Unexplored Fantasies (18+)

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Unexplored Fantasies (18+) - Sexy one shots Fair warning : It has mature contemnt, crude language and all things good girls, shouldn't read. But come on every good girl is just a bad girl who hasn't been caught yet. Am I not right? ;) "Do you want me to touch you down there?" "Isn't it obvious?" By FastAndDeep

Romance / Erotica
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Cheerleader || 1

She made her way to the boys' locker room with slow steps knowing well that if she got caught, she would have to face some serious repercussions.

Scanning the place quickly, she found nothing too special there. It smelled of sweat, a lot of deo and then interestingly enough, sex.

No wonder the testosterone level is on another level here...

"Where is he?" She whispered to herself, unable to locate her target.

She adjusted the camera around her neck and looked at it prposefully. She had been calm in the worst of situations but for some reason, she was uneasy today and that feeling didn't suit well on her.

Kiara isn't your typical shy girl, she is the girl with brains and beauty both and apparently guts too, hence the purpose of her being here.

She jabbed herself in the space between the two lockers as she heard someone coming.

Fuck it! Nobody was supposed to be here except him!

"Did you see that chick, she was too damn desperate man! Her tits were literally hanging on my face." She heard a voice not too far away from her.

"Yeah man, but she would be a good fuck." She heard them close to where she was hiding as she held her breath.

They passed right by her without noticing her presence.

She squeezed gerself out from that place, looking both sides to see if the coast was clear.

All she needed was one picture and that's it. She would be in and out in no time. With that thought in mind, she made her way to the bathroom stalls.

Moving slowly by each stall, she noticed that each stall was empty.

Was he even here?

She was sure that she had noticed him getting in here. She halted in her steps when she heard the shower on in one of the stalls.

Slowly and carefully, she made her way to the stall beside that one and got in.

Using the bucket kept in the corner and putting it by the side of the wooden wall, she lifted herself up so that she could quietly peak into the next stall.

Raising her head up, she noticed his wet black hair first but her suspicion was confirmed that it whas him when he turned around and he saw his back tattoo.

Now all she had to was click a pic, the only problem was that the flash might aware him of her presence. She just had to wait for the right moment then.

And the other problem was that his back was facing towards me, She needed to get an angle so that she could somehow cover his face.

While he was busy facing his back to me and bathing, she had nothing better than to wait and observe and while she did, she coudn't help but scan his ass which was perfect in every sense of the word.

Two small circular globes taunted her and she couldn't believe that a guy could have such a fine ass. She was still obseving when he decided to turn and she gasped.

His body was sculpted perfectly, a six pack easily noticeable. The water dripped from his face to his chest and then it trailed down to his more than impressive and ridiculously big dick which stood erected saluting her. It was slick and the tip looked soft enough.

"Fuck!" She whispered to herself, feeling herself getting wet.

He didn't have a reputation for nothing after all but this was way beyond what she was expecting.

She needed to focus. This was the time, he wasn't paying any attention, all she had to do was click a picture and leave and then maybe go home and masturbate for solid two hours. But this needed to be done first.

She readied her camera, focusing on his entire body. He looked edible at the moment and she would be lying if she said that he didn't turn her on.

It all happened too fast. The second she clicked the picture and the flash went out was the exact same second he turned his head up and looked straight into her eyes.

She gasped and jumped down from the bucket, hearing his shower turn off.

Fuck it! He was coming for her.

She didn't have the time to run out of the locker room and she was smart enough to know that even if she tried, she would probably get caught in no more than two seconds. So she did the second best thing and bolted the door shut.

The next second, there was violent banging on the door and she gulped.

"Open the fucking door or I swear I will break it!" She shifted two steps backwards, her hands shaking.

"It's reserved man!" She tried a masculine accent but it came out somewhat scared.

"Fuck you! I know there is a damn girl in there! Open the fucking door, you bitch!" This went on for quiet a while but she stayed quiet and after some furious knocking, he stopped.

She waited for a few seconds as she heard his retreating footsteps. To say that she was scared would be an understatement, she was terrified.

She was about to take a step forward when there was a bang and to her horror the door broke down, opening right infront of her, revealing his very naked form. He didn't even cover himself up.

"You! What the fuck were you doing?" He marched in towards her and she took several steps back until her back hit the wall.

"I- I was just going, I came here to take a shower." She stuttered.

"In the boys locker room?" His eyes drilled into hers and she gulped uneasily.

"Yeah well, the girls room was full so I had no other option." She coughed discreetly and tried to push him away. "Now if you'll just let me pass..."

"You expect me to believe that bullshit? You were fucking staring at me when I was bathing, standing on that bucket." His eyes floated to the bucket which was innocently placed against that wall.

"Will you speak up or should I call the security?" Her eyes snapped to his and she visibly paled.

"N-no please! I was just taking a shower, really." He had a scowl set on his face and he assesed her quietly and his eyes got stuck on the camera she held in her hand.

"Give me that." She hugged it protectively at his command and shook her head vehementaly.

"I said give me the camera." He growled taking a daring step ahead.

"I can't." She whispered in a scared tone.

Before she could've stopped him, he snatched the camera out of her hold. She shrieked and lunged for her camera but it was too late. he held it above him, stretching one of his arms far above her head and turning it on.

"You clicked my fucking pic while I was bathing?" His eyes were blazing and she made a run for it but he caught her before she could take two steps.

His arm came aroud her waist from the back, his hard erection pressing on her ass. He brought his mouth close to his ear and whispered in an ever so calm tone. "You are in trouble, baby girl."


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