Their Possession

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Chapter Eleven

Opening the door to my dorm room I notice the light is still on. Amelia has gone back to sleep after I most likely scared her shitless. I wish I could say she looks peaceful and elegant, but that is far from the truth. It is quite evident that my roommate had a rough night. Stains of I'm guessing food, drinks and heaven knows what else are covering a once white top. Her makeup has been smudged in such a way that I'm sure she'll give IT a run for his money. I grab one of her spare blankets and cover her, tugging her in slightly. I smile at the human burrito I've created, thinking about how relieved I am to have someone like this as my roommate and not some snobby cow.

I glance and the clock and notice that it says 07:00 am. Since it's Saturday I can imagine that Amelia would stay in to work off her hangover. I haven't really made any friends beside her in the little while that I've been here, but that's ok. I've learned to be content with my own company.

I took my time finishing to get ready for the day, putting on more make up than usual and even finding a pair of matching socks to wear underneath my boots.

By the time I leave it is 08:00 which means certain places will be open and I can, for the first time since I got here, properly go and explore this town.

I make my way to my car, select the "Shuffle Play" on my favourite Spotify playlist and start my drive out of campus.

Today I'm going with places that catch my eye, the first place to do so is a diner called "Tom Cat's Diner". The name's quirky, so why not stop to have a loot. The caffeineholic inside of me is begging for coffee anyway.

After parking my car I walk into a retro themed diner that is taken care of quite well. The furniture looks new and the floors are spotless. It's quite a nice surprise. I go to take a seat at one of the corner tables, because it makes me feel slightly hidden away and out of sight of unwanted eyes. A friendly girl that looks slightly older than me comes to take my order, to my relief she is incredibly friendly and offers to pour my coffee into the biggest mug that they have which basically makes me want to go onto one knee and propose.

I must say, even though this day started off as crappy as it did, sitting here with a plate of french toast complimented by a steaming hot mug of coffee really makes it seem that this day could be a good one.

I've been taking my time, eating my meal slowly while reading the newspaper - it's been a guilty pleasure of mine since I was a child. The habit originated from me wanting to mimic my father in the morning. Ah... My father. A lovely man. A man I cannot allow my thoughts to dwell on if I want this day to have a chance of being a good one.

I take a break from the section I'm reading to see that I'm not the only person in the diner anymore. On the opposite side sits an older couple enjoying what seems to be tea and some scones. A group of young women occupy one of the bigger tables in the middle. Checking them out is a group of guys sitting at a table not too far away. Lastly there is a man with broad shoulders sitting alone at a table not too far from mine. He is looking down focusing on a book in his hand, but from what I can make out, he looks to be late twenties. As if sensing my eyes on him, he looks up at me and I must say, he is very handsome. By that I mean any woman would want to be impregnated by him. He has brown curly hair shaved short on the sides and left longer at the top. He has a five o'clock shadow lining his sharp jawline. What catches my attention the most are his hazelnut eyes - something in them seems familiar.

I don't know how many seconds pass, but as soon as I regain my senses I give the man a quick smile and refocus my eyes on the newspaper. I feel his stare on me for a little while longer before he stands up, puts some money on the table and leaves. As the front door of the diner closes I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

What is it with the damn men in this town. For years no man has done anything for my ladies downstairs. Now in a matter of a few days, not only one but three men have managed to baffle my hormones and my sanity.

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