Devil's Desire (18+)

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"That's all you got?" "I didn't even start and you are already breaking sweat." I smirked. He didn't look amused but suddenly had a smug smile on his face. "Who hired you perrita? You can't even make a man want you. What good is a woman who can't even make a man want her?" He smiled and opened his legs wider, inviting me. And I did accept his invitation. I moved towards him and glided myself down the floor, till my face was in between his legs. I trailed my arms from his thighs as I slowly got up and slightly touched his erection, not once leaving eye contact. And then I rose up completely and watched with satisfaction as his jaw twitched slightly. It looked like he was trying to control himself and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing out loud. "A little excited, are we?" I couldn't smile but snicker at his expression. He gritted his teeth and his jaw clenched. For just a second, he closed his eyes and then when he opened them again, they were void of any emotion. *Content Warning : Adult stuff & lots of smut! 18+ only*

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Running from the truth is a waste of time, for it will confront us whether we want it to or not. Facing it without thinking about the consequences is stupidity and preparing ourselves to acknowledge it is cowardice. Fighting it is against nature's law. Accepting it is the only option. 


For, we can never run from the sun. The sun is everywhere. It can burn us in the deepest shadows of darkness. The sun's power is immense and is not in our control. Sun is the power, the light to our lives. The Sun is our truth.


Whenever darkness had tried to overcome the light, the sun has shown its power. It can't be defeated. It is the supreme power.


I dedicate this book to each and every person who is reading this! You are amazing! ♡

Thank you every one for supporting me and I love you all always.

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