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*EXTREME ADULT CONTENT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED* Rebecca wants to explore new territories but she is too terrified to put a step in the endless scary sea of emotions, pleasure and unfathomable feelings that time may bring. Getting it on with a thief wasn't her perfect picture of the way she had planned to do things. Neither was getting involved in a BDSM relationship with a thief was on her 'to do' list. At midnight, when she catches a big and scary thief robbing her house, she wasn't prepared for this. It was attraction at first sight or that was what she thought. But it was way more than just attraction, it was lust. 'Midnight Lust' *Content Warning : Adult stuff, lots of smut & what not? You have been warned.*

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Midnight Lust ∆ 1

Midnight Lust 1|| The Stolen Kiss

Rebecca jolted up from her sleep, her breath caught in her throat, breathing deeply. Her hands clutched the dark brown blanket in tight fists and she felt a bead of sweat rolling down her back, making her a little uneasy.

It was just a bad dream.

She assured herself as her heart accelerated fast.

She was tired of these nightmares now. They didn't seem to leave her alone for a single night. It was a routine now. All she wanted now was a long break away from the busy city, from her job and from the nightmares too.

Her gaze floated to the tiny alarm clock on her bedside table and she groaned. It was nearly twelve, eleven forty-nine to be exact. It was just the start of the night and she knew she had a long night ahead of her.

Asking Betty to go wasn't a good idea after all. But she couldn't have been any more selfish, the poor girl was doing so much for her already. She couldn't have asked for more.

Sleepily, she rubbed her eyes and got out of her position, sweeping the blanket to the other side. The floor was cold and she tried to search for her slippers which have most probably slipped under her bed.

Getting a hold of them, she pulled them out and wore them, feeling a bit comfortable now. The glass jar filled with water kept on the other side of the room was downed by her in no more than two seconds but she still felt thirsty. So she made her way to the kitchen, her fluffy slippers squeaking on the tiled ground.

Skipping to switch on the lights, she made her way to the refrigerator and took a water bottle out, drinking from it directly. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked around her place for a moment.

It was lonely here and scary as well. The house she lived in was big enough to fit twenty people but she didn't have anyone but her to live with. The thought saddened her.

She hated this feeling of loneliness and sadness she felt on a daily basis now. She wanted company, she craved company. It was good when Betty was there for her but she could only do too much.

"You need a guy in your life, you need to start dating again." Betty had said when they were having a cup of coffee earlier in the evening.

"I am not ready for that." She had sighed and looked away, knowing well where the conversation was going.

"You will never be ready, Rebs! You need to stop this, don't torment yourself for mistakes you didn't make. He clearly wasn't good enough for you and it is his loss anyway." She had given her that scolding look, making her feel guilty for putting her friend in this position.

Betty would never leave her and she would always want the best for her. But she wasn't ready, she really wasn't. The fact that she had been stupidly hurting her best friend and the only person who truly cared for her broke her daily but she really couldn't do anything about it either.

This wasn't what she planned when she got involved in a relationship with Derek Rover. He was the perfect boyfriend, hot, loving, caring and beautiful. It didn't take her any time to fall for his charms.

She was head over heels for him in no more than a day. Thinking of all that now, she actually felt pathetic. She had believed that she was really lucky that she found a guy like him.

A plain and boring girl like her had nothing in her to grab a perfect piece like him and since she did, she was stupid enough to believe that she would be able to tie the guy down. She was grateful and even blessed to get a catch like him in the first place. But it didn't take him long to show his true colours.

She shook her head of the depressing thoughts. There was no end to this. Daily, she would wake up at night from a nightmare, breathless and then she would wander around the house aimlessly for a solid hour before falling asleep again.

She needed help, psychiatric help. She was damaged badly and she knew she couldn't get over him so easily. But she wouldn't admit this to herself and just couldn't allow anyone to help her. But Betty was of course there. That was why she loved her so much.

She was just a brilliant friend. No matter how weak she felt, she was always there to support her, standing beside her like a rock. She admired her persistence, really.

A utensil falling caught her attention and she whipped around in the direction where the sound came from. The sound came from the dining hall which was dimly lit by the small light that she never switches off.

She walked over to the dining table and almost slipped on something but luckily she regained her balance. She bent down to pick up a glass that had rolled down from the table. Edging towards the table, she kept the glass on it and looked around confused.

The glass couldn't have fallen on its own. She scrunched her face in confusion and looked to the other end of the table where all the glasses were arranged. It was impossible for a glass to stumble on its own from that far away. All the other glasses looked perfectly arranged and it unnerved her that not even a single glass got disturbed from its position by the impact of the fall of this one glass.

She looked to the side and found the window wide open and the white curtains flying carelessly. She shivered as she walked towards the window. Her flowy nightgown danced with the wind as she stepped closer to the window sill.

Looking out and noticing everything eerily silent, she removed the stopper and closed the window. The eerie feeling still didn't leave her so she swapped the curtains as well.

She took two steps forward in the direction of her kitchen but then froze in the middle of her step. She remembered closing the window before she went to sleep. She never leaves it open. It was highly unlikely that she had left it open today.

Suddenly, there was a crashing sound in the kitchen and she jumped two feet in the air. She had a bad feeling about this. Collecting the wooden broomstick from behind her door, she made her way to the kitchen sneakily. Her heart thudded faster in fear and anticipation both.

The kitchen was dark and she felt along the walls as she figured out where she was stepping, trying to be as quiet as possible.

She collided with a soft surface and shrieked out instantly, hitting the thing with the stick repeatedly. She heard a groan and then a thump. She ran to the switches and switched one light on.

Her sight adjusted to the scene in front of her and she couldn't help but scream. There was a full-grown man lying on her kitchen floor with his hands holding his head. His head was covered with a black scarf so she couldn't see his face except for his eyes and his mouth. His eyes were closed in agony and she felt nauseous.

Her eyes floated to his hands which were now covered in blood. Her face paled.

What had she done?

She stepped forward, trying to help but scared at the same time. She took baby steps forward but seeing his body getting stiff and unmoving, she approached him at a faster pace.

As soon as she was in touching distance, she knelt down beside him.

"Are you okay?" She asked in a timid voice. "I didn't mean to hit you."

He just groaned more.

She touched his shoulder to ask him to look up but as soon as her hand landed on his shoulder, he flipped her around and suddenly she was lying beneath him, pinned by his weight.

"I am more than okay." He whispered in her ear, laughing mercilessly in the end.

"W-what are you doing? Leave me." She struggled against his hold and hit him with her palms but he grabbed her wrists and with just one hand, pinned them above her head making her immobile.

"Like hell!" He muttered and she finally opened her eyes to be met with smouldering black ones.

His eyes were staring into her empty emerald eyes with such intensity, that she felt herself quiver. In the background, she heard a sudden melody and then realized that it was her old pendulum clock that made that sound after every hour.

It was twelve.

She stared at the human face covered in the mask and then figured out that he was most probably a robber. She shrieked at the realization.

The man hissed as if her cries were intolerable and then he pressed his palm against her mouth, successfully shutting her up. His hand was rough and calloused and it felt kind of nice against her soft lips.

She cleared her head of the inappropriate thoughts and looked at him helplessly as she laid captive in his dark presence.

"Don't scream, bitch. You are giving me a headache." He snarled at her, making her squirm more. Tears welled up in her eyes as he glared at her.

"Stop struggling!" He ordered, pulling at her hair with such force that it made a sharp pain arise from her scalp. She screamed.

Before she could have realized what was happening, she found his attacker's lips on hers.

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