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Chapter Fourteen

It's Monday. A pain in the ass type of Monday. Why? Because the whole damn University is back. Am I currently so pissed off that I can breastfeed a baby crocodile. Yes. Why? Because instead of waiting in a cue for 10 minutes to order my coffee as usual, I have now been standing in a cue for 25 minutes. The girl on front of me keeps talking about her holiday and how she convinced her mother to pay for her hair laser removal treatments so she can feel softer than a baby's bottom when she has sex with whichever stud she chooses for the night.

I feel slightly jealous to be honest. I would love to be hairless from my neck down. My hair has always bothered me. I know some people like body hair, but I'm more of a hairless cat person type of person myself. That's why I shave practically every day. I've even named my razor and my can of shaving cream.

Currently there are six people in front of me compared to the eight there were before I started the little rant in my head.

Fairy godmother, if you can hear me, please get me my caffeine.

A warm sensation on my arm catches my attention and causes me to look to my side. There I find a barista holding a beautiful grande size cup in her hands with the steam being released from the lid teasing my senses. "Hi Miss, I was told to deliver this to you." She says with a smile. "Thank you, but are you sure you have the right person?" I ask. I doubt I would be the type of person someone takes the time to order a coffee for. "Well Miss, since you're the only redhead here, I'm pretty certain that you're the intended receiver of this. I just need to see your student card to make sure you are indeed a student at this University." Not giving it any thought I hand her my student card before asking if the mysterious drink is safe to consume. "Of course it's safe Miss, I made it myself." She answers, handing me the coffee and my student card.

I don't know why I keep getting free drinks, but since I'm trying not to be afraid of everything in life anymore, I'll take this chance. For the last time though, I'm definitely not planning on adding "drinking mysterious free drinks" to my list of hobbies. I have more common sense than that even though it doesn't always seem like it.

I put in my earphones and start heading to my first class, allowing the coffee to slowly glue my senses together as I walk through the crowds surrounding me.

So far I have managed to attend every scheduled class in my roster except for one. My piano lessons have yet to start since the lecturer teaches advanced music and was only due to return today.

Music has always been something I've used to express my emotions in a way that could never be conveyed with words. My love for it started when my mother shared her passion for the piano with me when I was young. I would watch her for hours as her fingers danced along the keys, creating an effortless melody that filled the entire house. As years passed, she taught me and the same fire that burnt inside of her soul when she played, now felt like it was inside of me whenever I play.

I haven't played in a while though, not for more than a year to be honest. Too much has happened. But I plan to piece myself back together and music is one of the essential pieces I need, so here I am ready to try again.

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