No Stopping Now (18+) [COMPLETED]

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He bent down to her level, looking directly into her eyes. He brought his face close to her and kissed her just where the curve of her mouth began. She felt disgusted with herself as she felt a shiver run down her spine at his touch. Her body trembled in both, fear and excitement. What sick creature was she? When had she given him this much control over her? How could she enjoy this? Her ex husband was assaulting her and she was feeling excited? Pathetic! His one hand was still in her hair, lightly pulling it back making her unable to move away from him. He brought his face to her ear, completely parallel to hers and then muttered in a husky yet dangerous voice. Her body reacted to the way he spoke and she felt sick to her stomach. No matter how much ever her mind had wanted to push him away, her body betrayed her and reacted towards him in a way that she felt ashamed of even admitting to herself. "Now is the time to scream Raine! I will do things to you now and you will let me. Don't even ask me why?." He fixed her with an intense look. "You already know the answer. It is because your heart is not in here." With his other hand, he knocked his knuckles on her chest gently, exactly at the place where her heart was supposed to be. "It's right here." He opened his fist and closed it. Although there was nothing in his palm, but she felt breathless as his fist closed. It was li

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No Stopping Now (18+)



Copyright © JaquelineLords 2016

All Rights Reserved.

Edited by : FastAndDeep 

Cover Design : @ChubsMinhaj

This book has been written by JaquelineLords and is going to be edited (as best as possible) by me. I am posting all the chapters for a start and then slowly I will edit chapter by chapter.

The sequel of this book would be written by me and it would be called  'No Holding Back'.

The sequel is in continuation after this story so make sure to read this before you read that. 

Many of the amazing sexy ladies out there have requested me to write a fairytale kinda story, I have tried my best but I just can't keep the smut out of the story. I am really sorry for that XP

Tsk tsk! The real fun*coughs* smut *coughs* starts from chapter 3 so be patient ;)

Oh and this book is rated 18+. If you decide to read this when you are not of age, then please do not complain about the sexual scenes and stuff like that. the language used in the book is pretty blunt.

It is highly recommended to follow me to read the book without any problems. It may contain private chapters that you would probably have to skip if you aren't a follower. Follow FastandDeep right here.

For the new readers out there, check out my other works XP They are full of smut though so I am warning you before hand! 


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