Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-six

I feel my brain and body becoming more unstable as the seconds pass. Time suddenly feels frozen. I try to think rationally, to make sense of the situation I currently find myself in.

I promised myself that I'd never be the weak girl I was ever again. I've spend too much time building my physical strength and I've tried so hard to build my emotional strength too, even though that has proved to be so much more difficult.

I hear the slurping sounds, Amelia's moans, my heavy breathing, my heart racing. It all becomes so audible. Lucas starts smirking as if he is waiting for me to obey him without question. He's wrong. I will not be dragged away like a lamb to the slaughter. This is not happening to me. Not today. I won't allow it.

I clench my teeth, mustering up the courage I stand slightly taller and glare back at Luca.

"No, you asshole."

Luca seems taken aback by my reaction, confusion evident on his face. I use the opportunity to gather all the strength I can to knee him in his balls and slip past him. I kick off my heels as I run. I don't have time to look back and see where Luca or Theon is. I move my legs as quickly as I possibly can, moving past the crowd of people as the adrenaline rushing through my body propels me forward.

Within seconds I reach my car, my key already ready to unlock the door. As I slip into the driver's seat I start the engine and take off. Driving past the frat house I take a single moment to investigate my surroundings, but there is no sign of Luca or Theon. For that I'm grateful.

After a few minutes my car comes to a halt. I sit back in my seat, taking a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves.

What the hell just happened? Was that blood? Was he sucking her dry like some kind of leech? Shit, Amelia. I just left her there with those two psychos.

Wow Val, some friend you are.

It was like she was in a trance, overtaken by pleasure, completely unaware of anything around her. What's more is that when he bit her, she seemed to enjoy it.

Did he really bite her? Were my eyes deceiving me?

I've driven to one of the only places I feel safe. Thank the heavens Arlene entrusted me with a spare key.

I can feel the adrenaline wearing off and the strange feeling returning only this time it's stronger. Much stronger. I need help.

I stumble into the shop, locking behind me. "Arlene?!" I try calling out, but my voice struggles. I know she told me that I'm not allowed up stairs, but she did also say that if I ever need anything I can come to her. So now, I'm coming.

I start forcing my muscles to get me up the stairs. When I get to the top I notice movement behind one of the doors, but everything is silent. I have no choice but to move towards the door hoping that I'm not just seeing shadows.

My vision is starting to fail me. The door becomes blurry. I move my hand forward, twist the doorknob and open the door. "Arlene, help." I say in a last attempt, my voice is barely a whisper. Looking into the room all I can make out are the outlines of four figures freezing when they notice my presence. My head feels like it's spinning. In the distance I swear I can hear familiar voices calling out my name, but it's too late. I feel my body collapse to the ground, darkness overtaking me.

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