Their Possession

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Chapter Fifteen

Alaric's P.O.V:

"I have news brothers." Ethan announces as he walks into the living room. Why he sounds so enthusiastic goes beyond my understanding. Did he not also have to suffer through the first day of the return of our mindless students? Even though I started with private music lessons over the weekend, today's four lectures and the private lessons that followed succeeded in making me question my decision to become a lecturer.

"What do you have to say Ethan?" Callan says while motioning for Ethan to pour us some drinks before he continues with what he wants to say.

"Our little pet's name is Valerie Blaine." He says through his signature smirk.

"Are you sure?" I ask. "Much like my outlook on life brother, I am positive." Ethan says with sarcasm dripping from his lips before continuing to say: "I compelled a barista to inspect her student card. I went to check on the University's system and it's definitely her. She is 19 years old and from a city far away from here. She finished high school more than a year ago. There is no information about what she did in the year between leaving high school and coming here. In fact there was no address, no family details and no emergency contacts listed. I caught a quick glimpse of her this morning and she seemed very distracted... And very delectable. Her hair is the perfect length to pull on while I'm fucking her pretty little mouth."

"Valerie... Why does that name sound so familiar?" I wonder out loud. I am certain I have heard that name before. After a few moments of thought I remember that I had spotted the name "Valerie Blaine" on my list of private lessons.

"I think I might just be able to spend some private time with out little bird." I say to my brothers before they turn their heads to me paired questioning looks on their faces. "She is one of the students who I will be giving private lessons to. Piano if I can recall correctly." I add.

"Will you be able to control yourself this time brother, or do you need me to be present?" Callan asks with the slightest hint of concern. "I assure you brother, I will be able to keep my control intact next time." I answer as confidently as possible.

"Talking about our little pet has really caused me to build up quite an appetite. What do you say we go for a bit of a hunt brothers? I haven't fed in a while." Ethan says before Callan and I nod our heads, following our brother out the door and into the woods.

Reaching the edge of the woods we take a moment to observe the campus grounds. I catch a glimpse of a petite redhead making her way towards one of the dorm buildings. The lights illuminate her skin as she walks. The bag she has slung around her shoulder combined with the workout attire she is wearing gives an indication that she just arrived back from a workout. I can feel a disturbance in my groin while I watch her perfect ass bounce as she makes her way up the pathway. Once she has entered the building I look to my brothers to see that they are also affected just by something as simplistic as observing her from afar. I can foresee that this little vixen is going to be quite a problem for us. I can also foresee that our plans have now changed. Feeding is not the only thing we will be doing tonight.

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