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‘You are beautiful and precious to me like a pure white Lotus. You are loved and wanted.’ “I’m so glad that you are born Tio. I have never been more thankful for anything more in my life.” - Eunha When Eunha first moved into Little Pyong-ho, everyone told her not to set foot in the cursed woods. They all warned her of the monster in the woods. Of everyone who went in and were never heard of again. Yet Eunha has been visiting the woods for almost 3 years and never met this legendary monster. Instead she met and an Angel. An Angel so beautiful she fell right off a cliff called love. However, Eunha’s and Antieno’s journey to happiness is neither easy nor filled with rose tinted glasses and pretty rainbows. It’s filled with prickly thorns and impossible obstacles. Especially with a secret that could rip everything at the seams thrown in the middle.

Romance / Fantasy
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Stranger In The Woods

Part One ~Smitten

Nature surrounded me from all sides. From the twigs tangled in my hair to the bird on the opposite side of my lens.

Other than the melody of the birds and the wind whistling through the trees, I was cocooned in silence. The smell of fresh, wet earth a bubble of comfort.

Here, this deep into the woods it was just me, my camera and nature. No noisy city sounds. No pollution. No disturbances to distract me from my photography or to chase my muse away. Only peace and quiet remained. Fresh, clean air - even if the wind was slightly chilly after that shower a few moments ago.

The shutter of my camera clicked with barely a noise. Snapping a picture of the yellow and red bird who stood proud. Unaware of me taking its picture from the opposite tree.

A smile tugged my lip upwards, my finger poised to click another shot.

So focused I was on seeing through my camera that my surroundings were a blur. Hence why the snap of a twig startled me.

This would have been fine if I hadn’t been hasty in straightening up, resulting in me losing my balance. My body shifted too much to the right of the branch I’d settled myself on and gravity was instant in pulling me down.

I just had enough time to spot a blue - almost turquoise - blur behind a tree before I crashed through branches, leaves and twigs. My breath was knocked clean off me upon contact on the ground and I stayed still. Too dazed to move. Or to tell up from down.

Shock numbed the pain running up my leg, or I’d have been screaming at that point.

A groan passed my lips, blocking the sound of leaves being stepped on, and the hurried sound of footsteps.

A blue blur appeared in my line of vision. I could tell it was a man even through my blurry vision. The figure was tall, with broad shoulders and a lithe figure.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you alright?” a deep voice, smooth as silk questioned. An underlying hint of panic in his tone. Covered by the concern overpowering the panic.

I shook my head, which caused me to groan again. Rubbing my eyes, I tried making out who stood over me.

My vision cleared alright.

And I saw an angel standing over me. Sculptured to perfection and so breathtaking that I literally stopped breathing.

It was his hair I had seen right before falling.

A mop of blue, the color of the ocean. It was clearly dyed, but a pleasant color to look and complementing the rest of him. Especially his sun-kissed skin, that was the like of a porcelain dolls. Polished and too perfect to appear human. He had downturned eyes, Asian like almost everyone from town. The light reflected behind him, lighting his hair like a halo and covering the color of his eyes. His thin lips, baby pink in color, moved as he said something that fell deaf in my ears.

He was wearing a pink shirt, the top two buttons unbuttoned and giving me a glimpse of his collarbones - standing out sharply. His black slacks were splattered with mud at the hem. Paired with loafers, he hardly looked like someone out for a stroll in the woods.

He was dressed too formally for something like that. I mean his look screamed smart casual. There was no way he was taking a stroll through the woods dressed as he was. No way.

My hands subconsciously reached for the camera always strapped around my neck. Wanting to take a picture of this angel in front of me before he disappeared forever.

I jerked upright when all I caught was air.

Two things dawned on me when I jerked upright. One only a fleeting thought that I forgot the moment it crossed my mind. Something I wouldn’t think back on until I was under the warms covers of my duvet in my own bed. The other one more panic inducing than the first. And taking most of my attention.

He had a hand extended out to help me up. If he hadn’t jerked his hand back when I sat up so suddenly, his hand would have rammed straight into my chest.

“What’s wrong?” he questioned, sucking in a deep breath. The hand he pulled back hovered over my shoulder. As if he was contemplating touching me or not.

“My camera.”

The reason for my panic induced actions.

I’m surprised my voice hasn’t wavered - or I hadn’t squawked.

My camera was like an extension of my hand. Losing it was equivalent to losing an eye. A third eye I saw the world through. Of course I was gripped with raw panic.

His hand that hovered over my shoulder, was a feature light touch. Just enough to gain my attention. He turned his gaze upwards. Following his gaze, I found the strap of my camera caught on a broken branch.

It looked fine enough from where I stood. Assessing damage will take a little more than a glance at it from where it hanged - halfway up the tree.

Sighing, I made to get up, but the hand on my shoulder added a little more pressure. Pressing down with a gentleness that asked me not to move. When I dropped my gaze from the tree to look up at him, he only gave a reassuring smile.

Without telling anything he rose from the crouched position he’d assumed when I sat up so suddenly.

I watched him with confusion. To my utter surprise he started scaling the tree.

I’m sure my eyes were bulging out of shock.

Here was a man wearing what was surely expensive clothes, scaling a tree for me. Not what I expected when I left the dorm this morning. And just to make a point clear, the tree was still wet from rain. He was soiling his clothes by scaling it.

I was still gaping at him when he dropped back to the ground. My camera cradled protectively in his arms. A wide boxy smile spread across his lips, with satisfaction at his success. He looked downright pleased with himself as he held out my camera for me to take.

Snapping my mouth shut, I quickly wiped my hands on my already mud soaked leggings before taking the camera from him. I was careful not to let our fingers touch.

The moment the equipment was in my hands I forgot the man standing in front of me. Even if he was an angel, my camera was too precious to leave hanging. It wasn’t just my passion that held on the balance that it was in working order, but also my career.

“Everything in working order?”

His voice almost had me jump. Caught up as I was in checking if my camera worked fine, I had forgotten the company I had. I couldn’t stop a yelp from leaving my lips at his sudden question.

Cheeks heating with color, I lifted my eyes to find him crouching beside me again.

“Seems so.” I murmured, dropping my gaze again to my camera. He was almost too beautiful to look at. And he emitted a presence so powerful it left shivers running along my body. Not the bad kind.

Careful to avoid looking directly at him, I made to get up. There was only so long I could remain in the mud covered ground. The mud seeping through my legging and into my undergarments.

His hand shot out and pressed on my shoulder again. This time holding me down instead of simply asking me to remain seated. He looked close to panic when my head shot up to look at him.

“You twisted your ankle when you fell.” he explained quickly. He released me as swift as he had held me down. I doubted he had any objection touching me. Not with the way he seemed so at ease with everything else. Especially at invading my personal bubble. I think it had more to do with him not wanting to make me uncomfortable.

My eyebrows shot up in surprise, as I looked down the length of my leg. Sure enough my ankle was at an odd angle I didn’t want to keep looking at.

Hastily I looked away from my leg, and turning my gaze back to him.

I’m surprised I wasn’t screaming with pain by this point. I could only guess the shock of the fall and finding an angel hovering over me had subdued the pain to the back of my mind. That and the fact that I hadn’t tried moving my leg since I fell. Not even when I sat up.

But now that I was aware of it, pain started shooting up all over my leg. I had to grit my teeth to keep from groaning in pain.

He shifted enough to take a look at my leg. Casting me a quick questioning look before he touched my leg. He hadn’t waited for my consent, but the question had been there nonetheless.

He was careful and gentle as he lifted my leg off the ground. Still, I hissed and almost jerked my leg from his touch. Tears stung my eyes.

He mumbled a ‘sorry’, but didn’t let go of either my leg or give up his examination.

I clamped my lips shut tight, a instead studied his mop of blue hair to distract myself. It the the only part of his face I could see after all. They looked soft, as if dyeing it had not damaged the strands at all.

He had thin fingers, long like a pianists. And large hands.

“I don’t think it’s dislocated.” He finally said, lifting his head. He gave me a small smile, gentle as he set my leg back down. “A days rest and you’ll be all good to walk. My house is not far from here, how about we head there and I can bandage it up?” He suggested.

The smile he gave me almost had me nodding like a fool, disregarding everything he had just told me.

Catching myself at the last minute, I turned my nod into a shake of my head.

“Woah! Slow down there Mr. Stranger.” I said holding my hands up. Not in a defensive position. More like to stop him from saying anything. “It’s not that I’m not grateful for all the help you’ve given me, but I’m not following a perfect stranger into their house. You could be a murderer or something for all I know. I’ve never even seen you in town before, and aside from me no one really enters these woods.”

He looked like he wanted to laugh when I called him ‘Mr. Stranger’. And not once throughout my triad did his amusement fade. Not even when I indirectly accused him for being a murderer. His eyes twinkled with mirth and even his lips had an amused tilt to it. Not the full blown box smile he’d given me earlier, but a smile still.

“Ah, my deepest apologies. I should’ve introduced myself sooner.” He said. Then rising to his feet gave a flourishing bow. Graceful like a swan, his body moving with mesmerising perception.

“I’m Antieno Ong.”

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