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Loving her

“I can’t have kids.”

“What do you mean?” He asked her, his heartbeat slowing down a little.

“After trying to get pregnant for a while, I couldn’t… And so we stopped, they said it was the stress but it still worried me, so I went to the ob-gyn and well…” She cleared her throat. “The doctor said it’s not impossible, but that I’ll have a hard time if I ever want to get pregnant. That my changes are pretty low.” Her bottom lip slightly trembled after she said those words out loud, and then everything made sense.

All the time he thought she didn’t want to have kids so soon -even though she was really good at handling them-, but the reality was much more painful. She wanted to but she couldn’t. That’s why she always looked so nostalgic whenever someone mentioned pregnancy, babies, or anything related.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you before… I just…” Tears began to roll down her cheeks and all he could do was devour every inch of skin his gaze could touch. “I— I thought you needed to know that ’cause if you ever want to have kids of your own, maybe… This isn’t the best for you.” She gestured with her index finger between the two of them without looking him in the eye.

He caught her hand, surprising her, and her eyes darted up to him the moment he touched her. Pain, fear, and lots of other emotions he couldn’t decrypt were reflected on them. “Listen to me, Kitten…” He said with the gentlest voice possible. Wiping a tear away, he continued leaving a trail of soft kisses in her knuckles as he stared at her. “First of all, you should have told me earlier… The fact that you didn’t trust me hurts me more than anything else.” His voice slightly cracked at the end. Knowing she had been carrying that burden alone, afraid of being rejected felt like a sharp knife cutting through him.

“Second of all, I don’t know if I want to have more kids. I mean, Adam and Sophia are not mine biologically talking, but I love them as if they were, and I know you’re truly fond of them too.” She nodded. “If I want more kids in the future, if it’s not with you, then I don’t want them. And if at some point we want our family to be bigger, we’ll look for a solution, in vitro fertilization, adopting or whatever. All I know is that, if that ever happens, it’ll be with you.”

“But…” She bit her bottom lip.

“What is it?”

“I… Are you okay with it? I mean… I had already wrapped my mind about the fact that I won’t ever have a baby of my own, and I don’t really care anymore about not being a woman in its whole sense—”

He interrupted her. Distress was so obvious in her voice it felt as if someone ripped his heart out of his chest. He didn’t know about other men, but he didn’t care if his woman couldn’t conceive as long as she was healthy and wanted to be with him.

“Liz, you’re a woman. Being able to become a mother or not doesn’t change that. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and funny. You’re perfect the way you are…” He lightly squeezed her hands between his and kissed her long, delicate fingers. “You have no idea how happy you make me… I never thought I could be this happy with anyone. Being with you makes me feel the luckiest man on earth. You’re my moon and stars during the night and my fucking sun during the day… So please, whatever happens in the future, just talk to me and we’ll figure it out together.”

“I promise…” She whispered between sobs, looking at him with so much love his heart got close to a hard attack, furiously beating in his ribcage. He leaned forward and softly kissed her.

“Let’s go home.” He brushed his lips to hers.

“Okay.” Lizbeth smiled at him when he caressed her cheek.

They walked out of the restaurant and as they stepped into the elevator, alone, Sawyer closed the distance between them. He pinned her against the wall and placed his mouth on hers. And as his hands were grabbing her face, he pressed their bodies together.

It was a passionate, deep kiss. So full of emotions it felt heavy in his chest. He fucking loved that woman and seeing her so vulnerable, being so human, just made him want her even more. His feelings were so intense at that moment, it was hard to breathe.

“What was that for?” She asked, panting when he separated from her.

“I need you,” he said in a husky voice as he caressed her lips with his fingers, yearning to kiss her again. “I need you,” he repeated. His heart tightened when she gently kissed him again, diving into his soul as she looked deep into his eyes, making his whole body tremble with unspeakable emotions.

“Thank you…” She whispered.


Their eyes locked for a few seconds that made the time stop. He was craving to undress her from inside out, touch her skin, her heart, her soul. His hands moved from her jaw to the spot under her breasts to her hips.

Then, the ding from the elevator snapped them back to the real world. He took her hand in his, kissed it, and walked towards the car.

They didn’t waste any time when they got home. With their eyes feeding on each other, they locked inside the master bedroom.

Lizbeth walked towards him, staring deep into his eyes. Then, turned around when she was close enough for him to smell her fruity scent. She swept her hair over her right shoulder, motioning him to unzip her dress. Without hesitation, he pulled the fly down, revealing the soft and flawless skin of her back.

She looked at him over her shoulder. “Thanks…” she whispered as she turned around, letting the dress slip down her arms and legs as it fell to the ground. Sawyer couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she was the most gorgeous creature he had seen in his life, and watching her stript so painfully slow in front of him was a show he didn’t want to miss.

Sawyer untucked his shirt off his pants and unbuttoned it, one button after another. His gaze locked with hers. He took it off, tensing the muscles of his abdomen as he did. Then, he unbuckled his belt to continue with his trousers as she unclasped her bra, freeing her round breasts while biting on her bottom lip. Her eyes glowing with an intensity that could make any man lose his sanity.

Lizbeth rolled her stockings down as he took off his pants, kicking them somewhere in the room.

When they were totally naked, they let their eyes cruise over each other’ for a few seconds, taking in all the sensations they were feeling. Watching their pupils dilate and their noses flare as they tried to steady their ragged breathing.

Passion soared as the heat of their skin mixed in the air before finally merging into one.

Lizbeth wrapped her arms around his neck and he gladly took her in his. With his left hand, he gripped a handful of her hair, pulling her head back so he had full access to her neck. He bit and nibbled her sensitive skin, tinkering with her.

His right arm encircled her waist, bringing her closer to him. He needed to feel her. He needed her to understand what his real feelings were.

Sawyer laid down on the bed and pulled her onto his lap, following her every move with his eyes. He grabbed her face between his hands, bringing her down with him, and passionately kissed her.

He caressed her back from her rear to her neck, lingering and tracing with his eyes her breathtaking curves.

She seemed a bit anxious. Her kisses were hungry, desperate, and her hands were greedy. He knew why but didn’t stop her. Whatever she needed that to feel whole again, he would give it to her.

They teased and ravished each other’s mouths for a while. She was grinding her slick sex over him, which made his arousal rise. He gripped her ass tightly to force her to rub herself at the pace he wanted.

“Do me, Babe…” She panted as she grabbed his shaft, pointing with it at her entrance. He wanted to take his time with her that night, convey to her everything she made him feel, but he couldn’t concentrate on having a conversation anymore.

He loudly growled when her velvety passage sheathed him tightly. “Fuck!” A shiver traveled through his whole body, awakening sensations he didn’t even remember. The room spun around and a haze of satisfaction clouded his mind.

She sat up and put her hands on his chest to steady herself. Her breasts squeezed between her arms and her flawless skin glowing under the moonlight coming from the window offered him the most erotic show he had ever witnessed when her hips began to undulate over him.

He lightly tugged her nipples, making her gasp and throw her head back. Then, her pink and swollen folds started sliding up and down, strangling him in the process.

She was slow at first, but soon she picked up the pace and started undulating her hips as she moved up and down on him. A rush of oxytocin and endorphins flooded his veins, and the world outside that room disappeared. She was everything he could see and feel.

He slapped her ass. The reverberating sound muffled her voice, but he didn’t need any more stimulations because he was close to the end.

He grabbed her hips and thrust inside of her from below. Rough. Raw.

The arousal perfume wrapped the air around them, sending waves of pleasure straight to his crotch. Her heated juices drenching his twitching and bare cock.

An intense shudder ran straight to his length, hardening it further and forcing him to stop. “Give me a sec, Kitten,” he panted.

“It’s everything okay?”

“Yeah, you’re about to finish me”

She chuckled and bit her bottom lip. “Okay…” She paused for a second and locked her eyes with his. She didn’t move, but neither did she pull out. “I want you to do me from behind,” she whispered with the most sensual, low voice he had ever heard.

Without saying another word, he turned her around. He was so close to the edge it was torture, but he wasn’t going to refuse such a lurid invitation. When she was on her fours, his eyes trailed down her body. Her curves were luscious and her skin was silky smooth.

She didn’t say anything and just waited with her flesh completely exposed and moisturized ready for him. She gave him a heated glance from over her shoulder. “Sawyer…” she begged.

Sawyer exhaled and easily pushed inside of her again. A wet and hot sensation surrounded him. He had never experienced that level of pleasure with any other woman, that kind of commitment, of love. He clenched his hand on her shoulder and grabbed her hip with the other.

He stretched her as he pushed himself completely inside of her, dragging a groan out of both of their throats. Then he moved backward, letting the tip of his dick inside of her, only to thrust deep into her again. He repeated this a few more times and then tightened the grip on her body, motioning her to get down on her elbows. She was fucking perfect.

Both of his hands gripped her hips as he bumped into her with all he had. A scalding wave of heat prickled her skin, sending shivers of ecstasy through him.

Leaning forward, he slipped a hand between her thighs to stroke her clit. Her back arched and her inner muscles clenched harder around him. He loved watching her body responding to his touch like that.

Soon after, she clutched him inside of her, pulsating and throbbing as she grasped her release. His name left her lips in a mix of moans and pants.

With his back completely straightened, he grabbed her hips again, digging his fingers in her flesh. He slapped her ass, not able to control himself anymore, vigorously rubbing himself inside of her, tipping his head back and crying out loud when he came, flooding her opening with his seed. “Fuck!” He growled. He leaned forward, his eyes shut and his jaw clenched, and kissed the spot between her shoulder blades, making her shudder.

His hands began to wander over her sides as he tried to catch his breath again. When the haze that wrapped around his mind dissipated, he slowly pulled out of her.

Lizbeth let herself fall on the bed. With her head turned to the window, she sighed, a bit lost in thought. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah… Just tired.” She chuckled.

“Okay.” He smiled, not wanting to press any further. She was probably thinking about the conversation they had before, so he got himself under the comforter. “Come here, Kitten.” He motioned her to get closer to him.

She crawled under the sheets and cuddled beside him, placing a soft kiss on his chest. He embraced her with one arm and kissed the top of her head. The sensation of her skin against his and her fruity scent intoxicating his nostrils was dreamy.

Their breathing matched and the only thing he could hear in the silence of the room was his heart beating loud in his ears. Drawing lazy circles on her back, he made her relax and sigh. Lizbeth snuggled against his pecs and tightened the arm around his waist.

“I wish time would stop right now,” she muttered.

“Why?” He deeply chuckled.

“You and I, right here, right now… This is just perfect.” She breathed, making his heart fluttered.

He couldn’t hold it anymore. He slipped his hand under her chin and gently made her raise her head as he pulled her closer to him with the hand he had on her waist. He sweetly brushed his lips over hers, taking a deep breath before finally letting it all out. “I love you.”

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