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More than Coincidence

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Isabel's P. O. V

"Isabel" his voice sent shivers down my spine.

How in the world was he here?
How...omg! I was freaking out.
I never thought I'd ever see him again, how is this even possible. I had heard of happy coincidences before but I never thought it was real.

Was I happy to see him?

Is this real?

I couldn't believe he was standing in front of me. Somebody pinch me!

"Wow" his voice brought me back to earth. "You look..so different" Did I? Different from what?

I couldn't form any words. Once again, my brain completely blanked just staring at him. My heart was racing a hundred metres per second.

"Here you go" I forgot he was still holding my phone, so I grabbed it from him, making sure our skin didn't touch the slightest bit. A small crack was visible across the screen.

"Thank you" I stuttered. once again, his eyes captured mine. He was more cuter in person than in the pictures I saw on Instagram. Why was my foolish heart beating so fast.

Damn it! I was just trying to forget about him and here he was.

Then it hit me. That one bad memory.

Why would I ever like a girl like you

My chest tightened. I clutched my bag tightly against my side feeling uneasy. I knew I had to run soon, it was the only way out for me.

"What are you doing here" I had to ask, because the last time I checked, he was still living in Bradhills.

"Oh I came to visit my aunt" he shoved his hands in his pockets "I thought I would stop by and get some coffee" his eyes scanned the room before retuning to me.

"Oh" was all I could say.

We were not friends. We were not enemies either. I didn't know where to classify him but I couldn't stand there and have a conversation with him. Not after his rejection.

And not with the feelings that were settling in my chest.

"I gotta go" before he could say a word, I walked past him and out of the coffee shop.

"Wait" he called after me. I didnt want to stop but my legs betrayed me. I turned around to face him.

"Do you maybe want to hang out sometime?" My eyes widened. Why would he want to hang out with me. He couldn't like a girl like me. I still didn't know what that even meant. I badly wanted to ask him but I couldn't.

"I don't know" I tried to wave him off "I'm kind of busy lately" I half lied. Well I was busy with college preparation and all, but not to busy to reject his offer.

"Just one time, I mean, its been five years since I last saw you" I bit my lip to stop myself from giving in but damn my weak heart. Even after rejection, I still wanted him.

"Ok fine"

"Thank you" he smiled, and just like that, butterflies danced in my stomach. "hows tomorrow? 5? We meet here"

"Sure" I smiled. I turned around and walked away.

I realized I was happy to see him.
If Patricia saw me right now, she would probably smack some senses into me.


The next day. I was getting reading to go see Aiden. I had picked the best outfit I had, well just a pink turtle neck blouse and a black leather skirt that stopped just above my knee. I finished it up with my black ankle boots.

I put my brown hair down all curled up, then i started putting lip gloss and mascara on when realisation hit me.

This had to be a coincidence right?

Aiden and I meeting each other suddenly.

He wasn't surprised seeing me in that coffee shop. He didn't know that I lived in LA, if he really did come to visit his aunt, he would have been shocked to see me but he wasn't.

If I remember clearly, Aiden hated coffee. Unless it was for his aunt.


O. M. G

This wasn't a coincidence at all.

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