Their Possession

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Chapter Twenty-nine

My mind wonders as I find myself in an unfamiliar room. A fireplace is blazing a short distance away from me, the fire serving as the only source of light for this dimly lit space. I feel the heat warming up my...Bare skin? I look down and gasp to see the only items covering my body being a lacey set of black lingerie.

My thoughts are cut short when movement in front of me causes my head to shoot up. Callan Strauss stands a few steps away from me, his eyes piercing into mine with an intense hunger. Without a word he moves toward me like a predator going for its prey, his eyes not leaving mine. I want to turn around but my body remains frozen in place until Callan reaches me. His lips crash onto mine as my body willingly melts into his with burning desire. A strong hand fists my hair, pulling my head away from Callan's lips. I now face the hungry eyes of Alaric Strauss standing beside me. His lips engulf mine while I feel Callan leaving a trail of kisses from my neck down my chest. My nipples instantly harden as an unknown pair of hands reach around my torso, tearing off my bra and letting it fall to the floor. I don't have to look to know that Ethan Strauss is now behind me, his lips assaulting my neck while he reaches forward to palm my one breast while Callan takes possession of the other, teasing my nipple with the expert movements of his tongue.

I become lost in the overwhelming sensations. My body begging for more.

Alaric breaks our kiss. He leans in closer to my ear before declaring: "We're going to fuck you now Val."

A jolt of pain surges through my body and my eyes shoot open. Shit, if it was just a dream why does it feel like my entire body is on fire.


The sound of Arlene's voice sounds close and I find her sitting next to me.

"Arlene? What are you doing in my room?" I ask with confusion evident in my voice.

"I'm afraid we're not in your room dear." She states.

Suddenly the events from that night all come flooding into my mind. The party, Amelia, the fangs, the blood, driving to the bookshop and then just darkness. I look away from Arlene to see that I'm in a very large and exquisite room which definitely does not belong to me. I need to get up, I need to leave.

I try to move to get out of bed but Arlene stops me. "I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that dear." She says while gripping my upper arm firmly.

"Arlene what the hell is going on?" I look at her expectantly, waiting for her to tell me that this has all just been one giant prank.

"Valerie dear, you were drugged. You managed to make it to the bookstore before you blacked out. Since then the Strauss boys and I have been taking care of you."

"Since then? How long is since then?" I ask with worry.

"Since three days ago my dear, you've been in a comatose-like state for three days."

"What! Three days?"

"Valerie, listen to me. You were drugged with something very strong. I have injected you with something that works against it, however it will take a few days to eliminate the effects of the drug. There are a few things we need to discuss, specifically the effects of this drug."

Just then, the door to the room opens, revealing the three strikingly handsome men from my dream. At the sight of them, my whole body starts aching and I get this overwhelming feeling of desire. Every cell in my body wants to run towards them, strip myself of all of my clothing and offer my body to them to do as they please.

The need for them builds and builds. Arlene tries to talk to me but her voice isn't managing to come through.

My heart rate increases and my breathing becomes shallow, but suddenly that all changes. The need is replaced by pain. Indescribable pain. I start screaming as a massive shock of pain terrorises my body.

"What... What the fuck is happening to me!?" I scream while the unbearable pain grows. I let out a loud cry before feeling the world around me goes dark again.

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