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DD 3 : Mysterious Man



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Chapter 3 : Mysterious Man

I turned around, my eyes fixed on the thousands of red eyes glimmering, staring at me. I tried to convince myself that it was all a dream, a weird creepy dream but it felt so real. I pinched myself hard and then shrieked as the skin of my arm stung from the effect.

It was real. This, whatever this was, it was actually happening. And no matter how much ever I tried to deny it, I knew that all of it was real. My eyes floated to the painting of that mermaid and I contained a scream as the mermaid smiled creepily, her blood red lips lifting in uneven proportions.

All of a sudden, it seemed like the paintings were coming to life. Something wasn't right. A fog blinded my vision for just a tiny second and then people started pushing out of the paintings. Some legs and some hands, some hair and some face started appearing out of them. I was way beyond convinced that whatever they were, they were dangerous and evil. And I have to stay the hell away from them.

I took a tiny step back as loud voices filled my brain. Not one or two but thousands of voices started speaking in my head. I saw the door through foggy eyes at the other end, the door towards freedom, the door to the exit but it looked so far away. My hands remained flat on the uneven surface behind me.

I knew what was going to happen and it would be stupid to wait for it. I needed to run. But the only place to where I could have escaped was behind this wall, just round that corner. I had to make my decision quick. I couldn't go to the exit now, it's too far away and until and unless I wanted to be their meal, I had to make a choice.

It seemed so ridiculous, so unreal. I turned around in the opposite direction facing the wall. The voices in my head became louder and a constant buzzing started in my ears. I knew that feeling well, better than anyone else. I had experienced the same thing just a few minutes ago.

Why had I been so stupid? I didn't feel brave anymore. Although to just cover the small gap and see what was beyond was tempting but I could have bet that it would be nothing less nastier than what I was seeing right now.

What if it was more horrific than that? Way more frightening than what I was experiencing right now...

For all I knew, there could have been man eaters behind the door or what if they were some psychopaths. But I had no time to decide as my arm was suddenly wrenched from behind so hard that for a moment, everything was blurry and then I was on my knees. For a second I was flying and then I hit the ground hard, my knees got scraped by the impact and a sudden pain shot through them.

For a few seconds, I was too lost in pain to decipher anything. But as the pain died, my ears registered the noisy environment and my eyes snapped open. The sparkling white tiles were my only view.

"We would be delighted to be of your service, Sir."

Instinctively, my eyes lifted up at the voice. People in business suits were sitting there, well dressed and rich looking, laughing and drinking vine. It looked like a typical classy party. The men looked no less beautiful then models. They were mere perfections. Each and every one of them...

I blinked confused and then turned my head around to see a man with long white hair with a scowl set on his face. My eyes trailed down and I shrieked out seeing that he was standing in his birthday suit. He was nude, very naked and was standing in front of so many people without any kind of shame as if it was normal.

My eyes zoned out on a weird symbol just above his ridiculously long erection. It was white, a very sharp shade of white and it shone on his dark, tanned skin. The symbol had several round structures on it and it indeed was a really unique tattoo.

I was distracted as someone pulled my head back, straining my hair and making a sharp pain to develop in my scalp. I was made to stand up and I screamed as the person didn't loosen his hold on my hair.

"This pretty little thing was trying to sneak in. Luckily, I caught her and I found it appropriate to bring the fine lady here." Someone spoke just below my ear in such a cold and a hushed tone, it made me shudder. It was almost inhuman.

My eyes scanned the room and it seemed that I was the centre of attention suddenly. Just a minute ago, nobody had noticed my presence but now all eyes were set on me. I struggled against the painful hold but to no avail. It was painfully quiet and one could have actually heard a pin drop.

It looked like a normal room, a normal high class room. These people were possibly criminals but they were all humans except the guy with the white hair of course. He looked like somthing else. My eyes travlled to him again but he wasn't paying attention.

It was crazy of me to call something non human. With so much development in Science all around the world, one would take me for a fool to believe in such nonsense. But what happened outside wasn't a dream. I saw it happening. I couldn't be so sure now.

I wasn't sure whether they were aware about the talking paintings just outside the room so I decided to stay quiet.

My eyes settled on a big chair beyond the large wooden table around which all the people were sitting. The room turned eerily silent as someone spoke in calm yet a terrifying tone. The voice made goose bumps appear on my skin and suddenly I felt uncomfortable standing here.

"Release her." There was a pause. "How did she cross the souls?" The anonymous voice added this like it was an afterthought. The question wasn't directed at me, it was obvious. But as soon as the words were heard, I was released from the hold and I lost my balance, crumpling on the ground.

I looked around for the source of the voice but no one was speaking. I turned around to see the very same nude man with the same tattoo and gasped. I turned around to find him sitting on the same place as before. And then I turned around again and he was standing behind me.

"How are you here and there at the same time? That's not possible!" I shot an accusing finger at the man who was sitting but either he didn't listen to me or he chose to ignore me. Somebody chuckled behind me and there was him again.

"We are twins, sweetheart." Sweetheart is an endearment spoken with love and affection but he almost snarled it at me and I crawled back so that I had a view of both the twins. There was not a single difference between them. They were identical. Long white hair, blue button eyes, dark brown lips and both scared the $hit out of me.

"I asked you something, Oron. Do you think it is respectful to ignore me like that?" The voice again, calm and soothing but at the same time rough and dangerous. I just have to lift my head and I will be face to face with the owner of that voice. But the voice seemed powerful, almost making me bow in submission.

"N-No master. Forgive me, my lord. It won't happen again." The Oron guy almost stuttered and that made me tremble in fear. Oron looked powerful, powerful enough to crush me with just his forefinger and thumb. And if he is scared of this person, then I can only imagine his power.

Today seemed like a dream. This all, it really can't be happening.

"I asked you something Oron. How did she cross the souls?" I gulped at the sudden anger in his voice. I crossed the souls? I wasn't very sure what they meant but I was sure that I had clearly done something which I was not supposed to do.

I gulped. The rumours that I had heard suddenly didn't seem so unreal. These men were powerful. They carried a dangerous aura. I felt the temperature drop in the room when I entered. This place wasn't meant for me. I wasn't supposed to be here but yet here I was. I felt like a clueless person entering the lion's den.

Before Oron could have answered, a girl's scream cut through the silence. I lifted my head, just a tad bit and turned to the side from where the painful scream was heard. Everybody in the room was still, deathly still.


I squeaked at the angry tone and jumped a step back, terrified. There was a light thudding as someone got up and disappeared behind a door which was blocked from my sight. There was some kind of commotion heard and then it was quiet again. The man didn't come back.

Fear settled in my brain. It was distinctly a girl's voice. I am sure of it. And just what did they do to her? Why was she screaming and now what made her quiet? A horrific thought entered my brain.

Did they kill her?

My eyes floated to the figure standing before the gate. He was tall with roguish features. Wild and untamed. The suit he wore fit him smugly and he looked like that kind of person whose presence would make a grown man cower. His eyes were two black holes burying into me, calling for me. Hi nose was straight and perfect. I had never seen a nose this straight. His face was flawless. I would have called him an angel if I wouldn't have known better. I shuddered as his steely gaze settled on me.

My eyes remain fixated to his for a long time and for a second there, I could almost see my future. They would probably rape me and then kill me. There was no better way of saying this. That's what probably happened to the girl inside.

What else could I have expected? They were criminals and I had known this fully well before entering this place. I should have turned around and ran for my life when I had the time but now it's too late.

"Get up and come here." The man assessed me from my head to my toe and then turned around and went back to sit on his chair in the centre of the room. He radiated power as he commanded me. His aura was that of a ruler. Strong, unafraid, powerful...ruthless, merciless....I gulped.

I sat idle on the floor, not sure what I was supposed to do.

He was sitting at his place like he was a king. He looked at me and patted his lap as if asking me to come there. It was disrespectful. That didn't settle well with me and I sat on my place, not moving, observing the faces of the people sitting in the room. I had no power above them, it was pretty clear. I stared at him again with defiance.

I saw the occupants of the room looking at me with curious and fearful eyes. I saw the tiniest hint of lust in their eyes and I was aware of the way they were probably undressing me with their eyes right now but I didn't dare move. They probably carried weapons and had committed murders and crimes but I stayed still.

"Didn't you hear what the master is saying, slut? Get up and go sit in his lap!" Oron pushed me from behind and I fell on my fours. Terror seized my brain. I thought of running but the only escape route goes through Oron. And I had no wish to fight him. I didn't stand a chance.

Was this it? I will die because I couldn't have stopped my curiosity. I wanted to know what was here. At least I would die knowing that there were paintings that talked and people who walked naked like it was perfectly normal? I shook my head of the stupid thoughts.

Suddenly I was snatched up by my wrist and collided against a hard surface. I lifted up my head to find the very same man standing before me. He was beautiful beyond words. More so up close. My eyes can't help but take a quick scan of the alpha male standing before them.

"Todo el mundo pa fuera!" He spoke so loudly and in a second everyone fled the room. It was a command, I guess. It was definitely some other language.

I watched with scared eyes as Oron gave me a meaningful look before leaving the room. His cousin ignored me and fled the room. I was tempted to follow them to wherever they were going.

My eyes made contact with two black eyes staring at me with anger and then his mouth curved up to give me a smirk. He looked sexy as hell but I knew well that he had the power to finish me in just a snap of his fingertips.

I just stood there and stared. To say that I was terrified would be an understatement. I was shitting my panties right now.

He pulled me towards him and I collided with his hard chest. It was almost like I had hit a wall. His hold on my hand tightened and I took a sharp breath in. Being in the presence of attractive males wasn't a new thing for me but being in his presence sent shudders throughout my body. My breathing fastened and it was too hard to take in oxygen.

Suddenly he pulled me closer, closer than I would have considered safe. He lowered his face to mine and I closed my eyes shut. I felt his hot breath on my mouth. My heart was about to leap out of my chest. It had been a long time since I had reacted to a man's touch this way.

Would I seem crazy if I say that I actually felt some sparks when he touched me?

All of a sudden he brought his face parallel to my ear and his uneven breaths and my fast beating heart was the only thing that I could hear or feel. For a tiny second there, I felt his lips make contact with my earlobe and I gasped from the sudden contact.

"You know sweetheart, it's just you and me and we are about to have some fun." He whispered in my ear so softly that for a moment I wasn't sure if he had even spoken anything. But I knew what he had said. His sentence repeated in my head again and again.

It was just him and I and I knew nothing pretty was going to come out of this.


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