Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-one

Unknown P.O.V:

"What did you expect? For her to sit there waiting for you to come back? To wait in her house for you to come and take her? How is it that a little girl keeps outsmarting you?" Michael questions, clearly speaking before he's thought it through. I watch his body stiffen when he realises the mistake he just made. Standing frozen with his back to me, I hear him curse under his breath.

Silence fills the room. The only thing that can be heard is the cracking of the fire radiating from the fireplace a few metres away from my chair. I've always loved fire - an element capable of bringing comfort or complete destruction.

The corners of my mouth curve into a sinister smile, one that usually means trouble for the other party involved. "Michael, come here." He hesitates, not moving. "Michael, I will not repeat myself."

In the flash of an eye Michael is kneeling in front of me. An alluring combination of uncertainty and fear is painted across his face. His eyes avoiding mine.

"Are you insulting me Michael?"

"No, I was out of line. Forgive me, Master."

"Forgiveness is earned Michael."

"Please, Master."

"Very well."

I grip his face with my left hand. Pulling him closer untill my lips are next to his left ear. "You want to please your Master, don't you Michael?" I whisper while using my right hand to undo my belt buckle and my zipper.

He audibly gulps when he looks down and sees the prominent bulge hidden underneath the material of my boxer briefs.

It's all her fault, just the mere thought of her does this to me.

"This is your only chance Michael, give me a reason as to why I should allow you to keep those troublesome lips of yours."

I release his face, waiting patiently for him to make the next move.

He slowly moves the piece of material covering away. Using his right hand, he firmly grips my length. He lowers his lips down, taking the tip of my cock into his mouth before starting to twirl his tongue around the head.

I throw my head back, taking in the pleasure as he takes more of me into his mouth. As he starts bobbing his head up and down I close my eyes to try and picture her pretty little lips in the place of his.

The ecstacy starts building up inside of me. I can sense that the masochist inside of Michael, the part he tries to hide away, is enjoying this.

Michael moves his head faster and faster, bringing me closer and closer to my peak. Just then, Michael slowers his pace, sucking out every last drop before swallowing.

"Have I pleased you, Master?"

My office door swinging open hinders me from answering Michael. In the doorway stands Luca and Theon. "This better be important?" I glare at the two men who are focused on Michaels position, trying to decipher the possible events that played out in this room moments before they entered it.

"It is." Luca answers after shifting his focus

I motion for Michael to stand up and move back to the other side of the room before focusing my attention once more on the men in the doorway.

"Don't stand there and waste my time Lucas, open your damn mouth and get to the point." Impatience clear in my voice.

"We found her." Luca speaks out.


"King William's Town."


I throw my head back, trying to put the memory aside and come back to the reality of the present day. It was only a few days ago that Lucas informed me that they had found her. Did she really think she could run away from me to a shitty small town. Did she think she would be safe?

Tonight when she walked back to her car and saw my little symbol of affection, I could see that something in her brain clicked. She remembered.

However, I could see she was in denial. Trying to push the thought of me back. But she won't be able to keep me in the shadown for long. There will come a time where she'll be forced to face her reality.

For now, I'll patiently wait in the shadows.

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