The Rivalry Love

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She once loved him. Their happy moments together turned into lost memories. He left her, it's simple as that. How could she have been so stupid? In the Lycan world, not everything is easy. Filled with love, betrayal, and friendship who can she trust? Who can she really love? He loved her always. She was his everything but not everything last. How could all these years pass without him seeing her, the love of his life since childhood? Can Alexi mend what the two once had? Well being Lycans had its perks. What happens when the two are actually destined for one another?

Romance / Drama
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It started off a great morning. The sky was ocean blue covered in cotton ball-like clouds, birds singing along to whatever melody was playing in the wind. Trees swaying along with the green grass. Animals of all kinds awake and moving. The sun was out shining like the brightest diamond you could find in a cave up in the mountains not too far from home. It wasn’t just a great morning, it was a great life.

I get up and head straight to the bathroom. After taking a 30-minute shower I head to my closet. Today was the day, the day I finally confess my feelings to my best friend, Alexi, he and I grew up together due to our mothers themselves are best friends.

Alexi is the most charming prince I’ve ever laid eyes on. He has the most greenest eyes maybe even greener than the grass that lays within the walls of the castle, his face defined as a god. Even though he has a bad temper and sleeps around I still find a way to see the good in him.

My feelings for Alexi have been going on for years, but I know he only sees me as a best friend let alone a sister. But I couldn’t keep hiding my feelings for him just because of his. I needed him to know the truth, every day I see him my heart beats like the morning bells that wakes the castle.

Alexi had been staying in Euphoria for a couple days now, he leaves in a week maybe even sooner. As I make my way to his bed chambers I hear the most shocking, heartbreaking, and nightmarish news a girl could ever hear. Alexi had left the castle with my sister, Eve. Apparently, they had been in love.

He left. No goodbye. No hug. No note. He abandoned me, after everything he and I went through, he left. With my sister, out of everyone he could’ve chosen he chose her.

I felt used, disappointed, embarrassed even. How could I ever love a boy who has deceived me? How could I have been so stupid and blind?

Soon my sadness turned into anger. I had thrown away any lost memory of the both.

Until one day...

“Hi! my name's Selene what’s yours?”.

To be continued...

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