Their Possession

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Chapter Six

Unknown P.O.V:

I lick my lips as I take her in. Her beautiful auburn hair so easily visible. Even though she's far away I can still see a hint of shimmer in those beautiful green eyes.

I love it so when those eyes are filled with tears.

Almost as much as I love it when those plump lips are screaming out my name, begging for mercy.

I continue watching her as she takes her early morning run, keeping that seductive body in shape. I slide my hand into my jeans to shift my hardening cock into a more comfortable position.

Suddenly she stops and starts looking around. "You can sense me can't you Val? You can sense my hunger for you, you smart little whore. Do you really think that fence will be able to keep me out?"

I smirk slightly as my pupils start dilating at the thought of tasting her. My glorious thoughts are interrupted by movement behind me.

"Shit". I start to quickly make my way out of the woods to avoid being seen.

When I take a quick glance back to where she once stood I see that she is no longer there.

Don't worry Val, we'll see each other soon.

Very soon.

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