Their Possession

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Chapter Two

“Mamma we all go to hell,” I sing along to My Chemical Romance blasting through the speakers of my car. After what feels like an eternity, I finally see a sign saying: “Welcome to King William’s Town.” It’s bigger than I expected. The main road is filled with beautifully preserved old buildings as far as the eye can see. After a few turns, a series of colossal buildings come into view. I am left in awe staring at what I can only assume is my residence and place of study for the next four years of my life. A large black fence separates the grounds from a forest surrounding the sides.

I make a stop at the gate and after asking for directions from the guard, I slowly make my way to the dorms where I will be staying.

My legs thank me as I get out of the car and give them a bit of a stretch. Looking around, I see quite a few students roaming the grounds. They’re all probably moving in before class starts in three days.

I walk to the front desk of the building containing the student dorms and wait to be helped. A beautiful woman with blonde shining hair steps forward to assist me. She looks like someone straight from a Revlon commercial. Her make-up is perfectly applied to her smooth skin and her hazel eyes pierce into mine ripping me from my trance as she asks for my name. “Uhm sorry, Valerie Blain.” She gives me a warm smile as she starts processing my documents. Taking my room key from her stretched out arm, I thank her and start walking towards the elevators.

“Not bad,” I say softly to myself, observing my new room. The walls are a light grey accompanied by two single beds and desks on either side of the room. Wait… Two beds, great. That means I’m getting a roommate.

Naturally, I’m an introvert. So the thought of having to share a room with a stranger stirs up my social anxiety. What if she snores? Or what if she sleeps with her eyes open? I really don’t need to be gazed to sleep every night.

My thoughts are interrupted by the bedroom door opening behind me. I turn around and come face to face with a girl who is around my height, sporting black jeans, a red crop top, red flats and rose gold hoop earrings that bring out the platinum streaks in her brown pixie cut hair.

A warm smile spreads across her face. “Hi, you must be my new roomie?”

“No I’m just housekeeping,” I say jokingly smiling back at her.

“A roommate with a sense of humour. That’s a relief. My name is Amelia, nice to meet you.”

“Valerie,” I respond, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Amelia and I spend a few minutes getting acquainted and deciding who gets which side of the room. I end up with the bed facing the only window in the room, since Amelia has some fear of someone looking in through the window while she sleeps.

I walk out to my car to get the last of ,y things. My legs suddenly start moving slower until I reach a stop. I have this… this eerie feeling… the kind that sends a shiver down my spine. It feels like I’m being watched. I start looking around but all I see are students moving around minding their own business. I try to move on to what I came out here to do, but I just can’t seem to shake this feeling. I literally feel eyes burning into my skull, but I can’t find who those eyes belong to. I grab my things from the car and walk back into the building as fast as I can without drawing attention to myself. I sigh and whisper to myself: "I really don’t need this shit right now."

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