Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-three

I drop my and cellphone on my desk before plopping down onto my bed. Perhaps I can just lie down and relax... "Val!"... Or not.

I lift my head to see my roommate entering our room. Her eyes are gleaming with hope. "We've been invited to a frat house party!"

"We?" I ask lifting my right eyebrow for emphasis.

"Yes we. This really sexy guy in my literature class invited me today and he told me to bring my roommate."

"Amelia, doesn't that sound a bit suspicious to you? Inviting you I understand, but a guy I've never met inviting me to a party? That's odd." I lift myself into a sitting position.

"That's what I thought at first Val, but when I asked him he explained that he had overheard me talking about you to my friends in class a few times and he thought that you sounded interesting, hence the invite." She moves to come and sit down next to me on my bed. After about ten seconds of the two of us just staring at each other Amelia let's out a short sigh. "Look Val, I heard you crying yourself to sleep last night. I've observed your change in spirit during the past two weeks and I've been trying to stay out of your business but the truth is I'm worried about you. I might not be around a lot, but I do care. I also don't expect you to trust me and open up to me but at least let me take you out and try to give you an enjoyable evening."

I can see that she's telling me the truth, this girl cares about me. I have no idea why but a part of her does. She might not know it yet, but a part of me cares about her too.

"Fine, but I'm driving." I say with a slight smile. Her face lights up in response. She jumps up in excitement, clapping her hands. "Let's get ready Val, we're leaving in an hour." I get my things together and follow Amelia towards the showers.

I was once the life of the party, a different party every weekend. Those times are long gone.

I'm willing to at least try tonight, for Amelia's sake and for my own. I forget too often how young I am and that people my age aren't supposed to worry like I do. That being said, most people my age haven't been through what I've been through.

After the shower Amelia and I head back to our room to go as she calls it "outfit hunting".

After digging through everything I scratch together some clothes that I think would look good.

After putting my outfit on Amelia takes over to style my hair into stylish loose curls draping down my back. She finishes off my look by applying a light smokey eye and some burgundy lipstick to my face.

"Damn girl, you look hot as hell!" Amelia practically yells, looking pleased with her work.

I move closer to the mirror and what I see surprises me. I'm looking at the same party animal I used to know, except now she looks a little wiser and a bit stronger than she used to. I can't help but feel a slight burst of confidence.

"Thank you so much Amelia, you ready to go?" I ask my roommate who is now checking herself out in the mirror. I have to admit, she looks gorgeous. That guy from her class would be a fool to pass her up tonight.

"Hell to the yes." She replies, leading the way through our door. I do a final check to make sure I have everything I need, including my trusted mini taser, and follow her out of the doors and in to the night.

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