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Having her

He didn’t wait a moment after kicking the door shut. He dragged her to the bed, eagerly devouring her mouth.

He laid her down and his hands slowly moved from her neck to her hips, removing her sweater and tossing it on the floor as he caressed her body up again. He loved how her curves felt under his palms.

Sawyer pressed his crotch against her core, not letting the air pass through. She gasped at the surprise and he groaned when he heard her voice. As the heat between them rose, Lizbeth pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him half-naked.

They kept biting, licking, and sucking on each other's lips, entwining their tongues in a blazing battle. He was sensually kissing her because that night, he was taking his time to explore every part of her.

Her skin was soft and hot, she was burning.

“Sawyer...” she whispered between kisses as her hands wandered over his torso and shoulders. He loved it. It was as if she was trying to memorize the shape of his muscles.

With skilled hands he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, slowly pulling them down together with her underwear. As he made her way up, he gently bit the top of her inner thigh, right beside her center. “You’re so fucking sexy...” he said in a husky voice, his hands crawling along her curves.

He unclasped her bra, freeing her, craving to feel all of her once again. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath when she let her bra fall to the floor, throwing her head back when he kissed her neck.

Immediately after, his hands cupped her breasts, without completely covering them. He fondled them and then pinched her nipples, making them sharp. He growled.

“Fuck, they’re perfect...”

She shivered when his hot breath brushed her sensitive skin.

Their bare chests were pressed together as his hands delicately caressed her side down, stopping at the beautiful curve of her rear.

She kissed him with fervent passion, and he enjoyed and savored her lips with delight. Pulling away, she whispered, “it’s not fair that I’m the only one naked...” Her hands working on his belt buckle.

“Now, we’re even...” he said with a deep voice when he got completely unclothed. He proudly smirked when he saw her burning gaze on him and then smashed his lips against hers again, slipping his dick between her thighs.

Their hips rocked against each other, coating his cock in her warm dampness.

“Sawyer, fuck me...” she pleaded.

He let out a short, deep laughter. He loved listening to that begging voice of hers, but he wanted to take his time with her.

“Not yet, Kitten...” he whispered right before biting her neck. She gasped.

He slid his hand between them and when he reached her center, his fingers teased her clit. She threw her head back and moaned. He smirked and then wrapped his mouth around her already erect left nipple, licking and sucking on it while his hand kept dipping into the heat of her slick valley.

Suddenly, she grabbed his manhood, bringing him back from the haze his mind was in. She started moving her hand along his length. He groaned in satisfaction, she knew how to do her thing, but he stopped her, pinning her wrist over her head.

“If you do that I won’t be able to hold myself back anymore.” He didn’t lie, because all he wanted was to fuck her senseless over and over, but there was much more between them than just a simple physical attraction. There was an understanding and a connection he hadn’t ever experienced, so he wanted to cherish her, to make love to her.

“Don’t hold back...” she begged.

“Fuck! Don’t talk like that,” he said as he kept doing sinful things to her.

She panted, “Sawyer...”

“Soon enough, Kitten. But for now, just let me play with you... I want to enjoy you in every way I can.”

When he penetrated her with two fingers, she arched her back as a strangled moan left her mouth. He growled in approval, that velvety sound only made his arousal grow.

“I love that you’re so ready for me, Kitten,” he whispered against her jaw.

“If you keep going... I’m gonna—” Her breath was short and sharp. He looked deep into her eyes and smirked, proud of his skills. “Sawyer, I want you, please...”

“We have the whole night.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips and then moved away. He slowly kissed all the way down to her hips, tickling her in the most delicious way. He could feel her heartbeat speeding up at the anticipation, and that only pushed him over the edge.

Next, his head was between her legs, nibbling at the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. The scent of her arousal hit his nostrils, watering his mouth.

“You’re beautiful...” he said as he looked at her pink and swollen flesh. He bit his bottom lip and dove in, pressing his mouth to her wet heat

He ran his hot tongue between her plump folds from the bottom up, playing with her distended clit at the end of every stroke. Drinking her in. In the beginning, he was gentle but slowly got rougher, having her juices filling his mouth before they soaked his cock could be sublime. Then, he thrust her with two fingers as he kept licking and sucking on her sex.

He felt her tensing and slightly bucking her hips on his face, urging him to keep going. He focused on her reactions, rapidly figuring out what made her whimper. He smiled against her pussy as he felt her orgasm reaching his peak. Then, he slightly curled his fingers inside of her, pushing her to the edge.

Seconds later, her hips uncontrollably bucked as she loudly cried his name. She melted in his mouth, dragging her to oblivion.

He laid down beside her and licked her cream from his fingers, savoring her once again as he let her put herself together. She was panting, looking at the ceiling.

“You just killed and resurrected me...” she said in a low voice as she was fighting for oxygen.

“Good to know...” He smiled, kissing her shoulder. He caressed her skin from the neck to her breast, where he lazily traced uneven patterns. Her silky skin was the best thing he had ever felt. It was smooth, flawless and the citric scent easily shifted his mind to a calm summer day.

“Enough of me...” Her hands crawled to his still hard shaft.

He grabbed her wrist and stopped her. “You don’t have to. You can rest for a while...” He kissed her forehead.

“But I want to...” Her seductive voice got him on his knees at the speed of light.

“Okay...” He enticingly chuckled and let go of her wrists. “I’m all yours.”

As she started stroking him, he groaned against her neck. He had moved his hand to her hip and, in a reflex action, he tightened the grip on her when she squeezed him in the palm of her hand.

She sucked on his bottom lip and when he parted his lips, she furiously kissed him, inserting her tongue into his mouth. His cock was hard and up, twitching, longing for her to finish him. Her wrist slightly turned as she moved her hand along him, making him breathe raggedly, dangerously increasing his heart rate.

He was getting harder with every second.

“Fuck...” he mumbled against her lips. He had his eyes shut and his head back on the pillow, tension taking over his muscles. He felt the moist coming out of him but he didn’t want to end so fast.

Suddenly, with a swift movement, he rolled her on her back.

“What are you doing?” She giggled.

“Didn’t you want me inside you?” he asked. She just nodded, lust filling her eyes. He tried to get up to get a condom he had put in his pocket before, but Lizbeth stopped him.

“You don’t need to do that, I trust you... Besides, I’m on the pill.”

His nostrils flared as he deeply inhaled. Was she for real? His chest started to rise and fall at an irregular, aching speed. He didn’t even remember when was the last time he went raw, so that really turned him on.

“Are you sure?” He raised an eyebrow. Lizbeth just nodded, biting her bottom lip, making him impossibly harder.

With amazing speed, he rolled back between her legs and slowly pushed his hips down on hers. The pressure against her inner walls was delicious.

“Fucking God, you’re burning...” he said as he bit her neck.

Lizbeth sharply inhaled and closed her eyes when he squeezed his whole length inside of her.

“Oh, God!” she moaned, moving a little to adjust to his size. He kissed her chin and slowly started moving. Seconds later, she matched the rhythmic movements of his pelvis.

He had an elbow resting beside her face, his other hand firmly grabbing her butt. Both of them were erratically breathing as the temperature in the room soared.

He was thrusting, enjoying her inner wonderland, feeling every inch inside of her twitching. They perfectly fit each other, as if they were two missing pieces of the same puzzle. He was so aroused, he felt his mind going blank.

Her hands clung to the muscles of his lower back and slowly traveled to his butt, pressing and encouraging him to go deeper.

“I’m close, Sawyer...” she whispered in a broken voice.

“It’s okay. Come for me, Baby,” he said as he kept thrusting inside of her, trying not to shoot first.

Then, he slightly changed his position, raising his body and kneeling on the bed, sitting on his heels. She opened her legs wider for him as her arms rested on both sides of her head, her body completely exposed.

“Fuck, Kitten...” he growled as he picked up the pace. It was the most beautiful and alluring thing he had ever seen, from the way she moved to the twisted expression of her face.

She tightened her hands on the pillow, looking at the place where they were connected, which felt flaming hot. She bit her lower lip and when their eyes met, he lustfully smirked.

You’re so naughty...

His thrusts became rougher and faster. He was fiercely pumping deep inside of her with his hands tightly clutched to her hips, as if he was trying to convey all his emotions to her.

Then, in a twinkling, an electric wave of pleasure broke through her whole body. Her hips bucked and she clung onto the sheets, arching her back as a moan tore her throat.

“Fuck, Baby!” Sawyer growled when her walls tightened around him making him reach his climax too. A tingling sensation invaded him as he spurted inside of her.

After a few seconds, he let out a long breath and finally let go of her hips. He leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands, still trying to recover from the shock of such an intense orgasm. She caressed his arms and made him shiver.

He locked his eyes with hers and sweetly smiled. Then, he leaned down and softly kissed her. After that, he pulled out of her making both of them sag with a mixture of pleasure and exhaustion, letting himself fall beside her.

She turned her back to him and cuddled against his chest, happily sighing. He put an arm around her, pulling her to him, and kissed the sweaty back of her neck. They stayed in silence for a couple of minutes, but then Sawyer spoke, “these past two weeks have been great, but going raw and you crying out like that... Fuck, Kitten!” He gently bit her shoulder, making her giggle.

With the kids around thinking they were just friends and Sawyer’s crazy schedule at work, they barely had time to be together, and being able to finally unravel in each others’ arms was the perfect description of ecstasy.

“God, yes! I needed that,” she chuckled. “…but do you think they heard us?” she asked, clearly feeling a bit concerned.

He shrugged. “We’ve been louder today, but they’re on the second floor, so I don’t think they heard anything. Why? Does that worry you?”

She turned her face to him. “Just for the kids...”

He chuckled. “They’re probably fast asleep, stop thinking so much.” He softly kissed her nose.

“Okay...” She deeply inhaled, taking his scent in. She turned her whole body to him and put a leg over his hip. “I’ve missed you…” She breathed as she caressed his chest.

“Me too,” he whispered before kissing her once again.

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