Their Possession

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Chapter Nine

Callan P.O.V:

Moans fill the air as I repeatedly slam my body into the busty blonde, her tits bouncing as I completely fill her. Seduction is an easy game around this town. Women practically throw themselves at us, and when they don't our ability to compel whoever we choose always ensures that we get what we want.

Alaric mimics my movements as he takes a brunette from behind. The girl clearly enjoying every second as she screams out his name.

Admittedly, having rough sex on a dumpster in an alleyway is not the way we usually do it, but that little redhead left us wild with concupiscence. Her lack of submission causing me to desire punishing her in ways her mind cannot fathom.

I know Alaric feels the same way, I could see the desire in his eyes as his fangs started teasing the flesh of her neck.

Alaric P.O.V:

The brunette leaning over the dumpster keeps screaming my name, the sound a mix between begging for mercy and begging for more. It's starting to annoy me, it's not her that should be screaming out my name. But I need relief and sex is a damn good way to do it.

I've always taken pride in my ability to control myself in any situation... But tonight, even if just for a few moments, I lost control. If Callan did not use our strong bond to get me out of that trance, I would have taken her right there and then.

When we were changed from our human states into what we are now, we acquired certain abilities. One being compulsion, the other being the ability to easily access the mind of any creature around us. We can read what they're thinking, their desires, their fears and what their next move will be. It makes them so predictable.

The fact that neither of us could break through her mental barriers was frustrating us to no end. Usually if the victim consumes alcohol, it makes it easier for us. We sat accross that bar watching her finish that drink which was a bit stronger than it should have been thanks to Macy. However, it had no effect on our little bird. Her barriers remained strong and unbreakable.

What she doesn't realise is that she's caught our attention now. Watch out little bird. Here we come.

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