Their Possession

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Chapter Seventeen

Callan P.O.V:

"Any idea what time Ric will be home?" Ethan asks as he hands me my glass of scotch. I shrug my shoulders as I take the glass from his hand. Both of us move to take our seats in front of the fireplace.

The three of us live alone in this mansion. Our creators, the original owners of this fine establishment, were called away to take on an assignment for the council a few years ago.

This has become a daily ritual for us. We come home and then grant ourselves a few hours to rest, enjoy a few drinks and talk. When you've lived as long as we have, you learn how to find pleasure in these little things, things most people find insignificant.

"These damn private lessons take up too much of his time." Ethan states.

"Even though the students mostly frustrate him, it is clear that he enjoys the challenge of improving their skills. I doubt he is going to give that up any time soon." I say, eyes focussing on my glass. I find the auburn-like colour of the alcoholic liquid mesmerising.

"Speaking of, I wonder when Ric will be having his private session with our little pet." Ethan's voice full of curiosity.

As I open my mouth to comment, my attention is turned to Alaric standing in the entranceway of the room. Although he isn't close, I can still see that his pupils are dilated and his normally blue eyes now contain hints of red. Simply put... Alaric is pissed.

"Who shat in your coffee brother?" Ethan mockingly asks.

"I'm going to kill whoever thinks he can fucking touch what doesn't belong to him." Alaric declares through clenched teeth.

"What Ric, someone use your pen without permission?" Ethan continues his mockery. If it's not obvious yet, pushing our buttons is one of Ethan's favourite pastimes.

"No you fucking asshole. Her... Valerie." Alaric replies.

With the mention of her name, Ethan and I straighten our postures, our focus now solely on our brother. I motion for him to continue.

"Today, I had my private lesson with her."

"Today? Why didn't you tell me, I would have loved to stop by." Ethan interrupts, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

"That's exactly why." Alaric answers, glaring at our brother before continuing, "Midway through the lesson, the air between us had become thick with intoxication. Her mind unreadable... driving me bloody insane. I had this overwhelming desire to taste her, but her hair was blocking the access to that lovely neck of hers. It was like she was in a trance. She was hesitant, but she allowed me to move closer to her. Then when I moved her hair away, there it was. A love bite on the back of her neck, strategically placed in such a way to mark her without her noticing it. And before you question me, it was definitely a love bite, I've been around long enough to be able to recognise one. It seemed to be a few days old. Someone had to have given it to her after our little encounter with her outside of the bar, because when I checked her neck then there was nothing. I had to get up and leave before I punished her for allowing someone else's mouth to roam her body while the traces of our touches were still unfaded."

I feel my fist clench at the idea of someone else touching her, tasting her before I've had the opportunity to. It doesn't sit well with me. Not in the slightest.

"Well I for one can think of many ways to punish our little pet. I don't know why we have this pull towards her or if she feels it too, but she must understand that we've already claimed her." Ethan voices what all of us are thinking.

For a few moments we sit there in silence. Thoughts of what we could do to her filling our minds. Imagining her crying out our names in pure ecstasy as we make her cum over and over again.

Our silence is broken by a loud melody filling the air, signalling that I have an incoming call. I excuse myself to take the call before returning back to my brothers.

"Anything important?" Alaric queries.

"Just Arlene. She says we should meet her at the shop tomorrow, there is something that she needs to discuss with us."

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