Their Possession

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Chapter Thirteen

Callan P.O.V:

"When did you get back brother?" I ask the man sitting by the fireplace sipping on a glass filled with scotch.

"Well good evening to you too, brother." He says, pretending to be offended before plastering his signature grin on his face.

"Cut the crap Ethan, where the fuck have you been?" I inquire.

"Gather yourself Callan, my whereabouts of the past few weeks are of little importance. Let us focus on the fact that I am back." He answers nonchalantly. "Where is Alaric?" He continues to ask.

"Alaric was still busy with a private lesson before I left." I answer before letting out a sigh.

Alaric is a music lecturer. Music has always been his passion and to make some good use of his time he decided to become a lecturer at the local University. I on the other hand am a history lecturer. Besides the advantage that I have of actually having lived through most of the eras I teach my students, I have always found the way humans evolve fascinating. My interest lies mostly in historical objects. Simplistic ornaments containing great value. Then we have Ethan, my uncanny brother currently occupying my usual seat. His love for books led him to become a literature lecturer at the University.

All of us were in our late twenties before we abandoned our human lives. We leave this town every few years, travelling to different towns and cities where we have homes untill suspicion of why we don't grow older dies down. In addition, the locals are relatively easy to compel, especially with the help from our allies.

A teasing thought of a green eyed redhead sneaks its way into my mind. Since I cannot compel her, I want her to willingly submit to me. I want her to beg for...

A slamming door breaks me from my thoughts.

Alaric P.O.V:

I make my way into the house after a long day of tone deaf students abusing my ears and insulting the integrity of music.

I find Callan in the living room with his attention drifting from me to a figure now standing up from a chair.

"Decided to grace is with your presence brother?" I ask Ethan as he takes out two additional glasses and starts pouring scotch into them.

"I was surrounded by too many attractive individuals. I had to come see your hideous face again to create some balance in my mind." He answers me with a straight expression on his face. A few seconds of silence, then my brothers and I fill the room with our chuckles.

"It's good to have you back." Callan says to Ethan, taking his glass from Ethan's stretched out arm.

Ethan P.O.V:

"Not much has changed since my departure it seems. All the locals are still clueless and the diner's coffee still tastes like cat piss. I haven't been able to get a look at the students though. Any fresh new meat for us to devour?" I ask the two that have now gone to take a seat on the couch.

"Only the freshman students started last week. The rest of the student population will be returning on Monday. We've tried some of the new meat, but none have really sparked our interest." Alaric answered seeming to drift into deep thought.

"Well that's not entirely true. There has been one human. One with soul capturing emerald orbs, whose mental barriers were impenetrable to Ric and I." Callan mentions while keeping his eyes focused on the flames dancing around in the fireplace.

"This little redheaded vixen. Even with alcohol her barriers weren't affected. Cal and I approached her outside of the local pub. I wanted nothing more than to devour her. She didn't submit to us and in that moment, it drove me insane." Alaric adds.

Well this sounds interesting. My attention levels are heightened by the information I've received from my brothers. Curiosity grows inside of me, wondering who this little vixen could be.

My mind goes back to the young woman in the diner this morning. Not only does she match their description, but I also had difficulty trying to obtain the thoughts I could see lurking behind her lustful eyes.

"I saw a young woman matching the description in the diner this morning, I couldn't read her thoughts either. For a moment I had thought that I lost my skill. Do we have a name?"

"Not yet Eth." Alaric answers, seemingly amused that she had the same effect on me.

"Well, let the games begin then." I announce, downing the last of my drink.

Author's note: This chapter is dedicated to Kasi Snowden. Thank you for the feedback and support.

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