Their Possession

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Chapter Nineteen

Driving from the bookshop to the gym, my mind feels baffled. So much has happened and I haven't even been here for a bloody month. I came to this small town to try and rebuild a life for myself. One in which I'm just a normal woman. A stranger everyone passes by on the street.

Parking my car across the street from the gym, I turn off the ignition and take a moment to just breathe.

I look up, observing my surroundings. As usual, students fill the street. Some heading straight for the bar while others are heading straight for the gym. Sometimes I really miss my early morning jogs where it was just my music and I with only the odd person passing by.

I loosen my grip on the steering wheel, letting out the big sigh I've been holding in. "Everything is ok Val, they're just men. Men who have no interest in you. You can deal with this, you've dealt with so much worse." I say to myself before getting out of the car and walking into the gym. A kickboxing class is just what I need right now.

Unknown P.O.V:

I stand unseen, admiring her through the window of the gym as she continuously throws punches at the bag in front of her. I see the determination in her eyes, something I can never tire of seeing. Her determination to be stronger, smarter, more fearless. I want her to try harder, to be better... So that I can be the one to have the pleasure of breaking it all down. The idea of breaking apart everything she's worked so hard to piece back together elicits a desire deep inside of me.

She's already got me rock hard.

My hand moves to the zipper of my pants, guiding it down all the way to its base. The other hand reaching in to free my cock from its confinement. I grab my cock firmly, my eyes not leaving her body.

"Just look at what you do to me Val."

Slowly, hand starts pumping.

I watch her tits bounce as her fist makes contact with the punching bag, picturing them bounce as she tries to defend herself against me.

My grip tightens.

I watch her chest rise and fall, picturing her breathing rapidly as she pleads for me to stop.

My pace quickens.

I watch her grab a water bottle, her mouth sucking desperately for water, picturing those perfect lips sucking me dry.

And with that, comes my undoing.

Valerie P.O.V:

I pack all of my equipment back into my bag, thanking the instructor before I leave. The amount of students in the street has increased, making me desperate to just get into my car and leave.

I unlock the trunk of my car to throw my bag in before slamming it shut. I walk around to the driver's door, motioning to grab the door handle before my entire body stills in horror.

I try to take a closer look to confirm that what I think I'm seeing is actually there. It is. There, on my car window is the outline of a heart. A heart drawn in its entirety with semen.

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