Their Possession

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Chapter Thirty-one

Callan P.O.V:

We've been standing in this room for what feels like hours, just hovering over the now sleeping body of Valerie Blaine. She's been here for a few days now. She woke up once before falling into a deep sleep. Arlene stated that the mixture she gave her to work against the effects of the drug that mother fucking asshole gave her was to blame for Valerie's fatigue.

Arlene has been observing us observing Valerie. She is very good in reading us. It's something that has come with the many years she has knows us. She is one of a very short list of beings on this earth that we trust. However, she has also been desensitised to our intimidating demeanors. It's made her quite ballsy in our presence.

"Arlene, you do remember that my brothers and I have access to your thoughts, don't you?" I ask, I see her mouth shape into a sly smile. She knows exactly where I'm going with this.

Without turning her attention to me she just simply nods, her smile growing as the seconds go by.

"Well then, could you perhaps explain to us why you've been thinking of us as sex deprived perverts for the past hour?" I continue.

As if all forms of self control has left her body in an instant, Arlene let's out a giggle resembling that of a school girl who is up to no good.

"Arlene, do not forget that we are still your superiors." Alaric warns. His voice is calm with a hint of danger lurking in the background.

It takes only a moment for Arlene to compose herself and clear her throat. "Well boys, my thoughts are just describing what you look like when you look at this girl. I haven't seen any of you act like this in a very long time."

We all remain silent, that giving her the answer she needs before she continues: "Boys, as discussed I need to go to the coven to see what they know of this drug and if they have any idea how we can trace it back to the creator. In the meantime there is something very serious I need to discuss with you all. As you know the drug is made to manipulate the victim into craving sex with its creator. Since the creator of the drug is not present in this room, I am not sure whether her desires are going to be directed to you or not. Furthermore, I have no way of telling whether she is a virgin or not. You are not under any circumstances allowed to penetrate this girl if she were to throw herself at you, not until we know the true extent of the effects of this drug. Do you understand me boys?"

My brothers and all release loud growls. We do not take kindly to being told what to do. Especially if it involves us being denied something that we desire.

Arlene quickly picks up on this. "Boys, I am not trying to disrespect you in any way. I am just trying to keep everyone in this room safe. We do not know what will happen if she were to have sex with someone who did not create the drug. The magic connected to this drug could rebel against her and she could suffer horrible consequences. If she is indeed still a virgin, the consequences she might suffer could be even worse. I don't know the answers yet, but I'm planning on finding out as soon as possible." She taken a moment to catch her breath. I can see that she is nervous about the way in which she is addressing us, but we aren't such egotistic pricks that we don't realise what she's saying makes sense.

"We do not wish to bring this girl any harm. You are aware of our attraction towards her, however we do understand the seriousness of the situation. You have my word that we will not have sex with her before we don't have more answers." Alaric states on behalf of him, Ethan and myself.

Arlene lets out a small sign of relief. "Thank you boys, I will be back as soon as I can." With that she leaves the room, closing the large wooden door behind her.

"If our little bird has to throw herself at me, I cannot promise that I will be able to stop. Not when this creature looks so... Delectable." Alaric says while moving a strand of her curly hair from her face to behind her ear.

"I agree, I can feel myself getting hard just looking at her." Ethan mentions, his eyes staring at the valley of her breasts that are on display thanks to the low cut of the night gown Arlene chose to dress her in since her shirt reeked with the stench of another man. A man that we have sworn to find. I haven't had a good kill in quite some time and I believe killing him is going to be something I will thoroughly enjoy.

"I believe our best option then would be to avoid her. We keep her locked in this room and send the maids to take her food and clean clothing every day until ww have some sort of answer." I suggest. This causes my brothers to look at me with raised eyebrows.

It takes a few moments for them to realise that what I'm suggesting is our best option for now. None of us can explain our infatuation with this girl... No, this woman. Perhaps it is the fact that we still haven't been able to gain access to our thoughts. Perhaps it is that she was unaffected by our ability to compell others. Perhaps it is her striking beauty.

If she was targeted, that means there is another man trying to lay his hands on her. That is something we simply cannot allow.

In that moment she squirms in her sleep before rolling into her side. The movement causes the sheet covering her legs to slide down and her night gown to slide up, giving us the perfect view of her ample bottom only covered by a thin layer of lace from her panties.

"Let's get the hell out of here before I break my word and take her right here and now." Ethan says. I couldn't agree more and by the looks of the bulge growing in Alaric's pants, neither can he.

We swore to protect her, we cannot leave this house to find some relief for this sexual frustration.

One the way down the hall we pass by two of our maids. Both are in their thirties, both are brunettes and both of them are good enough for a quick lay.

It doesn't take much convincing for them to strip themselves naked, ready for us to take them. We do not have time for modesty, that little redheaded vixen has once again stirred up an urgency in us.

It doesn't take long before I take the brunette on all fours from behind while Alaric thrusts his cock into her mouth causing her to gag. Ethan has the other brunette pinned up against the wall, relentlessly thrusting into her while taking the opportunity to sink his fangs into the dip of her neck. A drop of blood starts making its way down her breast.

Alaric is quick to catch it, placing his mouth over her nipple in the process. Ethan hooks her legs around his hips and turns her so that her backside is facing Alaric. Without any warning Alaric enters her tight back hole causing her to scream out in agony. This doesn't hinder Alaric for a moment as he quickly falls into the pace Ethan has set.

Suddenly my thoughts are filled with images of Valerie being taken by my brothers the way our maid is. For some reason the images only build my desire.

I bury myself deeper into the brunette in front of me, bringing her up so that she is now standing on her knees. I gain quick access to her neck and indulge in her blood.

What have you done to us Mrs. Blaine?

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