Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-five

"It's nice to meet you both." I say, forcing a polite smile. Something about these two seems off. There's a peculiar look in their eyes that I cannot decipher in this lack of lighting.

They're both tall, lean men. Theon's has dark buzz cut hair with a clean-shaven face. Luca on the other hand has light brown hair shaped into a comb over, his jaw is accentuated by a five o' clock shadow. Tattoos peak through the short sleeves of their shirts. That makes me wonder - aren't they cold? Maybe they're just used to the weather here.

They are both handsome men. They don't do anything for my ladies down stairs though. Even though I hate to admit it, the only time I've felt my ovaries cheering in appreciation of the male species has been in the presence of three specific brothers.

Realising where my thoughts are heading, I shake my head hoping the thoughts would fall out of my ear and crash onto the floor. The voice of the man in front of me brings me back to reality. "Valerie, are you ok?" Luca asks. My vision comes back into focus just in time for me to see that Theon and Amelia have decided to abandon us and are now making their way up the stairs. Luca stares at me, his face looking more amused than concerned.

"O shit sorry, everything's fine."

"You look like you need a drink, I'll be right back." Luca says, giving me no time to protest. It doesn't take long before he emerges from the crowd with two plastic cups in hand. Luca hands me a cup before suggesting that we raise a toast. "To new friends." He says eagerly, urging me to bring the cup to my mouth and swallow some of the orange liquid. I can't help but pull a face at the bitter aftertaste. I've never tasted something like this before, but it's not like I'm an expert in the field to start off with.

"So are you the wingman tonight?" I ask, referring to Theon and Amelia conveniently leaving our sides for some alone time.

"Something like that, it's not all bad though, I get to keep a pretty lady company." He sends a wink my way.

I guess having someone to talk to at this STD breeding fest gives me a bit of hope that I might not have a complete crappy evening.

After about thirty minutes of making small talk with Luca, I start feeling strange. My mind feels foggy.

Luca notices my changing state. "Is something wrong Valerie?"

"I'm not sure, maybe I'm more of a lightweight than I thought." I try to joke.

"Come with me, maybe I can help." Luca places his arm loosely around my waist to start guiding me to the front door. As we're walking my movements become unsteady. My body starts feeling weak.

Wait... I've been drunk before and this is not what it felt like. Something is wrong. I need to find Amelia, now.

I slip away from Luca's grip and start frantically making my way towards the stairs. Getting to the top, I feel a stong pull towards the end of the hallway. I end up in front of a closed door. I wiggle the doorknob and discover that the door is unlocked. Without thinking I enter the room.

I stand frozen in place. In front of me is my roommate lying on her back, her clothes torn to reveal her most delicate parts. Her legs are spread wide while Theon's head is buried in betweem them. Amelia's moans fill the room as Theon eats her out.

As if sensing my presence, Theon's eyes find mine. Maintaining eye contact he moves his mouth from her core to the inside of her thigh. He gives me an eerie smile, revealing what seems like... Like... Fangs?

I feel my eyes growing wider as he lowers his mouth, piercing Amelia's skin. Amelia's moans grow louder as he starts sucking. A stream of blood starts running down her inner thigh. Shifting my focus from the blood back to Theon's eyes, I see shades of red covering his irises.

This cant be.

This can't be happening.

My eyes are deceiving me.

This isn't real. I'm clearly hallucinating.

Shit... I need to get out of here.

I take one step back, then two. I turn to run, only to run straight into a solid torso. I look up to see Luca's demanding eyes peering into mine before he speaks: "Now Valerie, be a good girl and come with me."

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