Their Possession

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Chapter Three

The sound of my alarm going off fills the room. It’s 05:30 am, even though practically no-one in the building would willingly be awake yet, it’s the perfect time to go for a run. It’s a cold morning so I decide to put on a pair of black leggings, a grey long sleeve shirt, my running shoes and of course my earphones. I take a quick glance at Amelia before leaving the room, just to make sure she doesn’t sleep with her eyes open.

Stepping outside the building, I welcome the slight morning breeze on my face. I take a quick look around to determine my route. It’s still slightly dark out, but at least the street lights make up for the lack of the sun’s rays. I plug the earphones into my phone and press play before allowing my legs to accelerate up the pathway. I find my morning runs to be therapeutic, an opportunity to escape from reality for a few moments.

After a 45 minute run I start running along the fence on my way back to my residence. The last stretch, then I can relax a bit before… before… my thoughts are interrupted by the return of the same eerie feeling from the previous day. I start looking around, but I don’t see anyone, not a single soul. I look into the distance, into the trees that start forming the forest. Could it be that someone in the forest is staring at me? If they are, they wouldn't be able to get past the fence, would they?

I stop for a second to catch my breath and tilt my head, looking into the forest. Slight movement in between the trees catches my eye. I must be going crazy, but I’m definitely not going to wait around to find out if I’m wrong. I start sprinting as fast as I can. I don’t stop until I’m back in my room.

Amelia is still asleep. I don’t want to wake her so I decide to go for a shower. Maybe that will give me a chance to clear my head.

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