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DD 4 : Lap Dance



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Chapter 4 : Lap Dance

I was beyond aware of our utter closeness and my heartbeat, it was skyrocketing. My pulse quickened as he rubbed his nose against my earlobe. His warm breath hit the side of my cheek and all of a sudden, it was too difficult to breathe.

What was happening to me?

I wasn't really sure whether it was the fear or the close proximity that made my heart skip a beat.

"" I whispered, my voice too soft and vulnerable, barely audible. I didn't like that one bit. One thing I knew was that I never showed weakness, no matter how bad the situation was. I was a fighter. I had fought my way up here and the fact that I had submitted to this man so easily enraged me.

So, I toughened my voice a bit and gathering my courage, I spoke again. "What are you talking about?" My voice was louder now and although it wavered a little, it still sounded steady enough, confident even.

I was met with silence. No reply at all.

He was breathing down my ear so I knew he was still alive and I didn't think it was possible to fall asleep so soon. So I pushed his shoulder, hard. But to my utter surprise, he didn't even budge.

I lifted my hand to push him off of me, away from my personal space when he caught my arm and twisted it back. The movement was sudden and it made my body turn around and my back to collide against his chest.

I was too stunned to say anything and my heart was literally in my mouth as I stared ahead at the enormous black wall inscribed by weird patterns and designs. They truly looked ancient and like something spiritual even. I couldn't be so sure though. It may just have been the wallpaper.

A sharp pain shot through my arm as he twisted it to the other side and I cried out. "S...stop!" I shrieked in pain and he only pulled harder.

"Shut up! Why do you humans whine so much?" He muttered in an irritated tone. His voice definitely sent chills throughout my body. His voice was deep and masculine and each word coming out of his mouth sounded like some kind of spell...

I shook my head to get rid of the stupid thoughts. I couldn't have found a better time to admire his voice quality.

He released my arm suddenly and pushed me away like I was a piece of dirt. I fell to the ground hard, and my bad knee got scraped again. I brought my knee up to inspect the injury but he spoke again.

"It's just a minor cut!" He cried out, enraged. "Such fragile creatures these humans are..." He hissed out with hatred and my eyes shot to his.

I felt anger boil inside my chest at his words. Who the hell was he to talk to me like that? And what humans? Was he a vampire or a werewolf? Rubbish!

I got up using my good knee as my support and staggered a little. After gaining my balance, I moved towards him and kept moving until I was right in front of him.

He looked a little surprised at the moment but his face got washed away of any emotion and then I could again see only irritation and anger on his face. That didn't stop me though. I was a determined woman.

I will show him his place!

I jabbed my pointer finger at his hard chest. His eyes seemed to show some kind of amazement at my action but I didn't look too far into it.

"Just what do you think you are doing? How dare you push me?" I pushed my finger harder into his chest but he didn't even take the tiniest step back.

My anger just flared more at his dominant stance. "You think you are superior to me! Hell, even you are a human, okay? Don't talk to me like I am someone weak!"

He stared at me. And I stared back.

His eyes seemed to visibly harden but his face was void of any emotion. In the blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of me. My hand fell to my side at his sudden motion. It was inhuman speed, I swear!

"Do you have a death wish?" He asked in a deathly silent voice. His fingers lightly tapped my skin just below my ear and then they trailed down my throat, almost seductively. I stiffened. My heart beat fastened and unintentionally, I took a step back. His fingers left my skin and I shivered at the loss of contact.

Seeing my lack of reply, he murmured in calm yet a dangerous tone. "I will snap your neck in a second if you ever disrespect me. Do you get that?" His eyes bored into mine and I gulped, taking several steps back.

He smirked at my retreating form. What had I gotten myself into?

The more logical part of my brain suggested me to just flee the place but the terrifying glint in his eyes stopped me from moving any further.

After a few moments, he just turned around with his hands folded behind his back. His back was impressive. Hard and straight. I could almost imagine tough, rigid muscles contracting and relaxing with his every movement.

But again, I couldn't have found a better time to admire his god like features. I had to snap out of it and concentrate on major problems, more major than his impressive back or his dark stare or his heavenly looks...

Ave, Snap out of it!

I was about to speak something when he moved. He made his way to an empty chair and sat on it, his knees folded over each other and his hands on the handles of the royal red chair.

"Sit." He motioned with his other hand, his eyes assessing me like I was some kind of a mystery.

My instincts kicked in as my mind made out what he actually asked me to do. I wasn't here to sit. I was here to help, help a girl who was dead now. And maybe, it was my turn now. Fate had its cruel ways.

"L-look, I-I am just going to leave. I w-wasn't paying attention and I entered t-the wrong hallway." I backed up so fast that I stumbled on my own feet and lost my balance. But before my body could have made contact with the hard floor for the umpteenth time today, I was hauled back up by strong arms.

I caught my breath as my lips got connected to his for the shortest of moment. It was just a touch, a caress of his lips against mine. Time stood still as I gazed at his dark eyes concentrated on mine and then he pushed me back and I fell hard. On my ass.

"What the fuck!" I stared at him dumbfounded, rubbing my now sore ass. If he wanted me to fall, why did he even catch me?

"Be careful of what you say. Respect, that's what I demand. Do you get that?" He held my chin forcefully against his hands as he made me look at him while he spoke. His tone was terrifying to say the least and it sent shudders through my entire body.

But no one, I repeat! No one talked to me like that. I had made myself way stronger than this and I wasn't the one who people step on or boss around anymore.

That was it! End of my patience! I saw red!

"RESPECT! That's what I demand too!" I blew up, then pushing from his hold, got on my knees and then stood up with much difficulty. His face visibly hardened and his jaw clenched hard at my tone.

I turned around, not caring about my injury and staggered towards the door. But suddenly his voice cut through the chilling silence, my blood circulation seemed to stop for a minor second.

"They let you in but don't think for once, they will let you out." That made me freeze at my spot.

He knew. He knew about those pictures, about those things. I whipped my head around, stared at him mortified.

"W-what are you talking about?" I stammered. My head seemed like it would burst the other second.

He completely ignored me, either he didn't hear me or he chose to ignore me completely, I think it was the second option rather than the first.

"Sit." He motioned again for me to sit and I just stood there, unsure, afraid, terrified.

"SIT!" He roared this time and my feet went to work and soon I felt myself sitting on a soft, spongy chair, facing him.

I don't know why but I had a really bad feeling about this. A question popped into my mind suddenly. A question which I should have thought of much before.

"Are you the boss?" I asked suddenly, taking him by surprise.

He looked at me, just looked at me from my head to toe. Suddenly, I felt the need to cover myself a little bit. It wasn't the fact that I was ashamed of my body that made me shy. I was beyond confident about my body and I loved to look the way I was. Hell, I was even proud of it.

The thing was that my skimpy outfit didn't leave much space for imagination. It wasn't like I wanted him to imagine anything....

"You work here." He stated, my question being ignored again.

"Yep, Mr. Obvious!" I answered in an overly sarcastic tone which didn't sit well with him, looking at his facial expression.

"I am the boss." His nose flared and just for a second he looked like an angry bull, a sexy angry bull.

But suddenly the weight of his statement dawned upon me.

He was the boss!

He could and probably would have kicked me out in an instant if he had just wanted to. He had the power to just throw me out of the job. I could already imagine a picture of me sitting on that park bench alone, miserable, lonely, hungry and with not a penny in my pocket.

I shook my head of the stupid thought. Nothing like that was about to happen. It wasn't like I had committed a crime or something...It was unintentional.

Unintentional my ass! I knew I was calling trouble by choosing this path but I had chosen it anyways.

"Fuck! Look, I am sorry. I mean I am sorry, Sir! I-I just entered the wrong hallway and-and I had no idea that you were the boss! I swear, you see...I am a pretty good worker. You don't want to kick me out...or maybe you do? But you won't, right? Because you are a pretty good human being, I know and-"

I was stopped, very rudely may I add by his maniacal laughter. I stopped and stared. His eyes were closed and his hands were on his stomach.

"I am not a human." He muttered too low for anyone to hear but I had heard it clearly. He wasn't a human. Okay? Well, I was secretly Batman. Not at all doubtful. Nope, not even a little bit.

"Well yeah, so I get to keep my job?" I came straight to the point, avoiding his psychic comment. My face was straight as I waited for his laughter to stop and patiently tapped my left foot. Yep, patiently!

I am not a human! How pretty fucking hilarious?!

It was like god heard my prayers because his laughter stopped the other instant. His face deepened into a frown and his black eyes concentrated together as he stared at me. In a second, his features turned hard and I regretted what I had just said.

"I am not a human and it's not the least bit hilarious." Wait! Did I just say that out loud?

"Nope!" He spoke again and my eyes shot to his. He smirked at me and I gasped, " read my mind!" I exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at him in anger.

His smirk only grew wider at my response and with his other hand; he flicked his silky black hair back. "Yeah, one of my many talents," He stopped and dragged his chair closer to me. Instinctively, it made me drag my chair backwards and this happened till I was against the table and my chair couldn't have been further pushed. "But that's beside the point." He chuckled. I gulped.

"Look, I think I should leave." I mumbled my voice barely audible even to my own ears.

My breath hitched as he moved his chair even closer than before. So close that my legs were enclosed between his thighs. I shivered at the silky touch of his trousers against my bare legs.

"Look, I am the boos. You don't think. I think. You just do what I tell you to." He muttered in a dangerously calm tone. His voice had dropped just a few octaves and my thighs tightened against each other at his raspy voice.

He seemed to notice the movement as he smiled knowingly, just glancing between my legs once and then gazing at my eyes intensely. That just made something rush at my core and I only clasped my thighs tighter.

I was about to say something but words didn't come out. With a start, I pushed his chest but his hands were wrapped around my neck, choking me completely. My throat burned and tears escaped from my eyes. I slapped his hands and tried to pull his hands off me but his hold was firm and I couldn't push him. I was losing consciousness when suddenly he pushed me off and I fell back on the chair.

"You want out?" He stood up and turned around. I clasped my hand around my neck and rubbed my throat gently. I was sure that I had a dirty bruise on my skin by now. I took in big amounts of air, trying to compensate the lack of air in my lungs.

"YOU BITCH! I ASKED YOU SOMETHING! DO YOU WANT OUT?" My throat was again in his death hold and I couldn't help but shriek. An image passed through my mind. I was sure now that he had killed the girl. He was more than capable of killing.

I nodded my head frantically and he threw me back again. Like I was a rag doll to throw around...Tears now escaped my eyes freely and I looked up at him with both fear and anxiety.

He took two steps ahead, turned and showed his back to me.

A long silence passed and then he finally turned around. A gasp escaped my lips.

He smiled at me devilishly and I was sure that nothing nice was going inside the head of this psychotic man. I was trapped; I was trapped in the devil's pawns. I had felt it, right then and there.

With a cunning smile drafted on his face and with his one eyebrow cocked upwards, he definitely looked like a true, sexy devil.

He sat on his chair and then pulled mine by tangling his leg in one of the supporters and was sitting ahead of me in an instant.

"How about you give me a lap dance?" He chuckled. I died.


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