Making Her Numb (18+ ONLY)

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MATURE CONTENT : READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ✓ DAILY UPDATES FOLLOW ME BEFORE ADDING THE STORY TO YOUR LIBRARY SO THAT YOU DON'T FACE PROBLEM WHEN YOU READ PRIVATE CHAPTERS! ~~ He shifted closer to her on the couch and her thighs started trembling for some reason. "Let's play kiss and tell." He leaned close to her face but not close enough to kiss and looked into her eyes while giving her that sexy smirk. "What's this game?" She whispered breathlessly, not tearing her gaze from his. "We both share our sexual adventures or fantasies with each other, one by one and then zip them up by a kiss, that way we won't ever share these with anyone but each other."

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Making her Numb || Covers

Published on : 14 November 2018

Because of the change in the book title, new covers are required for the same, anyone interested can send the beautiful covers on Instagram.

And because I never seem to decide which one of them is the best, that is why, as a prize, I will dedicate my next few chapters to the people who take their time creating beautiful covers for me.

I always love the art work and especially when sexy ladies are making it for me. ;)

With love,

Ethan (FastAndDeep)

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