Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-four

Amelia and I get into my car, strapping in our seatbelts before I start the engine. The radio automatically turns on and continues playing the Fall Out Boy song that I was listening to before I got out of my car earlier today.

"Mind if I turn it up?" I ask Amelia. "Please do." Amelia replies. We smile at each other, silently registering that we both enjoy this band's music. Amelia has just earned herself a fresh batch of brownie points.

The rest of the ride consists of Amelia giving me directions and us singing along with the songs blasting through the speakers of my car.

It doesn't take long for the two of us to stop in front of a large house marked with Greek symbols. The crowds of students piling up in front of the house gives us the indication that we're at the right place.

"Park over there." Amelia points towards a small open spot between two trucks a little way down the road. One of the perks about having a small car is that I can squeeze into spots like these. I skilfully park my car in the tiny spot. "Like a glove." I announce, earning a knowing smile from Amelia. So she gets my movie reference huh? Extra brownie points!

Amelia and I make our way up the road in our heels. Great, I feel my feet crying out in agony already. Luckily I have an extra pair of Vans in the back of my car for in case of emergencies.

We walk through crowds of people untill we reach the front doors. Before either of us can reach for the doorknob the door swings open revealing a topless giggling brunette being chased by a smiling and clearly very horny guy. The pair make their way past us until all we can hear is them making cat noises at each other in the distance. Ah, yes, we're definitely at a frat house party.

Amelia grabs my wrist and guides me straight to the kitchen where an array of liquor stands on the counter. "Feel free to get yourself something, I'm not much of a drinker." I say to Amelia. She nods before grabbing herself a plastic cup and filling it with beer.

The kitchen becomes crowded quickly, I motion to Amelia that I'll meet her outside before walking out of the kitchen door onto the porch. To my relief I spot a random vacant chair placed at the edge of the porch, overlooking the yard.

I want to leave already, but I owe it to my roommate and to myself to try and at least enjoy tonight.

I take a seat, the soles of my feet welcoming the relief of pressure. I close my eyes and focus on the slight breeze tickling my face.

"There she is, Val!" I hear my roommate's voice echoing in the distance. When a hand is placed on my shoulder my eyes finally decide to open. Looking for owner of the perfectly manicured nails, my eyes track up to Amelia's face before registering the two men standing beside her, their focus already on me.

I give them a quick, hopefully unnoticed glance.

"This is my roommate Valerie." Amelia says to the two men before looking back at me. "Val, this is the lovely gentleman that invited us." She says referring to the man standing closest to her.

Before Amelia can continue her introduction she is interrupted by said man. "Pleased to finally meet you Valerie, my name is Theon." He introduces himself, putting a slight emphasis on finally.

Why does he seem so eager? What exactly has Amelia been saying about me in class that has made this guy so interested in meeting me?

As if sensing my thoughts, a devilish smirk forms on his face. He takes my lack of response as an opportunity to continue by introducing the man next to him. "And this, dear Valerie, is my friend Luca."

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