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The thing with my mind is that I always have thoughts way too inappropriate to shout them loud. So, I just pen them down. You open this and you will be thrown inside my brain, the psychopathic thoughts I get, the horñy thoughts I get, basically everything that will make you believe that my place of residence is probably a mental asylum. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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She used to love it when I traced my fingers on thighs, lightly scratching but not enough to hurt.

She told me she would never get enough of me with that beautiful smile intact on her face. It was so dazzling, no wonder I fell for her at first sight.

I believed her like I always do. I kept exploring her skin, hitching my nails upwards as she kept talking about how amazing her day was, how much she missed me. I smiled at her.

I discovered uneven patches on her skin and glanced at them wondering what they are. I kept tracing them back and forth as she continued entrancing me with her eyes that seemed to light up the entire world.

"Ethan, are you even paying attention?" I looked up at her and she was giving me an annoyed look, I smiled apologetically, my fingers never stopping on that uneven patch of her skin.

"I am sorry, love. I am paying attention."

She was so beautiful and precious to me, she didn't even understand. She continued with her speech and I continued with my assault on her skin.

I soon realised that uneven patch was a hickey, my fingers went back and forth on it, trying to absorb whatever she was saying. All the time I listened, I kept wondering about that hickey, about our love making sessions, about how exotic she was in bed, how lucky I was to have her.

"Ethan, it's been a while since we have done it, you know. Let's go to your place tonight."

With those few lines, an unsettling feeling registered in his brain. His fingers kept tracing the hickey, back and forth and then again.

"Do you love me?"

I asked, looking into her eyes.

"Ofcourse, I do. What's up with you? You are acting so weird and you aren't even paying attention."

"Will you ever leave me for another?"

I thought I saw a slight crease in her brows but it was gone before it even came. She didn't get angry at the audacity of my question. She pulled me closer and hugged me, kissing my cheek. All this time, my fingers never stopped their assault on her thighs where those hickeys were.

"I will never even think of that."

Where those hickeys weren't supposed to be.

The next second I punctured her thighs with my nails as she screamed in pain trying to push me off. I pulled back a little but never took my nails off that hickey, pinching hard enough to make blood seep out.

I frowned at her pain and whispered in her ears. "You lied."

She punctured my heart, it's only fair  if I punctured her hickey and then later, her.


Love is an interesting phenomenon. But loving too much hurts.

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