Dark relationship

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-Valentina,an ordinary innocent suddenly getting Married with the most powerful mafia leader Marco. -marco the most powerful mafia leader that have no weakness until she meet Valentina.the only girl that can change his dark heart Their relationship have many obstacles,can they get through it?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


"what!?!, No way " i said shock.

"that's what I heard in the kitchen today,I hope.its just a rumour"Said vanesha.

"yeah,I hope it's Alie "I said trying to make myself better but that didn't work long because suddenly I heard a knock from my door.

"Ehem Ms Valentina,please come to sir Michael(valentina father) office he wants to talk with you."said one of the servant.

"uhm.. okay I'm a minute I will come"i said a little bit scared.

"Oh my God what do I need to do!!!"I said panicking

"oh my God i don't know too!!,maybe just act normal like you don't know anything?"said vanesha a little bit panicking.

"uhm.. I guess that will do,okay now I will go"I said trying to be calm

After I arrive in my father office I directly sit down and try to not show my panic face

"Uhm... Dad what can I help you?"I say in low voice.

"Valentina soon you will marry Marco the head of mafia" Michael said coldly.

"What!?!,you expect me to marry who?? Marco!!?"I said panicking .

"Yes,he is interested in you,so you will marry him soon"Michael said coldly.

"But I'm still 16,in this age I can't legally married"I said trying to change my father mind.

"Yes I know that's why we still do the planing and you will marry him next year."Michael said with not much expression.

"But-"I didn't even finish my sentence my father already answer what I'm going to say.

"You must do what you should do Valentina and the only thing that you should do is marry him ,so that brezica and Hart 's connection will be stronger!!"Michael said harshly.

I stay quite for a few minutes because of my hurt feeling.

after a few seconds of silence father broke the silence by saying "now go to your room and prepare for tommorow dinner,you will meet him tommorow"Michael said with a cold voice.

"Okay" I say quitely.

Then I quickly get up and get out of that room.i immediately ran and go to my room,and there I found worried looking vanesha.

"Are you okay?,what did father say?"vanesha said worried looking.

" I'm fine,father said that I'm getting married with marco the head mafia and I will meet him tommorow night " I said with no energy almost crying. "Valentina....,it's okay you can cry.come here pour your heart on me"vanesha said calmly.

I immediately run to her and hug her while crying.

" I don't want to get married ,I want to go to college like a normal girl would do.i don't want to be part of the mafia family.i hate it.i don't like to kill people.i hate it.i hate mylife!!"I said crying non stop in vanesha embraced.

"I understand how you feel but you can't be doing this all the time Valentina you need to accept it."vanesha said acting like my mom.

"I know but I just can't ,I don't like it. In fact I hate it"I said while crying even harder.

"Shh... It's okay I'm here and always be here"vanesha said.

We stay like that until morning comes.

The next morning I wake up I look at the mirror and saw how scary I look. I have a very red eyes and puffy eyes.i directly scream and that makes vanesha wake up

"what's wrong with you!! I'm still tired okay!!,just go back and sleep"vanesha said while covering her face with pillow.

"Look at my eyes,oh my God what should I do father will kill me. Vanesha tell me what should I do!!"I said panicking.

"What's wrong with your eyes?.it's perfectly fi-"she didn't even finish her sentence then directly scream.

"What's wrong with your eyes that was scary.i think father will totally get mad to you" vanesha said with mean face.

"I know,then what should I do!!!.I'm scared,vanesha please save me,I don't want to die!!" I said while screaming.

"Woah woah calm down,don't you know that your sister is a good make up artist"she said while show off herself.

"Oh my God I forgot about that,what can you do with this??"I said excited

"Uhm.. alot of things but first go take a bath you're disgusting" vanesha said while pushing me to the bathroom.then suddenly something random come to my mind.

"Oh my God Van we didn't even eat dinner last night!!"I said shockly because usually I really like to eat.

"Uhm... I guess that was only you,cuz last night in the midnight I go out and eat. I was really hungry hehehehe"vanesha said with an awkward laugh

"Why didn't you wake me up!! I don't want to let my body starved.my poor body"I said while touching my stomach.

"Ch your weird just go take a bath and we will eat breakfast." Vanesha said while closing the door.

After I got outside the bathroom I directly pick my hairdryer and dry my hair.then I shout to call vanesha

"Van!! Go take a bath I'm done"I said loudly

"I already take a bath!"she said with a loud voice.

"What when??"I said confuse.

"Yeah I wake up early in the morning to take a bath"she said while taking her make up.

" Ohh I see" I said while putting back my hairdryer.

"Uhm.. so what can you do?" I ask.

"Hmm... Just see"she said while smirking.

After a few minutes my make up is done and I was quite happy about it.i look very flawless and look natural.

After my makeup was done we both got out and head to the dinning room.

After we got there we see father and mother sitting there eating there breakfast.we directly went there and sit as far as we can from our father.we weren't that close to our father and our father weren't close to us.

What I mean by us is vanesha,me and even my mom. He doesn't like being close to us. He is just busy with his mistress and doesn't care about us.he remember about us just when it's related to the Hart only.he act like he was a good father in front of other people while in reality he isn't. And you know what's worst,my mother can't do anything about it.

I hate hart,I hate brezica I hate all of this!!.I hate all of this mafia things.

Okay back to reality.

After me and vanesha done we directly stand up and plan to directly wmet to our room to stay away from talking to our father.

But that plan didn't work.our father saw us and force us to seat.

"Valentina,vanesha go back to your seat,father want to talk."said father with serious tone.

"Okay"we both said quitely

"You both know right that today was the day when Valentina will meet her soon to husband?"father said still with serious tone.

"Yes"we both said quitely

"Because you both already know it,go back to your room and do your best makeup and wear the best makeup"father said with demanding voice.

"Is that only Valentina or me too?" Vanesha ask innocently

"Both of you of course!"father said loudly.

"And why is that,cause the one who got engaged is her than why do I need to get dress?"she said with another inocent tone.

"Oh my this girl,of course because maybe Romeo is interested in you and will marry you.if that happend I will be really happy"father said now he is angry

"No way-!" Before she could finish her sentence I push her to our room.

"Why did you do that,that hurt!!" She said compleining

"Don't talk to much to father,don't you see that he was getting angry?"I said getting mad.

" I don't care" she said with I don't care look

"It's all up to you I don't want to take responsibility if father got mad at you"I said with mad tone.

"Okay okay I'm sorry."she said with lazy tone.

"That's okay,okay now let's do our makeup"you said with flat face.

Then me and vanesha do our make up for hours .

After we're done we lay on our bed .

"I can't believe I will marry someone I don't know"I said trying to hold my tears.

"It's not that bad,just try to learn more about him and you will be close to him.i heard that's what Selena do to make her marriage work."vanesha said trying to make me feel better.

"But he is different,he is the head of the mafia"I said to vanesha

"Every man is the same,you can work this marriage. All you need to do is talk to him and have a good communication"vanesha said with calm tone.

"I don't think that will work"I said doubting her word.

"That will w-"before vanesha could finish her word,the servant come to our room and call us to go to the dinning room.

" You can do this" vanesha said with a smile on her face.

I just smile I replied.

We went to the dining room and when we arrive we saw a-

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