Their Possession

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Chapter Four

The next two days go by quickly. I haven’t had it in me to go for a run since that day. As a result I woke up this morning feeling quite groggy. Maybe it’s the lack of exercise combined with the nerves of the first day of class, I don’t know. What I do know though, is that I need coffee, stat.

I slowly make my way out of bed, grab my outfit for the day and head to the showers. When I get back to the room I dry my hair until my natural auburn curls drape down to my mid-back. I apply some foundation, a nude brown to my lips and a smokey brown eye in the attempt to make my green eyes pop.

My first class starts at 09:00 am, that leaves me with 30 minutes to get my caffeine fix. I enter the quaint coffee shop across from the main building. I order my large americano and take a seat at the closest table, admiring the coffee’s aroma. I stare down at my screen, going through my playlist when something causes an all too familiar shiver down my spine. I turn my attention away from the screen and lift my head, finding the source… or rather the sources.

Sitting at a table on the other side of the shop, two men are staring directly at me. Both of them have sunkissed skin, chiseled jawlines and their toned muscles are evident beneath their shirts. They look slightly older than I am. The one on the right has shoulder length ash blonde hair with eyes so blue I feel like I could swim in them. The one on the left has short pitch black hair with fierce grey eyes. Both of them have devious grins on their faces.

I gulp at the intensity of their stares and this seems to amuse them. The one on the right slowly stands up and starts heading toward me. Before I can think my body responds by jumping up and jolting out of the shop. When I finally come to a stand still I am in front of a large door leading to the venue of my first class. I look at the time: 08:59 am. I’m just in time.

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