stared into mine and I was surprised that I didn't run away. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"What do you want looser?" Liam's voice brought me out of my trance and I blinked several times.

"Stop it" Aiden hushed his best friend before looking back at me. He was so perfect. That was enough to raise my confident level.

"Isabel?" He said waiting for me to speak up

"I like you " I blurted out. That was the only thing my twelve year old brain could muster. I could hear the sound of my heartbeat like it was music plugged in my ears.

I watched him as his eyes widened at what I said. We stared at eachother silently for probably a minute before Liam suddenly burst out laughing. I tore my eyes away from Aiden and watched him confused.

"why would you..what makes you think that Aiden will ever like a girl like you" my heart clenched at his words but I tried to block him out. All I needed was Aiden's reply.

"Yeah, why would you think I would like a girl like you?" My blood ran cold. I stared in utter shock and immediately my heart shrunk and fell into my stomach. Tears welled in my eyes as I looked at Aiden one last time, his eyes showed something I couldn't understand. Liam kept laughing at my expense and I couldn't take it. It felt like my whole world came crashing down on me.

A single tear rolled down my cheek and I just couldn't stare at him anymore. I ran.

I ran to the girls bathroom and I cried my eyes out. I thought wrong. I thought Aiden was a good person. I thought he was different. I thought he was nice to me. I thought he me back.

It was just my imagination.

After lunch period, the school had already heard the news that I liked Aiden. They would point at me and mock me. I had never felt so ashamed in my life.

Patricia was there to console and fight for me but it wasn't enough. I had to leave.

So the next day, I managed to convince my parents that I needed a change of school and city entirely. ThankGod for my loving and understanding parents, we moved to LA, where I continued my schooling.

That is my story..


I sighed and closed my diary. It was tough to write it down but I did it. First step to getting over Aiden Miller.

Today made it exactly five years since all of that happened. Yet I was still solely affected.

I know, I was pathetic. I still had a crush on Aiden even after five years. Even after what he said to me.

I was seventeen now, I had just graduated from highschool a week ago. Yet I couldn't forget him. My middle school crush.

Damn it! I was pathetic.

I sighed again. I was presently sitting in a coffee shop, alone. Not because I was a loner, I just wanted to be alone while writing my story.

I picked my phone and scrolled to gallery, looking for the only picture I had of Aiden.

He was wearing a plain white T-shirt with grey jeans, hands in his pocket, his blonde hair was a mess on his head but he still looked just as good. He was so grown up now. Just like me ofcourse. I was grown up too. Except not mentally, I still had the brain of my twelve year old self.

After staring at the picture for good two minutes, I clicked delete.

To moving on.

I sipped the last of my coffee, swallowed and stood up, grabbing my book and handbag.

Shoving my diary inside my small handbag, I wasn't looking at where I was going until I suddenly bumped into someone, my phone slipping from my grip and falling to the ground. Damn it!

"I'm so sorry" we both say at the same time, as he picked my phone and handed it to me.

My whole body froze in place as I stared into a pair of blue eyes I'd been struggling to forget.


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