Their Possession

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Chapter Thirty

Unknown P.O.V:

"What do you mean you fucking lost her!?" I felt rage building up inside of me as I move closer to Theon.

Theon steps back and begins to reply in a rushed voice, "We did everything according to plan, I'm not sure how this happened, somehow..."

"Somehow my compulsion had no effect on her." Luca interrupts Theon. I don't have to look at Luca to know that his facial expression resembles that of a man that is so pissed he can cook an egg in his ass. "Not only that, but she was somehow able to escape with your supposedly full proof drug in her system. Did you know that was going to happen?" I turn my head to face his. His eyes are piercing into mine and he refuses to break eye contact as he steps closer.

"You've been hiding important information from us haven't you? Who the hell is this girl really? You told us she was just someone who owed you a great debt." Luca continues. His back is straight, his shoulders broadened, his chest puffed. Does he think that he can just puff himself up like that and immediately he would have me on my knees?

Letting out a sigh of disbelief, I turn away from Luca, finally breaking the eye contact. I don't need him playing some kind of intimidation game. I am his leader and he needs to show me the respect I deserve.

Within seconds I move Luca from where he is standing to the hard brick wall behind him. My hand around his throat anchors him, making it clear that he cannot break away easily.

Again our eyes meet. In a slow and cold manner I speak to the person staring back at me with panic. "Be careful Luca, be very VERY careful of how you talk to me. If one more disrespectful word escapes from your mouth I will be forced to call the maids to clean your blood up off the floor while I sit and feast on your heart. That's not something you desire to happen, now is it?"

Unable to answer, all Luca manages to do is shake his head. With his response I let him go, freeing his body from the wall.

Luca find his balance and stands, his posture now frozen in place as he tries to make sense of what just occurred. I have never lashed out at Luca like that before. I have shocked him, of that I am aware, but it was needed. I need to rule those around me with fear, that way they will think twice before betraying me. I consider Luca to be my right hand man, however he is no exception to the rule. Especially in the presence of other servants.

"Everyone, leave us." I command the servants present. Everyone rushes out of the room before Theon simply nods, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

"Luca." I say softly, moving slightly closer to him before continuing, "I have not been completely honest with you. The girl, she is immune to compulsion, many have tried and failed to even get her to pick up a teaspoon. However, her ability to fight the drug is concerning. I clearly underestimated how strong she has become. Rest assured, I will not be making that mistake again. Also, she does owe me a great debt, a debt greater than any amount of money. Now tell me Luca, where is she? Where is my little vixen?"

"We managed to follow her from the party. We expected her to lose consciousness soon so we waited for her to pull over or for her car to start swerving off the road. We thought that she had started to lose consciousness and therefore decided to pull over, but as we stopped our car she got out of hers. She was struggling to walk, but somehow managed to make her way into an old book shop in town." Luca says, his head still tilted towards the floor.

"Luca, I hope you have a good explanation of why you could not simply grab her from the book shop and bring her to me?" I ask with a slight warning in my tone.

"That was exactly what we were planning on doing, there were too many civilians in the area...but we couldn't follow through with the plan. There was a barrier preventing us from entering the shop. We tried everything we could, but we did not manage to even get a toe past the door. The barrier, it was created with strong magic. Strong ancient magic. I could sense it as we were trying to pass." Luca takes this moment to look up, his face facing mine but his eyes avoiding mine.

Supernaturals? In such a miserable town?

"Perhaps I should go visit this book store myself, it sounds like this sorry excuse for a town might just have something intriguing to offer after all."

No one, no human or supernal, will stop me from getting what is rightfully mine.

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