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Savoring him

Lizbeth woke up feeling that everything that happened the night before was a dream, but deep down she knew it wasn’t. The sensation of his lips on hers still tingled on her mouth. The smell of fresh clothes blended with his cologne still tickling her nose. She could practically feel the warmth of skin against hers.

Staring at the ceiling blankly, she shivered and heaved a heavy sigh. The soft sunlight slipping through her window as the sky slowly became clearer.

She shook her head and sat up on the bed. She needed to focus. It was Wednesday and in the afternoon she was visiting the serial killer again. She hated it when she had to go to prison.

After searching through her clothes, she finally put on her black pantsuit with a bluish-grey shirt. With her flat shoes on, she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Okay, you can do this,” she tried to reassure herself.

She used to visit and just watch from outside, but this time she was going inside with the FBI agents. They wanted to provoke him, to make him talk. He was a sexual predator and she was exactly his type. Not that she minded acting like bait, but knowing that he was going to get aroused by her presence made her stomach twist in knots.

She spent the morning in class, like any other day. Except for the fact that her mind was running a mile a minute, fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary happened. And, surprisingly, she managed to focus on work and not think about Sawyer.

When the clock struck four in the afternoon, she left her office and went to meet the FBI.

“Okay, you don’t really need to talk to Dr. Ackerman,” agent Turner noted.

“So you just want me to stay there and look?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes.” He nodded. “With you there, he’ll probably talk more than he usually does.”

“There’s no record of him in any database —I don’t even know how, because this is not his first time— but we finally found some DNA in one of the bodies and it matches his,” agent Miller declared.

“That’s amazing,” she exclaimed, feeling a bit relieved.

They walked inside the dimly lit room and the man’s eyes moved straight at her. He really looked like a normal person. However, Lizbeth was good at her job and even though it was subtle, he had a lascivious and vicious look. His aura was creepy and unpleasant.

“So, now you’re bringing a rookie to make me talk or what?” he asked as he scanned her.

“She’s not a rookie. This is Dr. Ackerman,” agent Miller told him.

“Sit down, Ralph,” agent Turner ordered him.

“Easy, agent...” he said as he sat down. “So what do you wanna talk about, Dr. Beautiful?” he asked Lizbeth. One of the agents was about to speak but she went ahead.

“I’m here just to listen,” she said, her face stoic. She should have felt disgusted or angry when facing that man after the victim that survived finally died, but nothing. It was as if she had a hollow on her chest swallowing every emotional trace. It made her feel less human, but she knew it was just her brain’s mechanism to protect herself, but it still felt odd.

“How boring... These bad men won’t let you talk?” He evilly smiled.

“Shut it, Ralph!” Agent Turner snarled.

“So annoying... Okay, what do you wanna ask me this time since you’ve brought a doc? About my childhood? If I was abused or if I tortured animals?” He scoffed crossing his arms, a wicked grin on his face. Some disturbing chills ran down her spine.

“Stop fooling around,” agent Miller grunted.

Talking to the prisoner and going over the facts once again for almost two hours was exhausting. He was utterly relaxed and in such intimate terms with the special agents, that it looked as if he was talking to some friends.

After a while, Lizbeth began to feel uneasy and nauseous. That man was definitely guilty, and the worst part of it was that he was proud of what he called poetic justice since all those women cheated on their partners.

Listening to his crap for a few hours felt like an eternity, so Lizbeth was grateful when it was finally over.

“That was a great interview,” Lizbeth admitted.

“How so?” Agent Miller asked.

“With the DNA evidence you told me about, the circumstantial ones, Claire’s statement and this...” she said, raising her notebook. “There’s no way he’s escaping.”

“I hope you’re right.” Agent Turner chuckled.

“Yeah... Well, we’ll see you at the trial in two weeks. Thank you, Dr.Ackerman.” He held his hand out to her.

“Sure.” She nodded as she shook his hand.

Lizbeth was tired beyond imagination after such a long day, but when she entered her car she wished she had to keep working. As soon as she was alone, she burst into tears. Even though she was sure they’d win the trial, she couldn’t hold in everything she had felt inside that interrogation room.

She knew she was doing something good and important, that it was going to change the lives of so many people, giving the families some closure, but that didn’t make it any less hard or painful.

When she had let it all out in that parking lot, she turned the engine and drove back home. Lost in thought, with a blank look fixed on the road, she didn’t realize she had finally arrived home until she saw him with the kids and Noah walking inside the building after a walk. With no strength to face him at that moment, she waited in her car until they were out of sight.

Seeing him made the memories of the night before hit her. Thinking about her personal life wasn’t something she liked to do.

She was finally settling after the break up with Nicolas and as much as she liked Sawyer, was she ready to play that game again? He had broken her heart before and now his life was indeed complicated.

She took a deep breath before going out, the simple thought of having that conversation made her feel anxious. She was good at dealing and helping with other’s problems and traumas, but she hated confronting her own so much.

Her trail of thoughts stopped when she saw a dark blue car parked in front of the building. She hadn’t seen it before, but it made her feel uneasy. It was a Volkswagen golf with tinted windows, the engine still on, as if the person inside was waiting for someone. Her brows creased, suspiciously.

She was so focused staring at it, that her phone ringing startled her. Working on a serial murder case was making her paranoid.

She looked at the screen and saw it was Liam.

“Hey, Bro!” She beamed as she picked it up. She locked her car and walked upstairs, ignoring her surroundings.

“Hey, Sis!”

“How are you doing?”

“Good! Hawaii was wonderful! But since I was out for so long, these past two weeks had been crazy at work and I barely had time to breathe,” he told her.

April and Liam put some vacation days and the honeymoon ones together to make it a whole month. They had been talking through messages and facetime but that was the first time she heard his voice after they came back.

“Anyway, I just wanted to check on you. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Tired after an interview I had today with the suspect of the serial murder case, but fine.”

“Dang it! That must be so creepy.”

“Yeah...” She snickered. “But it’s work and a unique experience for a professional in this field.”

“I bet!” His grin on the other side of the line easily noticeable. “So... I just talked to Sawyer.” She felt a lump in her throat. He wouldn’t tell him anything, right? “We always try to do something on Halloween weekend, but since he has to work those days, April suggested we should meet the one after. He agreed but I wanted to know if you’re joining us this year?”

“What are you doing?”

“Well... He told me he has the kids...”

“Yeah...” The way he spoke was as if he was testing how much she knew about it, probably not wanting to screw up by saying too much.

“I talked to Dylan and he said we all could go to the lake house.”

“That’s nice... But Liam, I don’t know if I should go. I mean, I haven’t hung out with everyone in years. Wouldn’t it be a bit awkward?”

“You were at my wedding!”

“That’s completely different!” She spat.

“How is it different?” He waited for an answer that never came. “Come on, Liz! It’ll be like the old times!”

“I’ll think about it,” she muttered.

“Great! Talk to you soon, then! Love you!”

“Love you too.” She giggled.

When she hung up the phone, she went to her room, kicked her shoes off, and threw her suit on the floor, stepping into the shower right away. A while later, she was preparing herself a salad but got interrupted when someone knocked at her door.

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost ten. Who can it be?— Sawyer. Fuck. She felt nervous all of a sudden and her hands started to sweat. Calm down. She breathed in and out a couple of times and then walked to the door.

“Hey!” Her eyes went straight to his body. He was wearing his usual too-low-on-the-hips sweatpants and a t-shirt that showed every muscle of his body. He would have been a great Captain America in the Avengers movie, she thought.

“Hey...” He smiled at her. “Can I come in?”

“Sure...” She stepped aside to let him in. “I guess you already had dinner with the kids?” She walked to the kitchen, pretending his presence didn’t affect her at all.

“Yeah, they’re fast asleep now,” he said as he followed her.

“How’s Sophia doing?”

“After what you told her she didn’t have any more nightmares yesterday. I hope she doesn’t have any today either,” he admitted.

“And how’s Adam doing? He looked thrilled about that visit they were doing today to the museum.”

“He had fun. He bought one of these dinosaur plastic toys. Says he wants to discover one when he grows up.” Sawyer’s face lit up when he talked about the kids. Lizbeth hadn’t seen that expression before in him and it was heart-melting.

“That sounds cool!” She chuckled while she kept slicing a tomato for her salad.

“Yeah...” He said closing in on her.

“And how’s your mom doing?” She shuddered when the warmth of his body reached hers.

“She’s doing good,” he paused for a moment.

“So… Liam told me about going on this short, weekend vacation in three weeks?”

“Yeah, we’re going to the lake house. Are you coming?” His voice sounded happy.

“I still don’t know…”

“It’d be fun…” he breathed in her neck. She froze, feeling the shivers run up and down her spine. “How long are you gonna keep avoiding me?” he asked before softly kissing the back of her neck.

She gnawed at the inside of her cheek. She was jittery and hadn’t looked him in the eye since he walked into her apartment because she didn’t want to talk about what happened the night before. “You’ve seen I have a large knife in my hand, right?” she said, trying to cover her emotions.

He burst out laughing and stepped away, then leaned against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest. “Are you gonna stab me with it or what?” he asked, staring at her.

“Maybe,” she shrugged. He chuckled.

She glanced at him. He had an arrogant expression plastered on his face. He didn’t move nor say anything else, which made her feel even more uneasy. She sighed and finally turned to him. “What?”

“Nothing! You’ve threatened me, so I’m just waiting for you to drop the knife.” She narrowed her eyes at him, which made him laugh. “Come on, Liz!”

“Okay,” she said, putting the knife on the table, turning to him and crossing her arms over her chest. “What do you want?”

“You can’t ask me looking like that and expect a serious response,” he noted, looking a bit under her chin. She followed his eyes and knew what he meant. She was wearing her pajamas, a flannel dark green pants with a light grey cardigan over a white tank top. Her nipples hard.

Her eyes opened wide as she slightly blushed. “You’re such a guy!” she exclaimed as she crossed the cardigan over her chest.

“Indeed,” he agreed as he chuckled. She rolled her eyes and shook her head to the sides but couldn’t hide the smile on her face. “At least you’re back to normal.” He happily grinned.

“Yeah... Whatever.” She sat at one of the chairs around the table. “But I’m serious. What happened last night?”

“We made out,” he stated as if it was nothing and sat in front of her.

“You can be so annoying sometimes.” She rolled her eyes.

“Ask what you really want to ask,” he said. His body language had changed, he was being serious now.

“You pushed me away a few weeks ago... This is so confusing.”

“I told you that my life was complicated, and now you know what I meant...” He trailed off.

“Right,” she said. “Then what’s the meaning of what happened yesterday? Isn’t your life complicated?” She was being sarcastic.

He smirked at her remark. “Well, it still is but I want you and I’m tired of holding myself back,” he confessed as he leaned forward, his eyes darkening as his fingers touched her knee.

“Okay, you want to fuck me,” she shrugged.

“Yeah. What’s wrong with that?” He grinned but lightly creased his brows.

“Just wanted to make things clear between us,” she said, feeling somewhat upset. “That’d make everything so much easier.” She got up from her chair and walked to the counter again.

“You’re not just anybody,” he said, placing himself behind her. His groin pressed against her butt. “You’re one of the few women that speak their minds out to me. You don’t fake when I’m around. You’re honest and one of the best people I’ve met in my whole life. I want to see how far we can make it.”

“Okay...” She was speechless and her heart was doing backflips. She didn’t expect a confession like that.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No. Yeah... I mean, I don’t know?” She shrugged. “This is just weird and confusing.”

“Why don’t you stop thinking so much for once and just enjoy?” he said, firmly grabbing her hips as he lustfully bit her earlobe. She bit her lower lip to restrain a moan from escaping her mouth. “Something’s on your mind... Tell me” he insisted, brushing his lips against the skin of her neck.

“I’m not ready to get my heart broken again.”

He stopped playing and made her turn around to look at him. A stern look on his face. “Liz, I don’t want you to be my fuckbuddy,” he stated, slightly frowning. He grabbed her waist with both hands and put his forehead against hers. “I’m a bit fucked up in the romantic department, not gonna deny that. And my life is complicated as you can see. But if you’re okay with the kids and everything else, I want to give it a try. I haven’t felt anything like this in a fucking long time.” He paused. “Not since we fell apart. I want you, Kitten.”

She didn’t say anything and after a few seconds, she just kissed him.

He kissed her back as his arms embraced her. His hands bringing her body closer to his. She gently bit his lower lip and softly sucked on it. His warmth reached and delved into every cell of her system, wrapping her in a silky euphoria that hazed her mind.

The kiss slowly became more indecent. Their tongues entwined, exploring each other’s mouths as if they were some lost paradise.

Suddenly he grabbed her by her butt and lifted her up, placing her on the counter. He positioned himself between her legs and his already hard crotch pressed against her center. The pressure was so amazing she couldn’t hold in a moan.

“Sawyer...” she whispered against his lips. He hummed waiting for her to continue as his hands reached between them. “Fuck me...” She gasped when he touched her over the fabric of her clothes.

He smirked. “You’ve gotta be quiet.” He didn’t stop stroking her. “We don’t want the kids interrupting us,” he added when she looked at him with questioning eyes. Then, he gently ran his tongue over her lips.

“Oh, right...” She blushed.

“Let’s go.” He grabbed her hand and helped her down the counter.

They went to his apartment because he didn’t mind getting busy with her but he couldn’t leave the kids alone at home. After greeting Noah, Sawyer walked to the kids’ room to check on them and then turned away, leaving their door ajar. He didn’t say a word as he entwined his fingers with Lizbeth’s, leading her to his room.

He slowly closed the door behind him and gazed at her, transforming the atmosphere in pure raw fervor. He firmly pulled her body against his. Staring into her eyes, he swept his tongue over her lips, dragging a soft moan out of her throat.

He smiled against her mouth and gently kissed her. His arms circled around her waist and his hands smoothly slid down her body until they found her rear. He clutched on it and squeezed his achingly swollen bulge against her core.

His tongue teased hers and then, he caught her bottom lip between his teeth, passionately nibbling and sucking on it.

Sawyer sat on his bed, pulling her onto his lap. Her breathing staggered in response to the wave of heat that flushed through her being. He took off her cardigan and rolled her t-shirt up, letting them fall together on the floor.

He painfully exhaled when he stared at her breasts, then he squeezed them together and kissed them. Right after, he flicked her left nipple with his tongue as his fingers teased the right one.

“You’re so fucking perfect...” he said with a hoarse voice as he looked deep into her eyes.

His gaze showered her with true fondness as much as with lust, sending shivers down her spine. She hadn’t been looked at like that in a long time.

While his hands skimmed down her curves, Lizbeth pulled his shirt up, craving to feel the warmth of his skin against hers. He helped her and tossed the piece of clothing somewhere on the floor.

Her hands instinctively wandered over the strong muscles of his torso, memorizing every inch of him. Then, when she raised her eyes to meet his, the passion burning in them trapped her.

She had had sex with different men after their break up until she started dating Nicolas, hell it had been eight years, but after him, she had never felt that excitement, that raw desire consuming her. It made her feel so alive.

Her hands toyed with the elastic band of his pants while he devoured her mouth again, slightly tugging from her hair with one hand as the other one pressed her harder against him. Her hand slipped inside his underwear and he hissed as if he was in pain, but the only thing she could sense was the lust running through his veins.

In a swift movement, Sawyer turned themselves and rolled on the bed, looming over her frame. This side of him, dominant and demanding, was very enticing. She bit her bottom lip as he pulled her pants and panties down her legs, softly caressing her skin on the way up, making her shudder.

She arched her back when his index finger traced a line from her hip to the valley between her breasts, lighting up a fire everywhere he touched her.

“Sawyer...” she moaned, trying to keep her voice as low as possible. Humming in response, he leaned down and trapped her left nipple in his mouth while the fingers of his free hand pinched the right one. “Oh, God...”

Lizbeth let herself cradle into the magnificent pleasure that was piercing through her soul. Her fingers laced on his hair as he kept pushing her to the edge. Then, gradually, she moved her hands down his body, caressing his skin all the way to the sensual V shape framed by his hips until she reached that spot deep in his pants.

He stifled a groan and rested his forehead in her chest when her hand grabbed his stiffness. She knew he wasn’t average but didn’t remember he was that big. A tingling sensation rushed across her muscles, building a delicious pressure inside of her.

She stroked him from the bottom up, feeling his hot and swollen member, already dripping with moisture.

Her hand moved up and down his length as his tongue and teeth kept playing with her nipples. Sawyer suddenly gasped and his mouth abandoned her hard teat, letting the cool air nip it. Then he kissed her, pushing his tongue down her throat as his hand crawled down her body.

His fingers hovered her center and slowly spread her labia, easily sliding up and down her slit. When he pressed her clit and penetrated her with two fingers all in one, a languid cry escaped her lips. He nibbled the sensitive skin of her neck, letting out a soft groan of satisfaction.

“You’re so fucking wet, Kitten...”

“I don’t think I can hold it in much longer... Fuck me, Sawyer...” She slightly squeezed his tip on her hand, making him gasp at the surprise.

“Your wish is my command.” He smirked.

He withdrew his fingers out of her and turned her around, laying her on her belly. He handed her a pillow to place under her hips and seconds later, he was completely naked, with his cock directed to her entrance from behind, teasing her before fiercely ramming inside of her.

Lizbeth couldn’t help it and cried out when he stretched her to unknown limits. “God!”

Sawyer groaned and then chuckled against the back of her neck. “You need to keep it down, Babe...” he said, letting her adjust to his size. Then he pulled out slowly, making her inner walls throb, only to push himself back in.

The slapping sound of skin on skin increasing the arousal and heat in the room. He pumped in and out of her, tightening the grip on her hip and speeding up as he kept thrusting into her.

Her heart rate picked and their breathings became ragged and rough. He bit her neck and growled when she arched her back to deepen the penetration. After a while, he slid his hand under her to reach between her legs. He tugged on her clit while he kept pounding hard inside of her.

“Come for me, Babe...” he whispered in her ear in a raspy voice. “Come on...”

Lizbeth clutched his butt with her left hand and with the other one she grabbed a handful of his hair. She turned her head and pulled his face down to hers, entwining their tongues in a raging dance. The atmosphere became unbearably hot as their hips kept moving in perfect harmony.

Soon after, she felt the rush of adrenaline running through her veins and to her center, exploding from within as she clenched around him.

Sawyer muffled her cries with his hand as he kept fucking her and, seconds later, he was melting inside of her.

Her legs twitched as she tried to put herself together.

“Fuck!” His breath fanning her hair.

He pulled out of her and removed the condom, leaving it on the bedside table. They fell quiet for a while, their pantings the only thing that broke the silence in the room. He kissed her shoulder as his fingers drew lazy circles on the skin of her hip.

“That was...” She started.

“Incredible,” he whispered as he hugged her.

“Yeah...” She chuckled, taking in his scent as she nuzzled his neck.

She deeply inhaled and slowly heaved a sigh. Nobody had made her feel like that before. He wasn’t selfish, he took good care of her and enjoyed it himself too. Being in his arms after such incredible sex was a wonderful sensation.

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