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Chapter Twelve

After thanking the waitress with a generous tip I make my way back to my car. Realisation dawns on me that I need to get a part-time job somewhere in the town. I have been able to pay my tuition and living costs with my inheritance money. However, I don't want to exhaust that resource, hence getting a job would be wise.

I could apply for a job on campus, but I'd like the escape from the campus grounds. I could try being a waitress at one of the restaurants, but that means I have to be social. I need somewhere calm and inviting where I don't have to try to be bubbly in order to get a bigger tip.

Before the thought runs cold I spot it. In one of the quieter streets of the town is a vintage looking bookshop. The sign reads "The Old Town Bookshop - Established 1920". I make my way into the surprisingly large shop and immediately fall in love. In front of me are old oak bookshelves covering the walls, each filled with beautiful publications. Large wingback chairs are placed around the door in an erratic fashion. At the back of the shop is a dramatic wooden winder staircase leading to a door on the second floor. Finally in the front of the shop on the right hand side is a simplistic wooden counter complimented by a cash register and a telephone.

Since I've walked in I've felt calm and at peace. It could be a combination of the oak and vanilla scent filling the air as well as the printed works filling the shop. Books have always been a safe haven for me, a way to escape into someone else's story rather than focusing on my own. I can already foretell that I will be spending a lot of time in here.

"Excuse me miss, can I help you find anything?" I turn around to face the source of the female voice. My eyes catch those of a petite woman with alluring amber skin and eyes to match. She is beautiful, she also looks noticeably similar to Bree. I would guess that she is in her early forties.

"Hi, I know this is a bit out of the blue, but do you perhaps have any part-time jobs available at the moment?" I ask, straightening my posture and curving my lips into a slight smile.

"Well my dear, aren't you in luck. I happen to be needing more help around here since the students are all back now. However the pay would not be as good as you can find doing something else part time." She answers.

"Maybe luck is truly on my side today. The pay won't be a problem, I'm thankful for whatever I'll be able to get." I answer, my voice full of anticipation.

"Well in that case my dear, I'd need a few documents from you as well as a motivation on why you'd want to work here. After going through it all I'll be able to phone you with an answer."

"Please call me Valerie, or Val for short. Thank you..."

"The name's Arlene, it's nice to make your acquaintance Val. Let me show you around the shop before we discuss everything you need in order to apply." She smiles at me as she turns around and starts walking with me following.

Slowly but surely I can feel myself piecing together the new life I want to build for myself.

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