Their Possession

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Chapter Eight

"Callan Strauss?" I look at the petite woman with confusion written all over my face.

"Trust me honey, you'll know that name soon enough." She replies before turning around and shifting her focus to the other customers.

While my mind is wondering about the stranger who bought me a drink, my body starts to take control by moving my legs so that I am out of the seat and heading for my car which is parked across the street from my new gym.

A few metres from my car I start removing my car key from the front pocket of my jeans. I notice that the drink hit me a bit harder than I expected when I stumble and drop my key. My body freezes when two strong hands grip my hips firmly to help me regain my footing. "Carefull, little bird" A deep enticing voice whispers in my ear, causing my core to clench.

"I believe you dropped this, darling." An equally enticing voice sounds from in front of me. I see a tall muscular figure bending to pick up the key. As he lifts his head to look at me I am met by the same set of fierce grey eyes from the coffee shop. A sense of panic starts settling in my chest when I realise what is happening. As I try to move the unidentified pair of hands tighten their grip on my hips. I flinch in response and turn my head slowly untill my eyes connect with two oceanic orbs staring at me intently.

"I think our little bird here has had a tad too much to drink, don't you think so Cal?" The blue eyed man asks while still keeping his eyes focused on me.

With one swift movement the man referred to as "Cal" is in front of me, looking down at me with a devilish grin. "You're right Ric, I don't think it's safe for this sweet little thing to drive herself home. Maybe she should just come with us." He starts moving his hand towards me and in that moment my fight or flight reflexes kick in.

I move my knee up untill I feel it colliding with the man in front of me. I then try to wiggle out of the grasp of the man referred to as "Ric." For a second it seems like my efforts are succeeding until a moment later when I am suddenly sandwiched in between two bodies. Panic starts overwhelming me and I can feel my chest starting to rise and fall faster than it should.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I ask, my voice echoing the panic I'm feeling.

Cal places a finger below my chin, forcing my head to tilt upwards until I am staring directly into a pair of grey eyes that seem to have some amusement dancing behind them. "Well aren't you a feisty little thing. What's your name sweetheart?"

I pull my bottom lip between my teeth, biting down to help relieve some of the anxiety I'm feeling. Cal let's out a growl causing me to release my lip. I see his eyes darken and a strange need building in my core. It must be the drink taking it's toll. I am never drinking again.

"Let me go, before I kick your ass." I say clenching through my teeth. My body vibrates as Ric chuckles behind me. "O you're quite something, aren't you? You smell delectable, little bird" He whispers in my ear. His mouth starts moving from my ear to the sweet spot between my neck and shoulder. I gasp when I feel a sharp sensation against my skin.

"Alaric, not here and not yet" Cal utters before turning his attention to me. "I guess we'll have to save the introductions for another time, sweetheart."

I feel the sharp sensation disappear, pulling me from my trance. "You're no fun brother. We'll see you again soon, little bird" And with those final words they're gone.

After standing frozen for I don't know how long, I notice my car key has somehow made its way back into the front pocket of my jeans. Without another thought I get into my car and drive back to my dorm. After a few moments I fall down onto my bed, out of breath. Thankfully Amelia is out with some new friends tonight. I don't think I'd be able to handle any of her questions at the moment.

I force myself to stand up from my bed. I start undressing, pausing to place my hands on my hips where I can feel the soreness left by his tight grip.

After putting on some pyjamas I snuggle into bed. I lie on my back replaying tonight's events in my head. They were the same men I saw in the coffee shop that day. Amelia referred to them as the Strauss brothers and the bartender said that Callan Strauss is the man who paid for my drink at the pub. That means he must be "Cal", the one with the fierce grey eyes and jet black hair. Before they disappeared he referred to the blonde man with the oceanic blue eyes as Alaric. What did the two brothers want with me? Just thinking about them I could feel a need developing in my core. I slide my hand down untill I reach my slick folds. "Holy shit, I'm soaked." I surprise myself with my words. What is wrong with me. They're obviously two psychopaths that go around buying women drinks and biting their necks.

I put in my best attempt to calm my mind and go to sleep just so I don't have to think about this day anymore. I could feel my attempt succeeding, but just as I started reaching a state of unconsciousness, I could feel a strand of my hair being tucked behind my ear. Before I could react I was welcomed into the arms of oblivion.

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