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DD 2 : Like a Dream



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Chapter 2 : Like a Dream (by Carrie)

You know the feeling when you are alone at home watching a horror film in which a girl is screaming bloody murder and suddenly the light of your room goes off. You snuggle deeper inside your blankets but you hear a rustling sound near your window.

Yeah, you got that right! I was shitting my pants right now. That was exactly how I was feeling. Except the lights were on and the scream was still echoing in my ears.

I knew I had no need to show my bravery here. I knew whatever was happening beyond the wall was dangerous and probably very painful. My heart was literally in my mouth, my blood pumping so fast through my veins that my ears were throbbing.

It would have been a really stupid decision to stay here. Yeah, I wanted to help that girl but I didn't want to help the girl, risking my life. It wasn't my business anyways.

I looked back. It was just a few steps and I could have left and pretended like I had seen nothing. Nothing had happened and everything was alright. I had never ever been here. I had never entered a restricted hallway. I had never heard a scream. I could have gone to my home safely and then slept in my bed peacefully. Safe, tucked deep under my blankets.

But it seemed like my brain didn't process the danger I was in. My heart was beating frantically.

Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub...

And then I did the silliest mistake known to mankind. I took the tiniest step forward.

A peek wouldn't hurt. Just a sneak peek and then I would leave.

That's what I told myself. I was chanting the same thing in my head again and again. It was the only thing that stopped me from running for the hills.

The corridoor was pretty long and I could see the end of it, some twenty steps away. Just twenty fucking steps! That's it! I will take a peak and then run.

I stuck myself flat against the wall, my palms flat on the black wall. The wall was smooth as silk. Who the hell paints their walls black? It was only then that I noticed that everything was black here. The atmosphere was gloomy and the corridor was dimly lit. It was almost like that some dark force was working here. I literally had an almost heart attack when I heard another scream.

I moved forward. My eyes darted towards the pictures on the wall before me. My eyes followed the long line of frames covering the whole wall. They were all different pictures. I skimmed through each one of them fast and one of them caught my attention.

They were all so beautifully painted. So realastic. Like someone had put their soul in it. They must have costed a fortune.

I stood there, dazed by their beauty. I took a tiny step forward, leaving the wall behind me for just a second. It was a mermaid, sitting on a rock. A man was in the water, near her, looking at her with dazed eyes. It looked so real. I found myself staring deeply at the picture.

I don't know what was it but the picture fascinated me, attracted me, pulled me towards it. The mermaid was beautiful beyond words. Her hair were long and black and it flowed down her back elegantly. Her tail was blue and it looked so real that one could mistake it to be a real life portrait.

It was like somebody had snapped a picture while she was sitting there with her lovely black eyes staring, calling even. (Picture at the top)

As I stared at its uniqueness and intricacy, the confident strokes the painter had used, I heard a low tune. It was so low that I had to close my eyes to concentrate on the music.

It was like some kind of magic. It's sound was so beautiful that I concentrated harder to make out the lyrics.

Are they playing this music? I wondered.

The volume started increasing suddenly and I was able to hear the words.

It was in a different language. It almost sounded like some spell. I opened my eyes for a moment and gasped when I saw a sudden movement in the picture. The waves! I can see the ocean waves...They were moving! I blinked my eyes several times and when I looked at the picture this time, I found everything still.

Must have been my imagination....

I gulped, deciding to move on now. The music started again. I looked for its source but didn't find any music player nearby.

Where was the music coming from? Surely they can't be playing such music here...

Suddenly the tune changed and I was hypnotized by its melody. On the corner of my eye, I saw some movement but I was so into the music that I ignored it. Slowly, the tune got low and I concentrated my best to hear the voice. It was beautiful. I didn't know what happened to me but I felt my feet moving. It was like my mind was not in my control and I was just...letting go.

Abruptly, the music stopped. I was about to open my eyes when it hit me full force. I pulled my hair and pressed my palms over my ear tightly. It was...too loud. The voice was screaming, crying in my head. It was so unpleasent!

My head was about to burst. I tried to make the voice go away but it only hit me harder. It was so high pitched, wailing, howling, screeching.... "Arghh!" I cried out in frustration.

It was thousand times more awful than someone screeching their nails on a black board.

The voice was controlling me, I felt it. It couldn't be possible. How could a voice control me? But I could feel it in my bones, in my blood. It was trying to overtake my body. I just knew it.

I knew I couldn't shout and make the boss aware of my presence but my ears were hurting and I opened my eyes, looking from left to right in pain. And then it happened.

The picture! My eyes almost bugged out of my sockets. The mermaid was singing. The mermaid in the picture was singing. The picture was moving.

I could see the waves moving, I could see the man moving towards the mermaid like a moth to the flame. Nobody could resist.

Bravely, I removed my palms and rubbed my eyes.

Was I dreaming?

The voice shrieked in my head and I covered my ears in pain. It was like the voice was eating my insides. And as much I tried to stop it, it just didn't stop. My eyes were fixed on the mermaid and I choked on my own breath as the mermaid turned towards me.

Involuntarily, I found myself moving towards it. My feet moved on their own. I swear I was trying to stop them. But it was like they weren't even my feet. They weren't listening to me. They were controlled by that voice.

She came to life. Her eyes narrowed on me and I swear I saw her giving me a wicked smile. It was a picture. It was some kind of game my brain was playing on me. I needed to calm down.

Shit! Bitch! Fuck! What was happening?

The voice didn't stop as it wailed, cried and screamed in my head. Her pitch was so high, I felt my control slipping. I turned towards it and her eyes turned from a lovely shade of blue to a hungry shade of blood red. I stared horrified, as I saw the mermaid leaving the picture and a little of her head popped out.

I shrieked.

My breathing increased and I swallowed hard. My hands didn't leave my ears as the voice continued crying in my head. It was coming out. She was coming out.

I tried to run but but my feet didn't move. I tried to lift them but they were stuck.

"Yo siempre había sido atrapado . Ahora es tu turno. Yo no voy a dejar que te vayas." It muttered in a foreign language. I couldn't decipher the words.

As if sensing my inability to understand her, she repeated in English this time.

"I had been long trapped. Now is your turn. I am not letting you go." I heard an angry voice and it was feminine. I fell backwards in shock when I realized that it was the mermaid. Tears fell from my eyes as I saw the scene unfolding in front of me.

I wanted to shout for help. I didn't care about the danger that lied behind the door anymore. Whoever the boss was, he was my only help anyway. I tried to speak but nothing came out and I realized that my voice had gone. The singing continued and I heard a maniacal laughter in my head along with it. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I knew the mermaid was doing this to me. It can't be real.

I was about to faint but then all of a sudden, it stopped. It just did. My eyes opened all of a sudden and the mermaid was gone. It was inside the picture again as if nothing had happened.

Was I going crazy? Was it all a dream?

I panted hard, trying to catch my breath. My eyes again darted back to the picture and I frowned. Was I really imagining it all? I thought something was really wrong with my head if I just made this all up. Then I heard a scream, the same scream. It came from inside.

Listening to it for a bit, I realized that it had been happening for quite some time and I had just realized it now. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, my voice. It was gone. Wasn't it?

"I am-" I checked my voice and it was indeed intact.

I got up on my feet and moved. Had it been a dream? Was I hallucinating? I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I could walk and talk now. Why? What?! Argh!

A painful scream reached my ears and I winced. My eyes moved towards the picture and I convinced myself that it was just a dream. Just to be clear with myself, I touched it and nothing happened. It was just a normal painting.

Fearfully, I turned my back and started moving towards the door. I didn't know why but I had a feeling like someone was watching me.

I was not going to turn back though. I didn't want to see what was behind me. It wasn't like there was anything anyways. My scared mind was just making up stupid things.

I turned back and stared at the mermaid. She was not looking at me. I was just being paranoid now!

I stared at it and was about to turn around when I saw a sudden movement. My eyes remained wide open as the mermaid's eye turned red and stared at me hungrily. My knees were about to give out! I just knew this would happen. I felt goose bumps arising on my skin and my head felt light headed.

What was happening to me? The mermaid frowned at me and then scowled, her eyes turning a deeper shade of red. I quickly turned around not waiting for whatever the hell happened to me seconds ago to happen again.

I stuck myself against the wall and ignored the mermaid, taking baby steps towards the end of the wall. The screams grew louder and I heard low voices arguing as I drew myself closer to my target.

My palms were sweating heavily and I wiped them on my skirt. I looked down at my outfit and felt like hitting myself on the head. I hadn't changed and if someone caught me sneaking inside like a thief, the boss would probably fire me.

I had a gut feeling that the boss wasn't someone who I should mess with. He seemed like a dangerous person and considering the encounter with a picture on his wall, I didn't even want to imagine what he would be like.

You still have time. Turn around and run.

Some sensible part of my brain spoke inside my head. I turned around only to find the mermaid looking at me directly. She had a wicked glint in her eyes and I knew then that running back wasn't an option now. I didn't even want to think what she was planning in her head for me.

I was pretty sure that she was not organizing some picnic and giving me sweets to eat. It was probable though that I was the sweet and it was me she wanted to eat.

I turned back around and gulped. I was sweating everywhere and I felt hot. I tied my hair into a bun. Swiftly, I turned around as I felt eyes watching me. I wasn't so sure of the reality myself anymore. Everything was normal, not even the mermaid glaring at me.

Was I dreaming or was it all really happening? I wasn't so sure of that. What I knew was that it felt real. So real in fact, that I almost believed it. But the logical part of my brain again questioned me and I was forced to think otherwise.

It must be a dream. Tomorrow I would wake up in my bed, sound and safe. No talking pictures, no mermaids, no screaming and no boss.

I tried to break my concentration, my eyes shut closed as I tried to wake up. But I was in a deep sleep, I guess. I had no other option than to complete this dream then. It would end when it would. I had to go with it. Suddenly, I felt a sting in my hand and my eyes popped open. I looked at my finger as blood oozed out of a tiny cut on it. I turned back to find a lose screw on the wall.

I moved my eyes up with my finger in my mouth, sucking the blood and then my breath caught in my throat. I struggled for air as several hundred red eyes stared at me hungrily. Every picture, every character in every picture was looking at me with blood shot eyes.

This was one hell of a scary dream! Or I hoped it was.

Then a thought crossed my head, the blood attracted them towards me. They probably thought of me as their food. They would boil me in hot oil and then have me for their feast. I could almost imagine my limbs being eaten and then my eyes and then the mermaid, I am sure she would go for my heart. I shuddered.

"It's just a dream Aves." I muttered to myself lowly.


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