Devil's Desire (18+)

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DD 1 : Wrong Foot



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Chapter 1 : Wrong Foot

Royals Club was anything but royal. It was just a small place in the middle of a small city with dirty couches and broken chairs. In the time of the last nine months of my job, never had the club been this busy. Men dressed in crisp black suits and ties flooded the small building today and each and every area of the place seemed occupied.

My eyes scanned the crowd of the filthy rich people scattered all around the place, searching for a halfwit for the night. A small pot bellied man with balding grey hair caught my attention. He was eyeing my legs with a lustful gaze while sipping on his beer.

It didn't take much time for my eyes to take a note of the undeniably, priceless watch with shiny studded diamonds resting on his hand. He didn't carry the arrogance or the personality of a rich man; he was probably a criminal or more specifically a robber. And he had certainly robbed someone tonight if the green notes poking out of his pants pocket were anything to go by.

Robbers and thieves coming to the club was a routine site for me and to please them was my job. The job was nasty and I had to literally throw my self respect in the big trash can that was placed right outside the club before I even entered this place.

But desperate girls like me were always in for money. And ancient looking, grey haired men like him were always an easy source of money.

I turned towards him fully, bending down a little, pretending to pick up something. My skirt was barely covering anything and it was obvious that he had a great view of my ass. When I was sure that his attention was settled on me, I started making my way towards him adding an extra sway to my hips.

His eyes moved to my face and to complete my act, I gave him a sexy smile, adding a wink, my eyelashes fluttering animatedly. His eyes seemed to pop out of his sockets as he stared at me, stunned.

He was probably on cloud nine that something with tits had noticed him. I didn't feel low or anything, it was all a part of my job. When I was first brought here, crying and struggling, I imagined this place to be hell. But with time, it became my life.

The first thing I was told when I entered this place was, 'You give pleasure, they give money. Nothing less. Nothing more.' And this was one of the things that stuck with me in the long race. Damn clear and understood.

I got smacked on my ass by many onpassers as I made my way and I smiled to myself, satisfied. I could feel it. Today was going to be a big day. The bar was packed with old paedophiles looking for someone to just lay an eye on them. And I knew that I had just scored the perfect one.

I didn't mind being their little, dirty girl till they had got those big green dollars flying out of their pockets. It was not every day I got a chance to get so many tips.

I lightly skimmed the foul smelling bar, the place stinked. The smell of cigarette burned my nose but I was used to it by now. A man with a nasty cut on the side of his face was sitting not too far away and as I passed by him, he threw a bundle of notes at me, patting his lap. I just collected the flying notes and winked at him. I then stuffed the money in my bustier and made my way forward confidently.

I had located my target and knew better than to concentrate on other small fishes in the pond when I had found a big onento feast on.

Although, it couldn't really be called a feast. The man was ugly, there was no second thoughts on that.

I had been in this job long enough to know how this system works. From my makeup to my moves to my facial expressions, all was well rehearsed and was ready for show.

I took two final strides and then slid myself professionally into the scrawny man's lap. His breath reeked of alcohol and cigarette but that didn't make my smile slip. He took a hold of my waist and I pushed my boobs into his face. One thing that I had learnt well was that men loved big boobs.

Well, not big. They loved monstrous sized boobs, in which they can smother their face and could get a good titty fuck. I was naturally gifted in this case.

"Looking for something," I kissed along his greasy neck, trying my hardest not to gag in disgust at the salty taste of the sweat sticking on his throat . "-or someone?" I whispered in his ear and his length hardened, not a minute later against my ass.

"Show me what ya got, babe!" He spoke excitedly, pulling me by my waist towards his face until my boobs were practically blinding him. He had an excited glint in his eyes as a child would have opening his Christmas gift.

I trailed a finger down his jaw line to his neck. All of a sudden, he pulled my face towards his own and tried to kiss me. I felt my instincts kick in and pushed him away. It was hard, even for me to act normal putting his greasy mouth on mine and I was a fucking professional. On his questioning gaze, I smiled at him naughtily, acting like I was playing with him.

But I knew better than to leave him. He was a big catch and I wasn't lettting him go so easily, not without that watch at least.

"Don't play with me babie."

Babie my ass!

His voice was like a crow, croaking and disturbing. I smiled at him facedly and sweetly, moving up and down in his lap showing some of my moves. He moaned like a dying hyena when I rubbed myself against him.

"Fuck sweetcheeks! You are good. Wanna get a room?" His eyes raked my figure hungrily and I mentally praised myself at my first victory.

First Base achieved!

"And what do I get?" I trailed down my hand to his small sized member, rubbing it for a second. He jerked in my hand suddenly and I removed my hand away instantly from his repulsive pea sized dick, as calmly as possible.

Sometimes my job disgusted me. But it was the only reason I was still alive. Survival was more important than respect.

Rich people would never know the value of getting meals two times a day. It was the poor who would worship it and value it the most.

He put several notes in between my blouse, sticking them between my bustier. I took a hold of my breasts and pressed them lightly against each other, drawing his attention to my cleavage. I smiled at him knowingly and got up from his lap, doing a back flip and landing on my two legs graciously, earning many whistles and 'come here babe' from different directions.

The man stood up, his height several inches shorter than me. It looked comical standing beside a man who was almost half of me but who was I to question? He was my customer and I was ready to do anything till the time he was paying me.

As I took a hold of his arm, wrapping it around me, his other hand travelled to my waist. Sneakily, with my other hand, I trailed a finger down his arm and stopped at his watch. Playing with his wrist, I took the watch out stuffing it in my waist elastic. Luckily, he didn't notice. Stealing wasn't something that I did daily but I didn't mind doing it at times.

Stealing was just like a lucky draw. You never know when you would get lucky.

And it wasn't like the watch belonged to him anyways. He had probably stolen it from somewhere.

We made our way towards one of the many rooms situated on the ground floor and I was impressed as he paid for the VIP room instead of the normal ones which I was used to. As the guard opened the door, I bowed to him in a silent greeting and he did the same. It was all practiced and the man had no idea what was about to happen to him.

I moved inside the room confidently, while he followed behind me, closing the door and locking it. I sat on the bed, folding my legs and with the flick of my finger, I called him towards me. Like a dog, he came panting and limping towards me.

He was about to fall on me but I pushed him with my palms so that he rolled on the other side of the bed. Quickly, I got up from the bed and moved towards the small table on the left of the bed. I flipped two glasses from the tray and filled them with vine.

Sneakily, I took out a tablet from between the tiny gap in between the last drawer and the floor. I dropped it inside his glass and shook it so that it could dissolve in the red liquid.

"Babe, what ya doin' there? Come closer." I looked back at him, curving my lips into a sexy smile.

The man was ugly and when I said ugly, I meant it. He showed his teeth to me and I was sure that I had spotted a black something in his mouth. Most probably, cavity!

Why don't they brush their teeth? Do they love smelling bad?

Picking up the glass with the medicine in my right hand and sipping on the other while maintaining eye contact with him, I moved towards him.

"As intoxicating as our encounter is going to be, I still feel the need to get you just the tiniest bit more intoxicated. Have a wine with me?" I whispered in his ear, my voice dropping a few octaves and taking on a seductive tone. I handed him the glass, lightly skimming my fingers across his hand as I withdrew my hand.

He pulled me against him all of a sudden and I lost my balance, falling on his protruding belly, almost like a cushion. His glass almost toppled over but I took a hold of it at the last minute, saving it from falling.

"I am already wasted but I can't decline my girl." He spoke in my ear and snatched the glass from my hands. I backed up from his lap to stand in front of the bed.

In one gulp, he took it all in. He threw the glass on the floor, breaking it into pieces. I shuddered at the sudden sound but soon recovered and threw my glass the same way, earning a laugh from him.

"Come here." He patted his lap, scrutinizing my every move. I smiled at him tightly waiting for the drug to show its effect.

Trying to buy myself some time, I started dancing, moving the strap of my blouse down and then back up. I bent down, trailing my hands from my knees to my abdomen to my face. His eyes lit up at this.

"Come here already. I scored a hot one this night. I just knew it." He mumbled to himself, clearly but he was loud enough for me to hear. I grew panicked as the tablet didn't show its desired effect.

He grew impatient and moved towards me. He lifted me suddenly, bridal style. My legs hung down from his arms awkwardly as I didn't fit in his embrace. He threw me on the bed and fell on top of me, almost squishing me.

"Am I hurting you sweetcheeks?" I wanted to say yes but I swallowed my pain and shook my head.

Why is the medication not working on him?

He started pulling at my blouse and dropped his mouth at my neck. I watched breathless and horrified as he leaned closer. I closed my eyes tightly, my plan obviously didn't work this time!

Oh god! Help me this time! Just this once God, please!

His weight suddenly fell on me. I peeked with my one eye open and thanked god for hearing my prayer. I pushed his heavy body off of me and further pushed him down the bed to take my revenge for touching me.

Ha! Take that bitch!

His body hit the ground with a loud thump. I knew what my profession was and that he paid me but I also knew that he wouldn't remember a single thing when he gets up tomorrow morning.

I tidied my short dress and bent down to his fallen body, pushing him so that he was facing me. I checked his pockets and stuffed all the notes I found in my bra, safe from searching eyes. I took some dollars out in my hand. I turned the lights off and took a look back.

The man was on the ground, looking dead. I stared at him for a few minutes, then against my better judjement, I turned around and moved towards his body. I kicked him in the face and dug my heel in his hand. He didn't move and I smiled satisfied and left the place.

I didn't really have to puncture his hand to know whether he was out but it wasn't a bad idea. I hope he would get an infection and a serious one at that. He would have to cut his hand.

Sad really....

Wait, who the fuck was I kidding? That would be awesome!

I exited the room and pressed the money in the palm of the guard's hand and he smiled at me knowingly.

"You did your job inside? Fast huh." He smirked at me and then shook his head as he laughed heartily. Marcus was probably the only guy who didn't see me as a slut and protected me like a sister.

It was a deal between me and him. He kept medicines under that drawer for me and I drugged my victims inside. I collected the money and on my exit, gave some of it to him. It was a routine. But today, I had found more money than I usually do. Usually, people as rich as the old paedophile didn't come to their club.

The old man was probably a part of the criminal hub. It was some big criminal organisation who had thrown a party at our club today over some mysterious victory. And from what I had over heard from the two chatty girls in the dressing room, a very big deal was taking place here, somewhere.

"Don't underestimate me, silly boy." I ruffled his hair and he swatted my arms away, scowling at me. He was a true brother and the only person I could trust here.

"I am heading home Marcus. You think you can give me a ride?" I asked expectantly. Marcus owned a car, though it was beaten up and in a bad condition but it was still better than walking home alone at two in the night.

I usually travelled with him as our shifts ended at the same time daily. But today I wasn't so sure of that, seeing the crowd still drinking and smoking here.

"I don't think my shift is over for today." He checked his cell phone and sighed disappointedly. "I have to be here till four. You think you can wait?" He asked worriedly.

Looks like I have to walk home then.

"No. It's alright. I will walk home; it's not too far anyways. And before you argue, I don't want to wait today. I am tired." I made my best puppy-dog face at him.

"You know it is late Ava. It's not safe." He shook his head. "Wait for a few hours. I will buy you a room to rest." I smiled at his kindness and declined his offer. He was already doing too much for me. I wasn't going to take his money now.

"Okay silly boy! I will wait but you are not buying me a room. No. Not at all. I have my own money and don't even try to argue." I shot him a death glare as he was about to speak something. He raised his hands up in surrender and I backed away from him, kissing his cheek before leaving.

I counted the money I had and then decided against taking a room. I just had enough money to pay my rent which was due for two months now. I dare not waste these precious green notes for my comfort.

I will just roam around the place. But then I remembered that I had to change my outfit and started towards the dressing room. I didn't want to be considered available when I was off duty.

People usually, even outside the bar termed me as characterless. To make myself feel more like a normal girl, I wore full clothes that covered each and every inch of my skin when I was not at my job. I knew my attempts were futile but I tried.

I walked straight towards the hallways looking at different people, some drunk, some making out and some even having sex in public. I was quite open to all these things but I would never let any male go more than touching my boobs. It wasn't like I was a virgin. But I was not that girl who would sleep with anyone and everyone who had a snake in between their legs.

(AN : That sounds wrong? :P)

I had no right to dream of a future with a prince charming, I was a worthless bitch. I knew that. But I couldn't help but expect a future where maybe the guy is not a prince, but he would at least care for me.

I shook my head to get rid of the stupid thoughts. Suddenly, my steps came to a halt. I had entered the wrong hallway. Looking around, I realized that it was the restricted one. I gasped and started taking quick steps back.

I was so stupid. Dreaming with my fucking eyes open?! Fuck it! I needed to leave!

I didn't want to lose my job. Nobody had ever met the boss but rumours had that the boss lived here. I wouldn't have been scared if it would have been some other restricted hallway. But this one...

I gulped.

Rumours went around this place and although I was not a very chatty girl and have had a very few friends, I had heard things. One of them being that the boss was a very big man, a man of importance and he had a short temper. He was also believed to practice some scary, shitty things on innocent girls. Some people even went to the extent of calling him Satan.

I didn't believe in rumours. I really didn't. People just exaggerate things, I knew. But my mind couldn't' stop wondering what if it was true.

Suddenly I heard a scream, a feminine scream. It wasn't a scream of pleasure, it sounded painful. I could have just stepped back and ran away. It would have been the sensible and right thing to do. But I was curious and curiosity always killed the cat.

What happened that day changed my life, sealed my fate, forever.


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