Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-eight

Arlene P.O.V:

I stand observing the three tall men that make this room seem so small. They stand staring at the redheaded woman with an emotion I haven't seen on their faces in decades: Concern for a human life.

The moment I saw the first interaction the boys had with Valerie, I could sense something that I've been trying to figure out since that day. I have not been able to piece the puzzle together, but luckily I have more than enough time and patience to do so. I have a feeling Valerie is much more than what she appears to be and this whole episode has been another confirmation of just that.

I look down at the sweet girl whos skin looks like porcelain. Such a kind soul, but so lost. Her eyes that usually convey so much emotion are now closed with the uncertainty of when they will open again.

I once again focus my eyes on the men, their tall figures stand over her. Each of their faces now carry a different expression.

Callan's eyes catch my own. He takes the opportunity to speak: "Why this, why her? It's easy enough for any supernatural to have their way with a human. Why go through all of this effort?"

"I don't know Callan, all I know is that this is powerful and this was not accidental. Drugs like this, they take too much time and effort to create just to waste on some random catch for the night. I fully believe that she was targeted. Why, well, I don't know that part yet."

"Well fuck me sideways with a donkey's tail. No supernatural has ever had the balls to enter our territory and pull a stunt like this." Ethan interrupts. He has always had a way with words.

"Enough Ethan!" Callan speaks up, "There are unwanted supernaturals in our domain. We need know how they got in without us fucking knowing about it."

Ethan faces his brother. "We'll find them Callan and we'll show them what happens when they dare to fuck with us. Just like we've done with the likes of them that came before. But her on the other hand, she poses a different challenge."

"What are you thinking brother?" Alaric steps into the conversation with a mocking look in his eyes. I've known these brothers long enough to know that they all already know what the other is thinking.

Before answering Alaric, Ethan first turns his attention towards me.

"Arlene, since we do not know the extent of the situation yet, will I be correct in saying that the best option for Valerie would be to have the strongest form of protection for the time being?"

I hesitate for a moment before nodding my head.

This signals Ethan to continue. "And am I also correct in saying that my brothers and I are the strongest form of protection available to her?"

Sensing where this is going, I reluctantly nod again.

Ethan turns his head toward Alaric. "Well then to answer your question brother, I see it like this. Our little Valerie needs to be protected untill we can find out why she was chosen and we need to find out who the halfwit trespasser is. Therefore, I believe the best option would be to take her home with us. There, we can watch over her."

I take a step closer to Ethan and his attention falls on me again. "My, my, my. Do tell me Ethan my boy, what has made you decide to allow a human into your home? Not to mention your willingness to protect said human?"

Accepting the challenge, Ethan takes a step toward me, placing his hand on his chest in an effort to seem insulted by my words. "Why I've always seen myself as a considerate man always willing to help those in need." His face morphs from that of a seemingly insulted mam to that of a scheming man. He pauses for a second before taking a final step towards me. He bends down untill his mouth is only a small distance away from my ear before continuing: "And if what you say about this drug is true, if little Valerie wakes up in a state of need and desire... well then... I do believe that my brothers and I will be more than willing to help."

As he finishes his sentence I see the hints of excitement and michief light up in Alaric and Callan's eyes.

My dear Val, these three men have their eyes set on you. Forgive me child, but I don't think I can protect you from them.

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