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Completing him

The alarm went off and startled her. When she opened her eyes, she felt disoriented at first. It took her a few seconds to realize she had spent the night at Sawyer’s.

She stretched in bed and after a few minutes of lazing around, she got up. After getting out of the bathroom she went straight to the kitchen, it was past eight in the morning and Sawyer would get home any moment.

She sat on a stool and started to check her social media accounts, sliding on the screen and laughing at the stupid memes she found. A few minutes later, the coffee machine beeped, announcing that the hot beverage was ready. Right after, Sawyer’s keys jingled at the door so she opened one of the cabinets and got a cup out.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Sawyer said as he made his way to the kitchen, dropping his bag at the entrance.

“Good morning,” she responded, offering him a mug.

“Thanks, Babe. How was your night?”

“My head still hurts a little from the bump but I feel like new,” she smiled at him. “You?”

“It was a pretty calm night, to be honest, nothing too dramatic happened,” he told her before sipping from his coffee. “Are you really feeling alright?” He asked, concern written all over his face.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, someone attacked you yesterday,” he snorted.

“Yeah… I mean, it took me a while to fall asleep, I kept seeing his face every time I closed my eyes, but I have tools to fight all that. And it’s not like he can hurt me anymore, he’s in jail and I’m here, with you”, she reassured him. The truth was she still hadn’t been able to shrug off the discomfort completely, but she knew it was normal after an episode like that, so she didn’t give it much importance and decided to move on. Something like that wouldn’t break her.

“Okay...” Sawyer looked at her suspiciously as he drank from his coffee again. “Ahhh… I could get used to this,” he said, closing his eyes. “Freshly made coffee and a beautiful woman waiting for me at home? The fucking best after twelve hours of a night shift.” He chuckled.

“And don’t forget the sex…” She noted, biting on her bottom lip. Since they decided to be more than friends, the longest time they had been without sex was when she was on those days of the month, and even then she kneeled in front of him a couple of times and enjoyed him. Five days without feeling his warmth felt like forever.


“No buts, Sawyer. I want you to do me,” she stated. She was so hungry for him she didn’t recognize herself.

“Are you sure?” He raised an eyebrow, leaving the mug on the counter. She just nodded and the euphoria filled her whole being when his body language changed. “You know that when we’re alone I like to be rougher, right?” He teased.

Those words made the pool between her legs instantly grow. “Yeah… Because you love hearing my voice loud and clear,” she taunted him.

“Exactly…” Lust flooded his eyes as he walked towards her like a predator, trapping her between his body and the counter.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

Without hesitation, he did as she asked. Grabbing her face with both hands he passionately pressed his lips with hers, gently biting on her bottom lip. His crotch felt achingly hard against her core, which made her moan in his mouth. Having that kind of power on a man like him was exhilarating.

He slipped his hands down the back of her thighs and with a swift movement he picked her up, making her giggle. With her in his arms, he walked towards the bedroom.

Before letting her down, Sawyer tightened the grip on her ass, lustfully looking at her, and then laid her on the mattress. He took off his clothes and climbed on the bed.

As she was taking her t-shirt off, he anxiously rolled her pants and underwear down her legs, caressing her all the way up again. Without warning, he nibbled the skin on her hip and slid two fingers inside of her. “Fuck…” She breathed.

“You’re already fucking wet…” He whispered, fanning her mound. Then, with a swift movement, he turned her around. “On your fours.” He commanded her, making her whole body tremble with excitement.

When she kneeled with her hands clutching at the headboard, Sawyer grabbed her hips with so much force his fingers dug into her flesh. That turned her on really bad.

Without beating around the bush, Sawyer pulled from her hips with one hand as the other reached for her shoulder and rammed inside of her.

“Fuck!” Lizbeth cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. His hand traveled from her hip to her ass, caressing her.

“You good?” He asked. She nodded, her eyes teary for the surprise. “I’m gonna move now, okay?” She moved her hips in circles to tell him she was ready, making him groan.

He slowly withdrew from her, leaving just the tip in contact with her entrance, only to push inside of her again. Fast and hard. She felt her whole body bouncing with his thrusts as he was indeed being rough, but she loved it.

The hand he had on her shoulder sneaked down her back, electrifying her skin as he kept pumping into her with everything he had. Then, he slapped her ass. “Aahhh!” She whimpered. “Do it again,” she begged, looking at him over her shoulder.

She didn’t know how it was possible, but his cock hardened even more inside of her, stretching her inner walls deliciously the moment his hand smacked her ass again.

“Fuck!” He growled as he kept furiously fucking her. Her pussy clenched around him in response. “Don’t do that or you’ll finish me in a second.”

“Sorry, I just— Fuck!” She moaned when he reached deeper inside of her.

The sounds of the skin against skin flooded the air in the room. Heat soaring as their breathing became heavy and irregular. He kept relentlessly pounding into her as she undulated her hips to increase the friction.

Her opening started to burn every time he plunged inside of her, making her feel a spiraling sensation of ecstasy. “You’re so hot and slick…” He growled. “I love it when you’re so horny.” He smacked her ass again.

“Aahh! Sawyer, I’m close... “

“Great. Me too.”

He leaned forward and wrapped a hand around her neck, pulling her up and pressing her back against his torso. Then, his free hand traveled down her body and began to stroke her swollen clit.

The hand that was grasping around her neck, raked down her chest until it found her breast. “Cum for me, Babe…” He told her before biting her neck.

She slid a hand behind her and placed it on his lower back, steadying herself as he kept vigorously rubbing himself inside of her. The orgasm that had slowly built in her core, soon reached her inner walls and folds, exploding and sending her straight to the seventh heaven.

Sawyer swallowed her moans by kissing her as he bumped inside of her a few more times, grasping his own release, letting it go.

He didn’t pull out of her immediately when they leaned forward, resting their hands on the mattress and fighting for breath. He sighed and placed his forehead against her back, caressing her side with one hand. Then, he softly kissed her. “You make me feel so whole, Liz...”

She wasn’t seeing his face, but the way his voice left his lips squeezed her heart tightly. It was low and deep, but so intense and full of sentiments it took her breath away.

As much as he wanted to be awake and talk with her, after a second round, he passed out. The stress he probably felt when Liam told him she was at the hospital, added to a whole night working, had him exhausted.

She put on her comfy clothes and sneaked out of the room. Not wanting to wake him up, she went to her apartment. It needed some serious cleaning, and she had some free time that day since the doctor told her she had to stay at home for a couple of days, but before she could do anything, her phone vibrated on the counter, startling her.

She grabbed it and picked up without checking who was calling. “Yeah?”

“Hi, Liz!” April’s voice said from the other side of the line.

“Hey, gorgeous! How are you doing? And my nephew or niece?” She asked with a smile.

“We’re all fine! We’re actually waiting at the ob-gyn to check that everything’s fine,” she giggled. “I have morning sickness every day, but it’s not as bad as everyone had told me, so I’m holding on and counting the days until I stop throwing up every morning!” She laughed.

“Glad you could be doing worse?” Lizbeth told her, half asking her not sure what to tell her.

April laughed. “Thanks. Anyway, how are you doing? You really scared us yesterday...”

“I’m fine.”

“God! I don’t know how you do it, I’d be so scared…”

“I was, but nothing really happened in the end. And now he’s in jail and I’m here sitting in my kitchen while talking to you.” She knew it wasn’t that easy, that the brain was much more complicated, but her experience at the clinic in San Francisco and her knowledge about how to confront a shock like that made it a lot easier for her to let go.

“And… Did Sawyer take care of you then?” She asked with a playful tone of voice.

“Jesus, April! Don't talk about that stuff with my sister in front of me!” Liam grumbled in the background.

“She’s a grown woman! Learn to deal with it, hon!” She laughed. “This man…” She giggled. “So… How is it going with him?”

“Couldn’t be better, to be honest.” Lizbeth smiled.

“Tell me the juicy details!”

“Let’s just say I’m more than satisfied!”

April burst out laughing. “Good enough.”

“He’s not what I expected… He used to be more selfish and he was so stubborn, but he’s so sweet and so thoughtful, it just blows my mind.” Lizbeth chuckled as pictures of Sawyer began to play on her mind. She loved the way his eyes twinkled with pure bliss and warmth every time he looked at her. He made her feel as if she was the only woman on earth.

“Sawyer is a great man… He’s always been a great friend and support for us. I’m happy you two ended up together.”

“Thanks, April. I’m glad we actually found each other again… It’s like we complement each other perfectly. I don’t know.” She shrugged.

“I do know, and it’s exactly that. You two complete each other’s missing piece, it’s always been like that.” April giggled.

“I guess you’re right,” Lizbeth sighed with contentment as she looked out of the window.

“Have you told him yet?”

“About me probably not giving him a baby ever?” She was sarcastic because that was the only thing that helped a little to deal with the issue.

“Yeah... “

“I was about to tell him the other day, but I couldn’t bring myself to ruin the mood in the end.”

“Liz...I know you might be scared, but he’s very understanding and I’m sure he’ll support you no matter what. He’s crazy about you.”

“I’m scared, yeah… And I know he will be there for me, I just don’t want him looking at me with pity or something. That’d kill me.”

“Liz, he will not do that. I’m a hundred percent sure. I’ve seen the way he looks at you...”

“I know… Thanks, April.”

“If you need anything, you know where to find me, okay?”


“Well, gotta leave. Take care, okay? ”

“Sure. And tell me about the baby when you get out.”

“Will do!” She happily told her.

When she hung up, her blood froze. A message from an unknown number popped on the screen of her phone.

You're a dead woman.

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