Their Possession

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Chapter Seven

"Hi, I'm Valerie, I was wondering if I could apply to become a member?" I ask the guy standing in his vest and gym shorts behind the desk. While he is busy gathering some paperwork, I take a moment to analyse his choice of clothing. I wonder if what he's wearing could even be classified as a vest - the cut is so low that I can practically see the man's nipples staring at me. They look like little raisins begging for mercy against the cold evening breeze that's starting to make its way in through the open window.

After taking a few minutes to fill in the paper work I hand it back to the man I now know is named Andy. "Welcome to the club." Andy gives me a warm smile while handing me my new membership card.

I haven't been comfortable taking morning runs, so I am ecstatic that a gym junkie in class mentioned that there is a gym in town, only 10 minutes away from campus.

As I open the door to exit the gym, I am greeted by the cold evening breeze that was harassing Andy's nipples earlier.

Despite the cold it is a beautiful evening.

The gym is in a quiet street just behind the main road. The street is quite busy in the evening due to the local pub only being a few buildings down. It gives me peace of mind knowing there will be people around when I come for my evening kickboxing classes.

A crowd of giggling students walk past me making their way to the local pub. I've never been much of a drinker, but since I'm in such a good mood I guess one drink wouldn't hurt. Besides, I'm curious to see what this place looks like.

I start walking down the street following the music as it becomes louder and louder. I am greeted at the door by a bouncer who requests to see my ID. Since the legal drinking age in the UK is 18, I am allowed to enter.

The pub is much bigger that I imagined it to be. Probably because they have so many students to accommodate. The place has a medieval theme which explains the name "King Arthur's Pub".

I take a seat at one of the high wooden stools by the bar waiting for my turn to be served. The bartender is a petite woman with shoulder length purple coloured hair. She has a few piercings including one in the left side of her nose. I can't help but wonder what I would look like with a nose piercing. I can imagine it would make me feel like such a badass.

I am brought back to reality when I notice the petite woman staring at me, waiting for me to voice my order. "Can I have the King Arthur's Poison please?" I ask before she nods and starts to skilfully assemble my drink.

She places the masterpiece in front of me. The drink consists of different vibrant coloured fluids that all work together to make the drink look like a liquid paradise. I slowly start drinking and before I know it I've reached the bottom of my glass. I take a glance at my phone and see that I've spent the last thirty minutes sipping on the refreshing liquid and observing the people around me.

While patiently waiting for the petite woman to come closer, I take some cash out of my back pocket to pay for my order. A small hand wraps itself around mine as I'm about to present the money. "Don't worry, it's already been paid for." The bartender speaks loud enough to be heard over the music. "By who?" I question.

A hint of a smirk plays across her lips before she answers: "Callan Strauss."

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