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Loving him

“I love you.”

Lizbeth froze, her chest tightened and her breath hitched. Those three words were the most amazing thing she had ever heard in a long time.

He caressed her cheeks with his thumbs and sweetly kissed her lips again, pulling her back into the real world. His eyes locked with hers, sinking her in that beautiful spiral of green, brown, and grey colors that was glowing in the dark. His intense and truthful gaze made her forget her surroundings.

Thousands of butterflies started fluttering in her stomach, sending shivers through her limbs. Tears threatened to leave her eyes, she felt so whole with him, so full of life that the things she was usually afraid of didn’t matter anymore. Unable to express with words how much he meant to her, she decided to act, hoping her feelings would reach to him through his skin.

She pressed her mouth against his, grabbing his neck with so much force he gasped at the surprise. He returned the kiss and his arms encircled around her waist. With a gentle push, they rolled and she placed herself over him, straddling him. She bit his bottom lip, dragging a deep groan out of his throat.

Tightening the grip on his neck, as if she was afraid he would vanish away, she deepened the kiss. Her hands moved from his shoulders and down to his chest, taking in all his warmth and memorizing every inch of his skin with her fingertips. She never thought that something between them could ever be possible, but there they were, getting lost into each other’s arms.

When he parted his lips, she slid her tongue inside his mouth, starting a sensual battle for domination. His hands slowly moved from her waist to her rear and to her thighs, lighting a fire on the skin he touched. He clutched the back of her legs tight as they kept savoring each other, making her moan against his mouth.

The sweet scent of arousal swamped the space in the room, making her whole body throb. The heat and wetness between her legs becoming unbearable when he penetrated her with two fingers. Their eyes fixed on each other for a second, engulfing them in a flaming ball of love and lust as they breathed in the desire overflowing them.

When he moved his hand in and out of her, she couldn’t help it and threw her head back, moaning. “Sawyer…” As the excitement took control over her mind, her hips started moving on their own, undulating at the pace his hand was, once again, fucking her.

Lizbeth loved that, but she didn’t want it to be all about herself, so she slipped her hand between her legs and, in that same position, she grabbed his blunt, making him roar in approval.

Her fingers wrapped him and soon after her hand was sliding up and down on him. She lightly turned her wrist at the end, adding extra pressure and friction on the tip of his cock. Sawyer groaned, pressing the back of his head against the pillow with his eyes shut. His handsome face contorted with satisfaction.

When she moved, making it impossible for him to keep pounding into her, Sawyer looked at her with a questioning eyebrow. Her lustful gaze telling him everything he needed to know. She went down his torso, kissing and licking every inch of it in the way.

When she was at level with his manhood, she grabbed it and watched it twitch with need and longing. She loved that sight. Every time she licked him from the bottom up a few times, she squeezed the tip between her lips, teasing him.

His breathing soon became ragged and that was when she put his whole length inside her mouth. The growl that ripped through his body echoed in the room, watering her slit even further.

She moved her head back and forth, swirling her tongue around him. Her heart was racing and the tension in her core rose when his breathing turned shaky and heavy. Her eyes up to look at his beautiful and manly features twisting with pure pleasure, making her feel powerful.

Suddenly, his hand grabbed a handful of her hair and his pelvis bucked up, forcing her to change the pace. He was close, and his primal needs urged her to be faster and rougher. He led her for a few minutes, pressing his dick against the back of her throat.

When he let go, she kept sucking him furiously, making him shudder when she grabbed his balls in her right hand. “I’m gonna cum, Babe…” He hissed as if he was in pain, but she didn’t stop. Instead, she grabbed his shaft with her left hand too and kept going up and down on him with everything she had.

He looked down at her, plunging his foggy gaze in her eyes. The left side of his lips curled up as he arched an eyebrow. She just stared at him, swirling her tongue around his member, feeling satisfaction bashing all over her body when he threw his head back. Deeper than she had ever had him, he couldn’t help it but groan as his hands grasped tightly on the sheets.

After a few minutes of pleasuring him, she felt the orgasm rippling through it, filling her mouth with his hot, bittersweet cream. He roared and his body spasmed in ecstasy as she kept gently sucking and licking him until she pulled him out of her mouth.

Lizbeth caressed his abdomen and chest, making him shudder. “Fuck, Kitten…” He panted with his eyes still squeezed shut.

She swallowed everything and wiped her lips with her thumb before going up to his level again. Then, softly placed a kiss on his mouth. “Glad you enjoyed it.” She smirked.

He chuckled and put a lock of her hair behind her ear when she lay atop him. “That’s an understatement. I fucking loved it.” He caught her lower lip between his teeth and sucked on it. “I wanted to be nice and gentle, I wanted to make love to you, and here you come, shattering all my plans to make you feel like a queen.”

“Sorry not sorry?” she said in a playful tone of voice.

Stop being so naughty!” He chuckled as he kissed her chin.

“I’m not! I just didn’t expect you saying those words and…. I didn’t know what else to do,” she whispered, brushing her nose to his.

“And I’d repeat them a hundred times if I got blown like this every time.” He laughed.

“Oh my God! You’re such a guy!” She slightly punched him in the chest and laughed.

“That I am!” He grabbed her fist and kissed it. “But I meant it.” He grabbed her face between his hands and locked his eyes with hers. “I love you.”

“I love you too..” She places a soft pec on his lips, his gaze not leaving her. “What?” she asked, feeling overwhelmed by the way he was looking at her.

“You’re gorgeous,” he simply stated in an almost inaudible voice. She paralyzed for a moment as a rush of a fire-like sensation invaded her.

“Stop being so cheesy! It doesn’t suit you at all!” she exclaimed rolling to the other side of the bed.

“I’m not being cheesy, just honest,” he said as he pulled the covers off of her, chuckling. Her skin immediately covered in goosebumps. The room felt cold without the sheets or his body covering her. “Look at this.” His eyes filled with desire.

He traced soft circles around her left nipple areola, and slowly drew a line from her breast to her hip. “Afrodita would be jealous, Kitten…”

She giggled as he kept playing with her.

His hand roamed along her thighs only to go back to her sensitive nub. He motioned her to spread her legs and then hovered his finger over her center. “You’re burning, Kitten…” he noted in a low voice. His eyes fixed on her lower body.

“And who do you think is the one to blame?” she asked, a bit anxious. She was yearning for him to touch her again. She liked to play, but that was torture.

He chuckled. “This is what you want?” he asked as he pressed his fingertip against her clit. She gasped. “Or maybe this?” He slightly tugged on her swollen button.

“Ah… Sawyer… You’re so mean…” she moaned between breaths as she arched her back. An electric bolt traveled through her body when he parted her folds and let the cool air caress her. Next thing, he penetrated her with two fingers, making her whimper.

“I fucking love the sounds you make, Babe…” he whispered as he played with her in a sinful way. She didn’t speak, her mind was blocked from anything that wasn’t that delectable sensation.

He withdrew his hand and she looked at him confused, but then he made her roll on her side and crawled behind her with his cock already hard, ready to satisfy her.

Sawyer towered her, his muscular body shown by the soft light coming from the window. It was a wonderful view.

He grabbed her left ankle and pushed her leg upward, teasing her opening with his tip as he straddled her other leg. When she tried to move to get him inside of her, he pinned her hips to the bed to hold her in place. Lizbeth protested, but the sound that came out right from her entrails was more like a moan, which only made it worse. “You want it that bad?” Sawyer smirked.

He was usually kind and nice, but when they were naked and locked inside that room he became a sadist beast that loved watching her beg. She could say she hated it, but that would have been lying. “Sawyer, please… Put it in,” she pleaded in the sweetest begging tone she could.

A deep chuckle resonated in the air. “God, I cannot resist it when you talk like that...” Right after, he pushed inside of her, stretching her. Feeling her muscles tense as he dived further inside her, she heaved out of pure pleasure. He clenched his jaw and the smirk on his face disappeared, but he kept his eyes attached to hers.

When his whole length reached the deepest spot in her vagina, both of them groaned. Her body immediately reacted and her inner walls tightened around him, making the pressure lasciviously delicious. “Ah…” She panted, clenching the sheets in her hands.

“Fuck, Babe…” His hand traveled to the place right over her knee while the other gripped her hip, slowly withdrawing from her to slowly get back into her again.

She looked at him and he bit his bottom lip when their eyes locked, but then he glanced again at the place where they were connected, growling as he pulled back again. He repeated this action several times with painfully slow and solid thrusts that soon sent her to the edge.

She felt completely at his mercy because every time she tried to move he slapped her ass hard, making her skin tingle with pleasure. He wanted to control the situation, to control her and she fucking loved that dominant side of him.

Without any warning, he pushed hard inside of her, making her cry out loud as her walls clenched around him. “Oh, God!”

“Fuck!” He groaned. “Don’t do that or I won’t last a fucking minute.” His hand came in contact with her ass again, the slap sound resonating in the room.

“Ah… I’m so close,” she moaned, gasping when he bumped inside of her again.


He tightened the grip on her leg and hip, picking up the pace and strength of his thrusts every time. She felt her pussy throbbing and burning as he was stretching her to unknown limits. She grabbed her breasts and played with them as he kept vigorously pumping into her.

He leaned forward, supporting himself with one hand still on her hip, pinning her to the bed, as the other one found her clit. He traced circles around it at first, but then pressed and tugged on it. “Oh, God!” She whimpered, making him devilishly smirk.

He continued the delicious attack on her sweet spot while ramming into her over and over again.

The orgasm that had been building in her core, traveled south and spread across her whole body, making her moan out loud.

Her body trembled with ecstasy as he kept penetrating her, growling as he grasped his own release. His face twisted in a gorgeous expression and her chest filled with satisfaction.

It was so stimulating that both of them enjoyed those moments so much, losing themself to the lust and need of each other.

He pulled out of her, hissing as he did. “Fuck, Kitten…” He caressed her ass and then her leg. Leaning in, he kissed her buttock before finally moving to lay beside her.

He snuggled against her, hugging her from behind, and left a kiss on the back of her neck as he took a deep breath. “I love you”.

His words tingled in her ears, tickling her heart deliciously. “I love you too.”

Walking up to his scent and warmth was marvelous. Slowly, Lizbeth opened her eyes and smiled when she looked at him. Thinking back in time, what was happening at that moment seemed crazy. They both had had a thing for the other since college, they never said it was something serious, but it sure wasn’t casual either.

At the beginning she didn’t even like him because he was arrogant, but as she peeled his layers she discovered he was much more.

They liked being around each other, it was fun and exhilarating, but it also felt where they could hide and be safe. The steamy moments occupied lots of their memories together, but they could also talk and laugh for hours.

Aware that their feelings were something else than what she was willing to admit, scared of being hurt, she let it all slip through her fingers when she moved to California and he didn’t fight for her.

And now, there he was again. Completely naked in bed with her, with an arm over his head while the other rested on his stomach. She watched him as his strong chest was slowly going up and down. His hair was messy and his facial expression was relaxed. He looked so peaceful.

She touched her fingers to his jaw, his stubble tickling her skin, gently running them down to his neck and to his muscular torso. She smiled as she kept scanning his wonderful features and her eyes fell to the birds creeping out on his ribcage. “Good morning, Kitten,” he mumbled with his eyes still shut. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips.

“Good morning, handsome,” she whispered as she leaned forward to kiss the tip of his perfectly straight nose. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” he smiled as he rubbed his face. “You?”

“Good.” She sweetly smiled at him, her heart pounding hard under her ribs. She stared at him, deep in thought with the birds still in her retinas. Sawyer was never one to get ink on his body just because, it had to mean something. It had been a while since she wanted to ask him about it but never brought herself to do so.

"What is it?" he asked, raising an eyebrow when she didn't say anything else.

"Hm... I was wondering... What do the two birds mean?" she asked, pointing at him.

He looked to his side and then at her again. "It's said that swallows are birds that stick together forever." He paused and gave her a small smile. "Beth and Matt were together since high school, that's why I chose those. They were crazy in love until the very end, and I wanted to poetically represent them."

"And the dates?" Lizbeth asked as she brushed her fingers over the ink.

"Their birthdays. Most people would have chosen the death date or both as in a grave, but I wanted to honor their lives."

"It's beautiful..." she muttered.

"... They were everything to me. It broke me in a horrible way to lose them like that," he sighed and turned to face her. "I sank in a really dark place for a while," he said as he started to draw lazy circles on her arm. "I was angry with the world and couldn't sleep much. I even needed to use anxiolytics for some time."

"Sawyer..." she breathed, feeling his pain as hers when he opened like that.

"After a few months, I was finally able to put myself together. I had to, especially for the kids. They needed me and I knew Beth would have hated seeing me in that lame state," he bitterly chuckled. "So one day, I decided to keep going on with my life, but since they had always been my biggest support and strength... I wanted to carry them with me forever."

"I wished I was by your side when it all happened..." She regretted being such a coward, running away from everything that reminded her of him. She should have been there.

"You're here now..." he whispered as he looked deep into her eyes.

Lizbeth didn't know what to say. Sawyer always looked so strong that finding out he actually also relied on people like any the rest of mortals made him look more human. "I think I love you even more now..." she confessed.

"Why is that?" He chuckled.

"Because you're beautiful inside out."

"Did you just call me beautiful?" He snorted.

"Yes, and you are!" She stared at him. "You're like a fucking god on the outside, but your heart and soul are so warm inside..." she trailed off as she caressed his chest. "You're the most amazing human being I've ever met, and I'm so grateful that you chose me to be your partner."

"No one else made sense," he whispered before kissing her.

In barely a few months, that man had given her more than she could have ever asked for. He wasn’t only the best lover she had ever had, but also a great friend and support whenever she needed him.

Resting her head on his torso, she deeply inhaled. She loved her family and friends, but that moment could have been the last of her life and she would have gladly walked to the other side. After breaking up with so many years before, she didn’t expect her life to turn that way. It was a great feeling, like everything had finally fallen into the right place.

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