Their Possession

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Chapter Ten

The slam of a door pulls me from my sleep and I slowly start to open my eyes. My eyes feel heavy and my sight is slightly blurred. I expect that the source of the noise would be my roommate sneaking into the room after a wild night out. It's so dark, the only aid in my vision is the moonlight coming in from a nearby window.

My eyes start inspecting my surroundings. That's when realisation hits me... I'm not in my dorm.

I try to move but I can't, my body is paralyzed. I feel the panic in me start to rise as I see a dark figure making its way towards me, only stopping when it's leaning over my body.

The figure starts moving closer towards my face. I can't make out much with my blurry vision, but the moonlight illuminating a strong jawline tells me I'm in the presence of a man.

I feel a hand starting to work its way up the inside of my thigh. I feel another hand clasp my neck, decreasing my ability to breathe. For a second my vision becomes clear. Clear enough for me to see a set of familiar eyes... Menacing eyes. He doesn't say a word. His mouth just morphs into a sadistic grin.

"Please no," I start to beg, "Please... Please... Leave me alone... Leave me alone!"

"Valerie!" My eyes shoot open to see a distressed Amelia holding my shoulders as she attempts to wake me up. I can feel my body trembling and sweat covering every inch of my skin.

It was just a dream...

"Valerie?" Amelia asks with caution, "Are you ok?" Not remembering how to speak, I simply answer her with a nod.

Eventually, I excuse myself and make my way to the showers. I get in under the steaming hot water, finally allowing myself to let out the emotions I've been holding in. Tears start streaming down my cheeks, mixing perfectly with the water pouring out of the shower head.

Thoughts of my dream held my mind captive for the rest of my shower. I need to do something to distract myself, before I drive myself insane.

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