Their Possession

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Valerie Blain wants a fresh start in a town far away. Starting her first year of college in the a seemingly ordinary town. Follow Valerie as she tries to run away from her past and straight into the arms of brothers who want to make her their possession. What will happen when she learns that this town and its inhabitants are anything but ordinary. *** Warning: Contains dark themes that might be a trigger to some including violence, sexual abuse, foul language and sexual interaction. ***

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

“Shit Val,” Bree says in shock, “You almost broke my damn nose.”

“Sorry,” I say with the slightest hint of a smirk.

I didn’t think the punch would be that hard, I do feel pretty impressed with myself though. Bree and I took up boxing lessons a while back as a way of spending some time together before we both go our separate ways for college. The fact that we had produced some toned figures from it was a mere bonus.

“I’m going to miss you so much,” I sigh. Time has passed by so quickly. Just a few more things to do then tomorrow we’re off. Bree had a desire to travel and since she has family in Malta, this seemed like the perfect place for her to go.

I on the other hand, well, let’s just say my plans have changed quite drastically in the recent year. You see, something I can best describe as a tragedy came my way and turned my life into a proper shit storm. It took months to feel like I had my head above water again, even if it was only just.

I worked my ass off for years to get good grades so I could study in some big fancy city, I took that dream and buried it far away into my subconscious. Instead I am going to the most hidden away place I could find: A place called King William’s Town.

Not much is known about the town, except for it apparently being one of the oldest towns in the country. The town was about a seven hour drive from where I live and in a few days I would officially start my first year as a student of King William’s University.

I do a final inventory check of my bags. I have my clothes, some essentials and a few sentimental items. I throw the last bag onto the backseat of my car and say my tearful goodbyes to Bree before putting the car into gear, taking a last look at the house in which I spent the entire 19 years of my existence. Now all that is left is an empty shell with not a single sign of the laughter that once filled its rooms.

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