69 Dares (18+)

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#22 Romance on 18/02/2016 He watched her with hawk like eyes and she shivered in both fear and excitement. This was wrong on so many levels but it was tempting. She couldn't stop herself. "Come on Veronica. It's just me. Remove your shirt." He ordered in that low, masculine tone of his. Shyly, she raised her arms up and pulled the shirt slowly up her skin. She heard him groan and that made hot waves of pleasure run throughout her body and then finally in between her legs, making her clench her thighs tighter. --} Updated dailly *Content Warning : Adult content! Lots of &mut! Stop right here if you don't read that stuff!*

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1 || Omegle

On the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement on my laptop screen and I dropped my novel to have a look at it.

You have been connected to a random stranger as your interests didn't match with any other.

The laptop screen displayed in bold italic letters and I sighed in disappointment. This stupid site was good for nothing!

For the last ten minutes or so, the only people this site had connected me to had been sitting naked with their erections being displayed on the screen. Some even went to the extent of just shaking their ugly things right in front of me when I declined to show them my face.

Why so desperate?! What was wrong with a girl who just wanted to talk and not ma$turbate? You can't expect a girl to be horny all the time. And if they were so desperate, what was the problem in watching some blue films?

I was about to click on the 'Next' icon and close this site when a picture began to load and I stopped. It was stupid of me to wait for the person's cam screen to load. I wasn't even sure why I wanted to get a glimpse of the person who was possibly on the opposite side of the world with his erection projected towards the screen.

But for some ungodly reason, I just wanted to get a glimpse. I knew I would shut down my screen the instant I see the person behind it.

Slowly the picture began to load. It was hazy at first, disturbed even. There was a screeching noise and I muted my speakers to stop it. Patiently or not so patiently, I waited for the screen to load. And finally, it did.

My fingers got paralysed on my mouse as my breathing hitched.

My eyes glanced on the upper right side of my screen.

27000 people are online!

This world was a huge place, so huge. So many people from around the world were probably surfing this site. More than 27000 people from around the world were available online at the moment. To get connected to someone of the same country was a rare case, that's what my calculations of probability indicated.

Out of all the 27000 people, what were the odds in favour of getting connected to a stranger who wasn't really a stranger, who belonged to the same country and furthermore to the same city? If that wasn't unfair enough, the person even belonged to the same locality and studied with you in the same school, and was a stud who chose to ignore you?

What were the odds?

I gulped.

"Well, shit!"

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